..:: Spotlight – Penumbra Frog (manipulator) ::..

So I found completely out of the blue that another manipulation artist I really enjoy their works of messaged me and so very kindly offered some material for iGAPES and thanked me for having a link to his stuff – well lets see if we can return the favour and show you guys more material from PF!

PF has been doing this for a little while and was kinda of humbling to hear that I may have inspired him to do this thing! He’s done some really kick ass manipulations, and while he’s focused on some gape ones as a main thing, he does do other fetishes, as we all have including tendrils and de-futa’ing images (HAY, I spent along time on that for you to make it look like a strap on MATE! ^^) Heres a few examples of his trade.


So to find much of his material, though hes posted ion BBWChan with the Large Insertion section and manipulation fakes, he’s got his own place at  image flap – http://www.imagefap.com/profile/Penumbra_Frog

Lastly, I had pleasure reading some of his fiction, awesome stretching story which was pretty solid indeed. I know hes posted a fair few in Direwolfs group here – Go check ’em out! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/direwolfcollection/


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