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..:: Poll – Future Project ::..

TL;DR – Poll below, please vote on one that’s most appealing. More details in section below. Goes towards a bigger project ultimately – K, thanks bye! **** Update – 07.02.16 *** – Checkup on the vote and great work so far – carry on voting, very interesting results! – cheers **** *** Updated 02.02.16 *** […]

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..:: Special – Interview with Size Queen ‘Jools’ ::..

Sius: Okay. So we have Jools here who is a practicing size queen who has contacted me for an interview and it’d be my pleasure to do just that. So the first question Jools…. How long have you actually been stretching yourself for? Jools: That’s actually a tricky question. I would say I actually deliberately […]

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..:: Round up Post 23rd Jan ’16 ::..

Hayo Lovely fans and people of the site. So I’ll be real with you all, this last week has been a delight to have had, found old friends again, gained new ones and made a start back to being more proactive. It’s a lovely feeling to be back in control and doing this. I said […]

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..:: Spotlight – Thirty ::.. So I bumped into Thirty’s art works lately in truth and was pleasantly pleased to see another hyper pussy gaper fetish in his works. As you can see hes done animations (and pretty good at them too!) Beyond our kinks and fetish hes also got some futa on there and also some furry […]

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..:: Plans and Consequences ::..

    TL:DR – Estimating wild / mixed year ahead. WIP rough works to be released, paid content maybe somewhere too and help requested below. Thanks for you time as always ~ Sius 2016 – Start off with a belated new year thanks and as always a big thank you for your continued support. Long story […]

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