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A Very Freaky Christmas To All!!

I know I haven’t been making as much gape material as I used to and I humbly apologise. Regardless! I wish you all a (hopefully) fetish filled Christmas and offer my first seasonal creation! Yes… It’s obscene. It’s disturbing.  A child could probably do better but it’s the thought that counts after all. Besides, I […]

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..:: Itchy Eyebrows ::..

Link – Hay hay all – Just a quick post and highlight I guess today. Penumbra Frog has added a new site on yahoo for his works and asked me to promote it. Why he didn’t just log on and post it, lazy sod is beyond me, but here it is – so another cool […]

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Things are looking up in my life and to thank-you to the world in general I’ve been morphing a fair bit recently. Everything from tongues to giant breasts to huge bellies (loooads of those) and, of course, a handful of gape/insertions. Here’s a taster! Also check out my thread on Eka’s for more belly material […]

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..:: Captions, Manips and INFO! ::..

Manipulation Captions – Alright, here we go. These captions have been written by others, different styles and ideas, and their all great fun! My thanks too Penumbra Frog (for both the new manipulation images and captions!) ,  Eccentricman and another, whom remain nameless for their privacy. With some Luck, more to come soon! (and also […]


..:: Spotlight – Penumbra Frog (manipulator) ::..

So I found completely out of the blue that another manipulation artist I really enjoy their works of messaged me and so very kindly offered some material for iGAPES and thanked me for having a link to his stuff – well lets see if we can return the favour and show you guys more material […]