..:: iGAPES – Easy iGAPES Changing Methods Breakdown (Making Gapers) ::..

..:: Easy iGAPES Changing Methods Breakdown (Making Gapers) ::..

As you may know Hybris is the way gapers have come about, but how does the Hybris work? How does it ‘get’ into the females to change them originally? Below is a list of basics ways a female could be converted in iGAPES canon. In short, more extreme methods appear over time but basically it can be seen like this…

The Orderly Ways of Transformation

Hybris Egg
– Orbs found at sea, found in Japan to begin. Place near a female vagina or inserted (dangerous to do!) into her and gushes its Hybris liquid into her. Weird looking and unlikely to be found randomly.

Produced Genital(ia) Projection (P.G.P.)
– A PGP is a manmade product with the transforming hybris liquid inside. Sold as a body changing sex toy which changes you after you orgasm on it. Actually a high tech fleshy orb which fuses to her pussy / body and grows quickly and safely to become a giant pussy.

– Modern businesses, quick to use this to make money offer the treatment. Come in, pay up and later on you’ll leave induced with hybris and a bulging pussy which grows over time. Uses a combination of the hybris egg and PGP methods mainly.

The increasingly Corrupt Methods of Transformation

 Mothers Eggs
– From Special gapers which have mutated. ‘Mothers’ are women who actually lay hybris eggs she grows. Orbs more ‘human’ in their appearance they still contain the same hybris to change females like normal eggs. Easy way to convert women with it.

 Corrupting Hybris Taint
– A biological nightmare; Hybris which has taken control and grown huge vaginal like caves, dripping with hybris ready to taint and corrupt females inside them. Some chosen females become part of this cunt cave lined with hybris baths and tendril vines oozing hybris.

 Hybris Taint Mutations
– Women changed by the cave are likely to mutate in very abstract, large or infectious ways. From women who mutate to lead to the taint and infect others from her tendrils to special women who are seeded to become a new corruption cave themselves!

 S.T.D. Virus Infection
– Generation in, Hybris had adapted to the point it is extremely infectious and normal females can infect one another by their liquids alone!

 Click on the orange titles for more information on them. Below is a Q and A of question on the process answered to make things easier.

 Q) What is Hybris?
A) Hybris is liquid like substance ‘discovered’ in Japan in the near future. It doesn’t appear to be manmade, but that can’t be confirmed. Depending on your point of view it could originate from anywhere.

Q) Where does Hybris come from?
A) An ‘Egg’, the Hybris egg. The reason for WHY it does WHAT it really does or WHERE it came from, like Hybris itself remains unanswered – you decide!

Q) Why have you done very simple lists and descriptions here instead of giving all the details?
A) The details are available – (see below) but it is also lightly more detailed than a sex art site should really give. This document is available for authors and the curious if they want to read it, but not essential, so why bog it down?

Q) Feels like some of these methods impose on the character / story, not sure I like that.
A) All the details really should just explain HOW they change her, not anything else. Ultimately after an hour of being infected and changed, how she got changed isn’t important, but the fact she going to swell and gape open instead, see?

Q) I don’t dig some of these change methods, they rub me up the wrong way.
A) Well only focus on the ones you like. If going into a clinic, getting hybris is the way you like, roll and stuck with that. All they are is options and scenarios for girls to change if you want to apply to a world. Don’t care for a manmade pussy growing device or bio hazard cunt caves, well then don’t think about them!

Q) Who would SELL a product like this?!
A) Its set in a blade-runner like future where companies and conglomerates have taken over the world. Business makes the world go round, and with that power they run the world from the shadows. They have used their business savvy, promotion, advertising/brain washing and propaganda to make this a very profitable method to make money by having gapers become the ‘normal’ for society over a period of generations.

Q) Why are there so many different ways to change females if they all use Hybris in the end anyway?
A) This comes down to choice and fetish. More options for stories to use, more possibilities for captions and also depending how you like to see females change there is a way for that too.

Q) What’s with all the ‘Hybris’ this and ‘Hybris’ that?
A) I know hybris on my mind. I have a few other names for them, proper names for the scientific name of a hybris egg for example, but its gets even MORE complex… so lets keep It simple!

Q) Does it end well?
A) As well as you’d imagine, the Asian territories become transformed with their females all mostly like this, and other developed parts of the world slowly becoming the same way. It becomes a very bizarre sexual world.

Q) I was Confused about was the Hybris cave part. Is hybris alive? The paragraph gives the impression of it being almost malicious.
A) More details can be found in the document on it. Is hybris alive… it’s a matter of personal perspective. Hybris wants to thrive and expand. The corruption way it is created almost gives the hybris more a ‘means’ to change into something, be it to exist, to expand or to change women further.

Sius’ Personal Answer) Taking my own point of view into account, I made it so that Hybris changes these women, no matter whatever the reason WHY it does it or WHERE it comes from. Be it a chemical, maybe a virus or maybe a parasite or something VERY different, but Hybris in my eyes WANTS to be noticed and change females. Changing them into sexual beings more than gets attention from a reproductive / sexually seducing side of things. The ‘cave’ can take any form it wants, but this would be the best way to change women as effectively as it can be, seen as malicious or not, it just is doing its job.

Q) So there’s no Injections or… pills or anything like that to change these women?
A) Sure – but they all contain hybris. Hybris can be refined into an injection or added into the middle of a pill or something alike, but the problem is shelf life, which is around 24 hours before the hybris becomes inert. Short story, all these ways are good to change, are not designed for mass distribution and storage – though there are certainly cases of it around. May want to check the water supply too… ^^

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