..:: Spotlight – O’pearl ::..

Introducing O’pearl, a walking breathing real life gape and abstract play thing herself!

Anybody who is not familiar with this sexually deformed girl are missing out on what maybe a missing link between extreme hentai concept and its real life equivalent.

Slack, loose as a goose holes with piercings and huge breasts and able to insert insanely huge toys and swallows fists whole. Naturally a great deal of surgery has gotten into making her body this way.

Her nationality, I assume is German in origin, funny as I would have maybe said Italian. Information on her is sparse.

O’pearl has a website located here – http://www.o-pearl.com/– and while I support her and actives, the website itself host nothing more than stock photos and videos cut from some of the videos she has appeared in. It would be worth investigating and showing support, but know what you will get for your put down money.

Shows of her can be found on selective videos from www.creativeartcollection.com – However it is highly likely that these copies are sold out. It maybe worth investigating and seeing what you can find about any videos this girl has done.

Regardless of how you feel about this woman, she is certainly one of the most unique to grace the world, and its more a shame there isn’t more like her!

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One Response to ..:: Spotlight – O’pearl ::..

  1. Paulo Post says:

    O’pearl and her massive body mods is so intriguing!

    There is another german girl that shows an impressively pierced labia and nipples. Her name is Heydi.
    Her pics and movies are so hard to believe!