Legal Agreement

..:: Legal Agreement ::..

By entering this website or accepting the agreement at the entrance page you have agreed that you understand that this web blog will contain material of a sexual nature and is focused as a sexually designed webspace. From written material to visual imagery the content is of a potent subject area and anybody who is under the age of 21 or is uneasy around this material or is weak of heart is encouraged to leave this site immediately.

The host will not accept excuses from individuals which have linking to this website and cry fowl of not seeing the warning page or have not read the documentation and warnings. Any linking to this site outside of the official entrance ( are devoid of rights from claiming fowl play.

Any material posted on this site should not infringe products or material licensed under law to be sold and should all be freely available as released material. If there is any infringement problems then please contact the administration of iGAPES to rectify any mistakes.

Distribution of material from is welcome except in the cases of inderviduals which exploit any stolen material for profit (Examples – selling the material or hosting it on a pay site on the internet and charging for the right to see this material which should be free) and is a breach of law and rules. Individuals whom exploit these rules shall be dealt with and prosecuted.

All rights reserved on original material produced on this site.

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