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Content – So here it a break down of things we have on the website. While somewhat obvious by looking at this place, it doesn’t hurt to explain a few things here and what they are. With what to expect promoted (media / medium), a semi basic fetish overview and a history/ breakdown and idea of iGAPES and a general history I had in mind from the start. Let’s begin…

Real Vs. Fiction – To begin it is paramount to make crystal clear that out that the majority of this content is fiction in nature or surreal and beyond normality. There is no delusion that this is in any way fact and is mostly made up (with maybe real life gapers spotlights). It is made as a ‘what if ”scenarios, a bit of fun, a creative outlet and may please and entertain others so that’s why its here.

Saying this; real size queens that are stretched and pumped and capable real girls are just as titillating (if not more so, as you COULD honestly find a girl capable of such wonderful vaginal destruction and expansion or maybe birth that fetish in a woman…) are all the more welcome here and maybe posted on this website.

I also am aware that this is an unhealthy fetish to carry out in RL to a degree, more than some kinks out there, so if you practice stretching and pumping more it be careful what you do and be aware of the risks. Sometimes beyond repair and point of no return are as arousing as they are destructive.

Media / Mediums – On we believe that promotion of this fetish comes in many shapes and sizes and ways to make the fetish shine, so here we go.

  • Artwork – Drawn / 3D digital artwork is the main medium we use. Details on Sius’ method is listed below this section but art is the main method.
  • Stories – Either as whole, short stories or captions that will go along with the artwork to give it content. There is a ‘Lore‘ section that maybe used also.
  • Photomanipulations – Photos of models, altered and changed and often with the engorged vaginal alterations and more.
  • Roleplay – Sessions of interesting stories and cyber sexy chat maybe used from time to time and posted to view.
  • Polls – Getting opinions from people and how they feel with feedback. Please vote if you can when you see polls. Got a LONG way to helping.
  • Real Life Gapers – Girls from the web maybe spotlighted
  • Spotlight – We will sometimes highlight an artist or a model or something that maybe of interest to you and if so consider giving them positive attention if you enjoy it.

Fetish/es – Probably one of the hardest things to pin down here is the kink and the fetish type that this falls into. Because actually… its like MANY kinks all compressed into one with a few more put ontop as well. Quite the challenge to expalin iG gapers. Not all these apply, but some plainly will.

This at least may go some way to understanding what is going on for somebody outside looking in even if you don’t ‘get it’.

Below is a list of the main cornerstone of the fetish (Primary), the fetishes that can often be applied to the vagina kink side (Secondary) then the auxiliary kinks that often get associated with it (Tertiary) and then Background elements that sometimes can come into play.

Primary Kinks

  • Pumping / Pumped vagina – Obvious one is taken from the kink and fetish of vaginal pumping. Born from the real world fetish of attaching a vacuum like pump over her vagina and seeing it swell and grow.
  • Perminance – Taking the idea of it expanding then having it remain develop beyond normal vaginal sizes and remain large.
  • Gaping – Taking the lips and the slit of the vagina making it deeply, longer and often hollower. Able to insert more into her.
  • Size – Usually larger than what can humanly be achieved. Some sized from ‘melon’ scale, to down to her knees, shins, dragging on the floor and then it making her immobile.
  • Clit – Sometimes developed, sometimes reduced to nothing. Sometimes similar aesthetics like a penis, sometimes just another hyper sensitive part of her body.
  • Big Insertions– Melons, custom dildos and strapons are common place for such things.

Secondary Kinks

  • Prolapse – Sometimes having her vaginal walls collapse and break down.
  • Cervix – Could have a cervix (of whatever size) come out, used as another whole.
  • Large Clit – Grossly beyond its scale, could be like a tree in some cases.
  • Unbirthing – The act of putting somebody into a vagina, reversed birthing. Ether as insertion or a oversized birthing option.
  • Laying / Birthing – Ether a human, but also toys, items within her or egg fetishes also.
  • Mass Love Cum – Big pussy, big mess. Sticky cum drooling out her or exploding from her in a lust filled moment.
  • Excessive Size – Pushing the immobile scale, could be so big as to be almost a pussy hill with her atop?
  • Growth – Swelling from excitement, or maybe contracting when relaxed.
  • Urethra – Scaled up, could not be used as a hole to use / fist / insert a dick into
  • Human Insertions – Beyond dual fisting and more elbow, head, leg / knee to upper and complete submersion into her hole

Secondary Dual Kinks

Depending on the person it could be exciting one way or another

  • Obvious – Her pussy is unable to be hidden away, the shame of it and mess left in its wake. Humiliation fetish.
  • Unobvious – Able to hide it and blend into society (maybe as fake pregnancy).
  • Tight – Naturally a tort looking pussy slit, may change after excited.
  • Gaping – wide open lips, able to see inside without even touching it.
  • Sensational – Excessive muscle control. Able to see everything within her often with great sensertivity, maybe able to move things around / control it.
  • Numb – Slack and resistance less. Limited sensation and barely feels anything within her. Able to easily gape to fit any size.
  • Fertility Rich – able to give birth. Able to have multi children, and faster maternity cycle.
  • Fertility Barren – Unable to reproduce and become sexually liberated as such.
  • Weighted – Unable to go far as it constricts her from its mass and size.
  • Weightless – Less that it isn’t a item with mass, more she is free from her bodies weight, has enough strength to operate around it

Tertiary Kinks

  • Oversized Anus – Often a puffy / stretched anus goes with this fetish. Can stretch down the mass of the extended vagina region obliging it size
  • Big Breasts – Common fetish, size and scales well with a big pussy. Vaginal nipples is common a extended kink.
  • Transformation – Becoming a gaper over time or developing in a way and shape from what she once was.
  • Monthly period – a gapers period
  • Piercings – To decorate their vagina. Can also be used as a means to harness and hold the vagina or handles.
  • Harness – Straps and bindings to help keep her body upright or supported.
  • Real life Situations
  • Veins / Swollen / Damage – Sore looking, worn and damaged vagina maybe on a girl well before her age to have.
  • Futa – Mixing dicks on chicks isn’t too uncommon (however refrained on this website… somewhat)
  • Multi – Adding more than one. extra nipples, extra slits / clits or lips. cervixes and extra anything else
  • Extra pussy locations – Slits un her underarm, her mouth becoming a vagina and a clit tongue and more possibilities beyond.
  • Alt pussy designs – Not just swollen ball like pussies but long thin skirt like lips, shaft like protrusions and many more.
  • Pra – a Pussy bra, clothing to keep her pussy warm, but also from swinging around / more controlled.
  • Cunt-dom – replacing the condom with a cuntdom. Collects her cum and stops mess from going everywhere. Often tied around the base.

Background elements

We also have things that work around the girl. This can be any number of external ways the kink can be seen as also.

  • Forced Growth – over use, chemical infusing, abuse, competition
  • Power Play – Is she in control, or you? Slave to her pussy?
  • Corruption – infection and mutation, warped deforming and becoming a sub class of female?
  • Quantity – Many gapers in the world, to only a few? accepted, hated?
  • How? – In what context does it happen? What setting / world / process does a female become this way – So many to even begin with.

As you maybe able to see that there is a MULTITUDE of kinks thrown into iG Gapers, its hard to pin point with so much going on. While many of the basics apply, all of these elements can be found inside this fetish… and why it’s fascinating to observe and be a part of the community.

Lore / history / Location and History – So the art does have a kind of background as to how what where when and why this all happens that you can check out in the ‘Lore‘ section, but generally the setting is in Asian territories, women who’ve gone over and deliberately been changed and such.

Depending how we wish the means to become an iG ‘gaper’ can change on the author writing. There doesn’t have to be any consistancy thus making the whole things more free and easy.

iGAPES Meaning – And so it became and abreviation. Nobody quite remembers what it was originally and so all have their own way of interperating what it stands for.

(i)ncreased (G)enitalia (A)ltering (P)ubis (E)xpanding (S)ynapsis?

(i)nsatiable (G)argantuan (A)ltering (P)ussy (E)xpansion (S)yndrome?

(i)ncreased (G)enitalia (A)ltered (P)ussy- (E)xclusive (S)laves ?

(i)nfectious (G)inormous (A)bsolue (P)ussy (E)xceptional (S)luts?

(i)nflamed (G)enitalia, (A)bnormal (P)rivates (E)lephantiasis (S)ynapse?

Maybe all are right? iGAPES women or iG girls are easily defined by their bodies and all meaning of what iGAPES could be means little beyond their actions at this point. While often just shortened to iG or ‘gapers’ they are indeed iGAPES on origin.

Some would say to be iGAPES also could be seen as a sub class of female and a new evolution of the female gender. More of this information can be found in the “Lore” section

Searching / TAGS – I’ve applied categories and tags to the art. They should be on the side of the website and hopefully it should be easy enough to search that way. There is a search box, its always been a little wonky, so don’t be upset if you get a nil reply back from that.

iGAPES Site / Content History – When it started the idea was that the iGAPES was almost like a promotional site for the girls, articles and maybe playing up the idea it was in their world more but quickly got dropped because it felt hollow and lacking and the need to make things ‘just so’ felt restrictive. That’s why there is some Japanese text over the site in places, as it was a sort of blade runner like neo future and blending the languages together is an easy way to show that.

Maybe one day I could try the idea again, but for now lets just keep it simple. Your here for the art, so is everybody else and hiding it and obscuring it too.

The site has gone through several changes, art styles alterations, finding and developing the fetish into the form it is now, but also plenty of lost ideas and failures. From a design perspective I’m trying to make something that can’t exist seem right and there is much to get a grip on.

Content Made – And a quick overview of how the current content is made. All art now (and has been for a while) has been digitally made. I use a Wacom cintiq 22HD monitor tablet mostly these days, however there is also the old Wacom cintiq 12WX that used to be used. I’d recommend both these products to technically (not scared of computers) people as the results are great but the cost upfront is expensive. You pay for quality.

Photoshop in the main program used mainly for creation of the art. Worked well all these years and with short cuts masters and macros set up the art flows like water

But the process is far from quick. I make sharp and precise art work using a single 1pixel brush. This means sometimes the art have to be JUST so and exact, zooming in and making it sharp and exact. That and using a method which is ‘scratching’ the lines in mostly I often have to repeat over some lines also.

This can take many hours for the effect. I think its kind of worth it as mentally I’m happiest with this and just takes a touch longer and with the way the layers are done it lends itself nicely to multiple designs on the art also at the cost of a little time.

And then it’s CGed and coloured and away you go. Doodles take seconds, rough work doesn’t take too long, outlined art and clean work with layers takes hours and add CG on top it can easily become 8 hrs + for a single piece…. AT LEAST. So that’s why it’s hard to always make it work and takes so long. And now you know!

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