What Is Released Reactions?

Link – Released Reactions can be found at – www.releasedreactions.com / www.releasedreactions.co.uk

What is it? – It is a sister website to iGAPES.com and the original web space of the artist Sius’ artworks.

What is it’s content? – Released Reactions deal with mostly futanari (hermaphrodite / dickgirls etc.) as a main theme, with size and scale and weird extra kinks thrown into the art work also.

Why did you move gaper artwork away from Released Reactions? – Because sometimes the kinks clash. While I’m open to doing a range of artwork and ideas there are many people who felt that adding cock on women AND having giant vaginas was just a little too much and so the content is separate.

Same with iGAPES, with it’s content TRYING to stay away from futanari themes and focus on a more hyper female genitalia thing going on (hyper clits being an exception ^_^) .

It looks a bit … unloved – Yes, there has been many years since I get it the attention it needs, but am trying better to mix my gaper kink love with futanari kink love (content for both sites).

I know there is more call for futa artwork like mine, but futanari is a VERY widely open fetish these days vs. what it was like when I started (I remember it still pretty well) so as a result I’ve let other artist fill in some of peoples needs in the mean time and focused on gaper art work, which has since starts to slowly gain traction and making the purpose of the site defined.

There is an intention to work between the two sites and update both, but time is much harder to come by now then ever. Regardless hopefully there is content you will enjoy between the two websites and maybe worth checking it out if you have an open mind?

And why are you telling me this? – Cross pollination I believe the term is. If you like my content, you may like some more stuff I’ve made, hopefully you do. If not then you might understand that my attentions are split and this may spare me your wrath for not being as quick to update as several things going on… maybe? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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