..:: iG Changing Possibilities – Corrupting Hybris Taint (C.H.T.) ::..

..:: Gathered Research on the transformation known
as the Corrupting Hybris Taint (C.H.T) ::..

 Breakdown of Details Below…

  • As well as a changing method, the corruption / taint is also a underline theme to it.
  • Vast living caves, organic and vaginal looking are created by accident with want to grow.
  • They expand from the females they capture, change into gapers and suckle on their bodies.
  • Transformations can be very extreme and mutating, warping her body the longer inside the taint.
  • Some women minds will merge or bind with the corruptions will, giving them role to complete.

In a Nutshell, What is the C.H.T.?
– The C.H.T. (Corrupting Hybris Taint), often just known simply as the Taint or Corruption is a biological nightmare. Broken down for ease in this explanation, it has two main elements – so the document will split into two and focus on each separately. As the name implies of the change method; it is based on corruption, and has a more ‘dark and evil’ tone and theme.

First of the two elements of this is the growth of a Hybris cave. It is more a location or background instead of a single item because of its sheer size and expansion. Mutating, growing and infecting females with its endless hybris excretions from the fleshy vaginal walls is the cave’s primary role.

The second element are the females who have become a part of the cave. They have joined against their will and are another way for the cave to feed and draw females in to impregnate and interact.

It has a much darker, bio-horror tone to the way females’ change, as the cave grows baths of hybris, incubation chambers, and tendrils to ensnare and dominate its female victims. Though rare, these ‘caves’ have spawned by accidents and can crop up in many places.

The taint usually adapts to the sounding area it created from, and usually in areas tucked away from normal sight, more secretive for its own self preservation.

Hybris Cave Details Section

The Taint Caves Appearance
–Expansive like a cave or cavern, it looks like some sexual living flesh from a horror film has taken over! The general visual appearance of the cave is that of pussy like flesh, muscle; a very disturbingly human looking anatomy with growths that occur as it creates new deviations to its growth. These include orifices, pillars and alcoves; all in the name of living, expansion, and infecting females.

 Leaking hybris
– Dribbling from the walls and oozing out of the crevices, hybris coats the inside of this cave. Though not cascading outwards, any female inside the cave runs the risk of being secreted on and changed.

 Hybris Incubation
– The taint wants to corrupt and change females passing inside it. As such it will actually form and grow around the female. Things such as baths, cocoons and chambers flooded with hybris and other deformities appear to help prepare and change any number of females inside.

Wall Bound
– Females will also line the walls, often with their vaginal region inside the wall itself, which is in tern suckling on her and feeding.

– These bud headed vine like growths spawn from the walls, inside crevices and some tainted mutations from the cave. Flexible and prehensile, these tendrils attach to the groin of the female and suckle away, injecting hybris into her.

The tendrils expand out and seeks the vaginal region of both pure females AND iG changed females alike, ‘feeding’ off from any female it can find.

Hybris Bud
– The section at the end of the tendril is known as the ‘bud’. This is the part which latches to the groin of the female. It can even detach from the vine and ‘stick’ to the female if she runs away from the vine.

There are different sizes of bud to attach to women who are yet to become gapers, as well as unique sizes formed for females who already have transformed that would need a bigger ‘bug head’ to attach to her massive cunt.

 Cave Female Details Section

Roles Of Converted Females
– After being changed theres a chance that the female will be bound to the mind of the hybris corruption and change or are infleunced to act a certain ways, while others are changed and continue their life normally. Below are a list of roles the hybris can choose or is related to the corruption.

The Matriarch – Voice and Will of the Corruption
– Upon its creation, the corruption will find the closest female and bind with her. She will become one with the hybris corruption and will act as the way in which is enforces its will. Acting like a hive mind she will, now a changed being seek to grow and expand the corruption…

Maidens – Watchers and Feeders of the Corruption
– Next the Matriarch will capture females who will be bound to the soundings of the taint, feeding off them as well as using them as guardians in essence the eyes and ears where the Matriarch cannot see. Many maidens are implanted into the walls, ceiling, and floors of the cave acting in the interest of the taint’s will. They are transformed iG like women, often with plentiful sizes.

Missionary – The Shepard and Temptation of the Corruption
– Now secure and developing, the corruption will seek females to change and feed on. In order to get more the Corruption creates women called missionaries. These women use their allure or cunning to bring other women to the corruption to create more gapers. They also develop in different ways, being more cunning or overpowering in their designs to convert.

Saboteurs  The long Reaching Bated Arms of the Corruption
– Beyond the call of Missionaries, In the background Saboteur gaped females work to change other women using more underhanded tactics. Activities such as…

  • Tainting water supplies with hybris.
  • Converting key women in positions (nurse / councillor / business leaders).
  • Rousing cults worshipping Hybris female evolution.
  • Finding more P.G.P. Bio-flesh vats for new corruptions.
  • Finding special women with the right DNA for future corruptions.

 Queen – The Nightmare of a human becoming a corruption cave
– Something abstract like Ten million to one chance happens every few years, that a female with the right DNA can bind with the corruption in totality. Able to be implanted with a seed, she will germinate for months and sprout far from the corruption. Her pussy grows abnormally huge until eventually she becomes a new hybris corruption cave, her pussy and body being that cave!

The following section is information which is considered extra. It’s not essential to learn, much like the rest of the iG story and background. It is mostly fun but hopefully interesting as well. It is recommended that if the above section has wetted your appetite, use your own imagination to fill in the blanks beyond.

 The extra information is for anybody curious about the Corrupting Hybris Taint and effects it has beyond the normal text – I’ve put it in a section below as I did not want to weigh the main information down with the extra bits of information. Still it is there if you’re curious.


Creation / Origins
– It is believed that this was an accidental mistake made by science. It is theorised that the original growth of the taint appeared in China. Attempting to reverse engineer a PGP, Chinese companies could not find the methods needed to make a PGP successfully.

Her salvaged records show that in their attempt to create such a device they produced the ‘bio-flesh’ part of the PGP but added a hybris seed, a small item found inside of the hybris pod. The seed implanted into the bio-flesh and germinated as a gaping worker ‘watered’ it with her cum. Within an hour the whole facility was compromised. She was never found …

Reverse engineering and theories point to the germination of the seed fused with a vat of bio-flesh, the same used to make PGP’s. It may have expand and create a biological cave, sticking to the walls and expanding outwards. As it developed the flesh walls became sticky and reformed similar to vaginal tissue. The walls began leaking hybris and the spread of the hybris taint had begun.

The gaper scientist who had created this monstrosity by accident was consumed by the corrupting hybris taint cave and became fused with the cave, transforming into a sexual monster. She became a legend as well as the voice, eyes, ears, brain of this newly formed organism – the source of this lone information being ‘questionable’ at best however.

As the cave grew it bound females periodically to its walls, creating sentry like mutated females, similar to the scientist at the heart of the taint. They became part of the cave like taint and occupied a section of this expanding growth.

After her Genes
– During the attachment of the hybris bud it will inject hybris into her, but also suckle female hormones from her. When full, it will detach from her body and ‘drink’ on her liquids. Pure females are a richer source and are therefore more desirable to drink and feed from.

In essence it uses female hormones, cum, and liquids to flourish, feed, and live. As a result, the connection behind what hybris is and what it does to the human form becomes all the more apparent.

Dark Size of Growths
– As the taint wants to expand it will seek female ejaculation, hormones and other elements to grow. The female who is matriarch of the corruption will be a constant source of sustenance, however in aggressive or desperate times the hybris taint will absorb a female whole.

Instead of becoming a maiden or a transformed gaper; her body is broken down completely and reformed; remade and used for biomass as she becomes part of the cave’s growth. Luckily, this method appears half as effective as the leaching and growing of her cum, meaning it is rare, but still possible.

– The corrupting taint of hybris is something relatively kept in check from the wider population, yet it is oddly used as a way the companies can change a female into a gaper using smoke and mirrors.


Business Practice
– The development, news and eventually embrace of the taint is something the conglomerates have had to adjust to. Originally this nightmare scenario was used as an effective way to change females into gapers.

Limiting the initial grow of the Hybris seed (germinating it just enough to grow), it would sprout and create one of the hybris tendrils.

Using such things in clinics would generate a poor image for the PR side of the business, creating another ‘undesirable’ way to be changed. The companies tried to spin the product in a more appealing way. In essence, they jacketed the tendril and the bud in metal, giving the illusion of a moving arm from a piece of machinery. This ‘device’ is more of a disguise for the tendril to pump the hybris into women.

Blissfully ignorant, the metal arm attaches to a woman’s crotch and pumps away. After an hour it is removed and reveals a plump and swelling iG pussy growth. This is a quick, cheap and effective the method for the businesses to use.

Controlled Size?
– Small growths, contained and suppressed in sophisticated devices and containers, mean the tendril growth is portable. Select circles including women in power, cults and others were able to grow them for their own personal use. These personal growths are doubled up in purpose as not only a way to change females, but as an iG pleasing organismic sex toy.

The bud head can swell and grow, attaching itself to the gaper and in essence ‘milking’ her liquids out of her and giving her pleasure. For any lady who needs to get on with life and not be stopped by a constant orgasmic stream leaking from below, the possibility of attaching one of these is very appealing to have around.

– In clinics and with the limited selection who have access to these tendril growths, occasionally an outbreak will occur. Able to swell and expand, it breaks though its container and becomes in time a full corrupting hybris tainting cave, taking over an area in an alarming rate.

Hybris Bud Head Attachment Growth – Sometimes a very strong bond is fused with the hybris tendril’s bud and a pure female and her DNA that it bonds too. Instead of falling and dropping off after it has suckled and had its fill, this one will instead actually become the vagina of the female. This bud attaches and transforms to become part of the girl!

The head of the bud vagina becomes attached around her skin and compresses so that hard removal is near impossible. The shape and the size of the new bud vagina transformation is similar to the iG gape designs of other iG’s.

After it becomes successfully connected she will have a very unique and obvious gaping vagina, which is evident not only by the way its attached (a disjointed attachment around her groin) but also that her new vaginal opening opens with a “+” cross like split, meaning her pussy opens horizontally and vertically too.

–Some rumours have also circled about how some females who are matriarchs can leave the cave and will actively seek out women to join her, much like the prime would do. How and why this happens has yet to be identified however…

Spawning in the Dark
– It was recorded that the taint would thrive within the darkness or within the shade. Inside buildings it would flourish, deep in laboratories or within the earth itself, however when exposed to the daylight it would seldom grow further than it needs. Its reason is unknown but theories of it being dried out or limiting the potency of its hybris liquids are possibilities.

The Alpha Connection
– some have stated that the mutated females known as Alphas are a living caves on into themselves and the combination of the taint and an Alpha would be something of massive and dynamic proportions. It is uncertain if such a thing could happen or how it would appear but a whole realm of potential could exist from this combination.

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