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..:: Spotlight – Elmer / Elmers Mother ::.

Irma / Elmer / Elmers Mother – Multi Alias Asian Lady who certainly has to have some of the most destroyed holes around. Her face is never fully shown, and when part of it is shows a youthful and  (I guess that’s relative to here and now) quite healthy looking woman, who’s certainly just been […]

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..:: Spotlight – Kinky Trixie ::..

It seems wrong writing a entry when I actually know very little about this girl. I found a post on Surfoo about a girl known as Kinky Trixie… and I was pretty taken a back at her because of her abilities to gape so easily and her age. Some information about her can be found […]

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..:: Spotlight – O’pearl ::..

Introducing O’pearl, a walking breathing real life gape and abstract play thing herself! Anybody who is not familiar with this sexually deformed girl are missing out on what maybe a missing link between extreme hentai concept and its real life equivalent. Slack, loose as a goose holes with piercings and huge breasts and able to […]

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..:: Spotlight – WowIamBig ::..

Not easy to write much about this girl soon as I know only so much. Originally spotted on Efukt and also posts found later in the newart.com forum. This girl loves/ed pumping the hell out of her pussy and was borderline obsessive about it judging from her writing (not a bad way to be about […]

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