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TL;DR – Poll below, please vote on one that’s most appealing. More details in section below. Goes towards a bigger project ultimately – K, thanks bye!

**** Update – 07.02.16 *** – Checkup on the vote and great work so far – carry on voting, very interesting results! – cheers ****

*** Updated 02.02.16 *** – Photomanip’s, See notes at base ****

Greets fellow excess fans and vast gape lovers. So I’d like you lovely peoples input as for a project I should get my teeth into. Your votes will show what you’d like to see done come up next.

The ideas here are going to be evolved and worked on – pick and mixed maybe and any unpicked maybe a second chance if I do another project after this. So don’t panic if you don’t see your up there, just vote truthfully.

Some of the ideas will have growth / change of the character as main points, some it will creep into the setting even if its not listed below (because people love it so much) so don’t panic if you enjoy this fetish and don’t see it much below, I know what you all like.

I also am considering doing a comic / dojin at some point, but figured I’d start with something a little more accessible before I crank it up too much. So, if you please, read the details and vote below – it’ll make a difference and find out what you all want to see as the next big thing ~ With my thanks, Sius.

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Calendar Girls / Pin-ups of the world / Biggest in class
– Three ideas, similar but different even if grouped as a single option. I may decide to combine the ideas or roll with one I like most but top of head we have…

–   Calendar girls, from January to December with themes or something unique about each month. Ether fitting of the month (December maybe a xmas themed image gaper / October as a heavy body modified or strange gaper) or generally something interesting about their design or gape appearance.

–   Pin-ups, Again the idea of girls special and posing, maybe from different cultures and with different designs of pussies or something special about them along with some fun tongue in cheek designs, or something mainly designed for cheese that’s actually fairly intense.

–   Biggest in class, Taking the largest girls and styles of cunts from all over the world for a competition. Maybe preview them before and after ‘training’ as well as area of the world again raised (hint / cross over of the pinup idea as above) Maybe like a competition like a miss world, with nations competing.

I may mix the three ideas, or come back to them one after another if one gets picked over the others, but I kinda dig this set myself.

Gaper World
– More a general thing of what and how life may be with gapers all around us. The world as we know it with a second gender of female, now around and front and center. Random scenes of life playing out and how the worlds adapted to them and then the women who live in them showing off the scenario also.

Things like the designs of a ‘gaper’ wash room, maybe the etiquette or allowances of being this way in public (or not as it may be). Slightly surreal tinted and sexually more open than we have now makes what kind of world?

Day of a Gaper
– The day to day events of how a hyper gaper girl may live her life. From the start of the day, readying herself and her sexual desires in check, clothing, commuting to work, work itself, events after work, personal play time afterwards – anything like this, a set on one girl for now and captioned snippets of her daily struggle and the mess made along the way.

Dear Diary
– Similar to the above, but instead of being how routine daily life could be seen as a engorged gaped pussy girl, instead this would be personal entries, her writing her thoughts about what’s on her mind from new clothing or a new toy she’s testing.

Maybe things like looking forwards to going out on a date later, maybe doubt and concern her cunt maybe just too big or side effects in her life being this way or how shes grown lately things like this?

Level Up / Role play / Transformation
– This set would focus on the change and development of a character to becoming a bigger cunted girl I guess. While other enteries WILL change growth and change, this is the focus here.

I have the idea of it being like a RPG, a class that’s grows and gets better (like a low level magic caster being a high level hyper cunted sorceress of the realm or something) or even a fun ‘real life’ spin off with jobs or status on a character (simple receptionist going to CEO level business women with a pussy to show her status! etc.).

So I’m thinking maybe it being just growth and change between each stage maybe with a bio break down or stats, or even trump card like points system as well?

Hyper Gapers Survival kit / Gaper times
–    Hyper Gapers Survival kit, Graphics and notes showing the downfall of many gapers but how to avoid them. Recommendation on toys and clothing types and all the other ideas or accessories for a health life with a monster pussy. Type of piercings to use, tricks to keep from making a mess and more

–   Gaper times, This ones more like a trashy magazine style of the one above. Interviews to hot shot gapers, again gaper centric fashions, toys in this season. Photo shoots and silly articles. Putting these 2 ideas together as so similar.

Photomanipulations – Putting the drawing aside and focusing on a set of unreal and excessive hyper gapers from photos of real life cuties. Maybe its time I got back on that train after not doing too many lately?s

Excessive Pussies Studies – Taking and reviewing all the different types of looks and designs of pussies from more grounded designs or excessive ‘normal gapes up to the crazy big swollen pussies, to lips that flow like a skirt behind her. Maybe different ‘levels’ in each category, so you can see which you like the most!

Thanks for the Votes – lets see what you people decide ^^

..:: Update ::..

Photomanips – Wow, so whats going on there?! Okay, so I’ve taken it off the poll voting, basically as its already done its job. In truth I though it maybe get a odd vote, but after a few days and seeing a trend, seems like its got WAY more interest then I could have guessed, which is just grand. More than I ever considered people liked. I must do good material then I guess?, lol

This means naturally I’ll shoot to do some manips for sure… only issue is that I was going to do them as a pack after a few free ones and maybe sell them (as basically I will need to this year to keep a float)… but as I don’t own the rights to the photos in the first place It quickly hit me that I can’t do that (and more the shame too). So I’ll sure do some, most certainly, but sadly not to the extent I hoped for a project and feel of this size to head into.

I might have a re think on this at a later date as a pack, but for now I’ll see about doing more as we go along due to the vast interest. So hay! thanks for the heads up people, I really had no idea there was demand.

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