..:: Spotlight – WowIamBig ::..

Not easy to write much about this girl soon as I know only so much. Originally spotted on Efukt and also posts found later in the newart.com forum. This girl loves/ed pumping the hell out of her pussy and was borderline obsessive about it judging from her writing (not a bad way to be about it, hee hee)

When fully pumped her pussy swelled up with quite a shape and size, not too dissimilar to what is going on here with these girls on this site. She must have done this for a very long time judging for her comments – and I think it really shows too.. Some of the original sources will be found on the links below – I’m sure there will be more posts if you look hard enough.


But just as soon as Sius finds a good thing, it goes. I’ve not heard off her in many months now and I assume she has left the scene totally without trace – her reasons must be her own, but more the deep shame I say.

If you know anything more about this girl then please let me know, otherwise shes a inspiration and maybe a potential client to use in my manips, hee hee

**** UPDATED ****

Since posting, WowiAmBIG has posted here and is still going, I’ve very much forgotten to update this information for a very long time, but I am very VERY pleased to see here alive and well. For all we know, shes the missing link between my warped designs and the evolution of the female gender…. well maybe not… but its still good to see here. Some new stuff around, and some material I maybe to use in manipulations one day, but still waiting to see more.  – new stuff found a here…


Keep pumping (obscenely) missy!

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3 Responses to ..:: Spotlight – WowIamBig ::..

  1. reynard says:

    Could this be the same girl…?


    You might have to sign up to see this stuff properly…

    I also found a video which I believe is her as well:


  2. Skack says:

    Here’s some more video of her as well

    She is also on Large Labia Productions as well

    Amazing proportions.

  3. wowimbig says:

    mmmm… I am so horny right now…