..:: Spotlight – Elmer / Elmers Mother ::.

Irma / Elmer / Elmers Mother – Multi Alias Asian Lady who certainly has to have some of the most destroyed holes around.

Her face is never fully shown, and when part of it is shows a youthful and  (I guess that’s relative to here and now) quite healthy looking woman, who’s certainly just been trained to do what she does, pretty amazing! I would guess she’s the most able asian girl I’ve ever seen.

Images and videos are available from her site, which I think is this – http://www.suiren.net/elmer/top.htm

She’s also pretty extreme in her approach with and how she inserts – I always wonder myself how she came to get in these positions myself, always strikes me as something going on with her partner – but I digress, Elmer is another woman who has extreme talent with her body and well worth some attention to any viewer of this site – plus she always makes good material for photomanipulations ^^.

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