..:: Hybris – A Female Gender Transforming Substance ::..

..:: Hybris, Review of a Mutating Substance ::..

The breakdown of details below…

  • Hybris is the root substance to changing any female into a gaper or iG for short.
  • When inside a female, it becomes part of her being, she develops from it and merges and fuses with it, producing her own hybris inside her body.
  • Hybris reshapes her body, deeply sexually but also for stability and refinement of organs. (thus making her able to function with such vast or unrealistic sexual developments)
  • Thoughts are that hybris makes female sexual and alluring and gape due to Hybris’ design to spread and grow by getting attention.
  • It does not change males, but Hybris can ‘stay’ on a male, who in able to infect pure females after sexual encounters with a gaper.
  • Hybris extends life and keeps women healthy from disease and youthful.
  • The time to change into a gaper is different from woman to woman, and they can growth spurt rapidly
  • The size of a gape is generally changeable on her sexual mood and approach to life.
  • Hybris also however is fatal is under aged before the body has developed deep into sexual maturity (17+ me thinks, thus no underage / loli)
  • Though older women exist far beyond the years of the normal gender they never reach ‘old age’ in the traditional sense, their bodies failing from its pressure far before (And so no old grannies here too)


In the iGAPES world there are several ways in which a female can change her form to become a gaper (or iG, named after the iGAPES product to gape females), but all the methods of transmutation are based on the single substance; named after discovery as Hybris.

Information about the substance and the way it reacts, rather than how and what colourful ways it can be taken into the female body through the different methods, such as the Hybris egg, P.G.P. and beyond are detailed.

Hybris is the sole substance for all females to change their body and appearance due to the way it dominates the DNA and mutates the body of the female infected in very extreme ways.

This company and conglomerate run future world has found a extremely profitable business ventures in hybris related products and how it transformed women; however they could not foresee the scale and consequences it would have on gender and a new way of life.

Some believe the substance has origins with alien backgrounds, to theories of an evolving or even a tainted Gaia mother earth. Maybe a link to lost cultures likes Atlantis instead? Whatever the origin story, the state of the world and women with engorged sexual bodies has become the present and can not be denied.

iGAPES became a universal band name between companies and iG females started to dominate over the ‘pure’, untainted females as the years and generations continue on and humanity moves ever closer to sexual liberation and madness in this bizarre land.

Appearance and Properties

Hybris is a mostly translucent, scentless, substance except under UV light when it glows with a hued hint of orange to an almost bright violet.

It has a similar constancy to female ejaculate though with greater viscosity and consistency most would describe the residue ‘slime’.

Pure Hybris dissolves or oxidises quickly when released from its cocoon like container (a hybris egg for example) causing the properties to diminish and become dormant. This means that hybris in an open environment will cease to function and can not be collected in vats and transported without a cocoon like coating around it.

Hybris is extremely unusual in one of its properties: It can be absorbed into the human body similar to some semi permeable liquids. This makes the substance extraordinary as the epidermis of the human body is very resilient to such absorption. It is most effective when ‘taken into’ the female body’s orifices, preferably vaginal and reacts quicker and more potently when such.

The XX over XY Designation

The effects of Hybris will not affect human males. Unlike females, which hybris actively seeks to merge with it will remain dormant on males. Though absorbed, males exhibit no side effects if any hybris physically contacts their bodies, making unexplained bonds with female genes.

Males with dormant Hybris (contracted through intercourse with an iG) will involuntarily pass the dormant evolutionary substance onto any female partner. They are essentially carriers for the chemical.

Over time a sexual transmitted ‘disease’ which stays with males slept with gapers stays silently in his body, however intercourse with a female can pass on quantities of Hybris, beginning the transformation process, in their next partner, even if minor.

This second or third handed hybris pass down is very minor, usually doing little or anything to her body, but trace elements will effect her, such as the aphrodisiac side and being more sexually active – which usually leads her to get transformed with the desire she feels to have the changes.

Initial Transformation

When the hybris has entered a host within an hour she can start to feel the effects. The immediate effect will be that of discomfort and possibly pain, which quickly subsides. This is the hybris performing sudden and dramatic mutations to the inside of her body.

The hybris immediately begins to mutate, remove, disassemble, form and reform parts in her body. Ranging from removal of no longer needed organs, using the mass and space for the other tasks of enhancing her current and key organs to work better and faster and creates ‘new’ organs.

An example of a new organ is that which is focused on creating hybris within her. Merging with her body’s liquids, integrating into her system and fusing together. All these range from keeping her body maintained and to ready it for the stages it potentially will grow into.

Enhanced hearts, to spines able to bare the weight of her body to muscles and strength to operate as well as the sexual elements of sensitivity and mental adjustments as several more examples.

Other immediate effects will be a gain in elasticity to orifices and skin. Within half and hour and beyond, the ability to stretch her vaginal and anal entrances will become evident – this feature remains from here onwards.

Many women who convert with hybris claim to now have a greater standard of life and new perspectives with themselves and bodies. These women say they feel more female than before their transformation and that they feel still feminine and keep their humanity, but are more able to live their lives as sexual avatars.

Depending on perspective; she has ether evolved her body and become more, and able to do that much more also – she has become closer to perfection – or that she has been corrupted, focused on a sexual life and twisted to corrupt others with very obviously sexually modified bodies and are tainted from a path of purity.

Personal Touch with Hybris

Hybris will transform her body on a number of many unique factors which will change the final outcome of her body and how it blooms. Ranging from compatibility of the DNA of the girl to the hybris, the method hybris entered her system, the volume, and the emotions and actions she undertakes there after. All these features will dictate how she’ll form, and the diversity is staggering, let alone any further mutations that occur.

Once her system has been flooded with hybris, she creates her own ‘secant’ and ‘flavour’ of hybris. The substance combines with her ejaculate making it unique to her. Seen as a second lifeblood it integrates and merges with all of her body’s chemicals.

While the ‘pure’ hybris from an egg is far ‘richer’ and is suited for transmutations in females; the iG transformed woman will create her own brand of hybris inside her system when she begins to be converted over to a new sexual body type.

The hybris inside of an evolving woman’s body will not react further to any greater injections of hybris within her body. The volume of the hybris inside her body essentially ‘drowns out’ any other with its potency, making the first dose important in her transformation.

Within days the most obvious transformation of the hybris substance becomes apparent as her vagina will swell and begin its transformation. Based on the characteristics mentioned prior, the shape, size, scale and other key features of her mutation will dictate just how the final ‘bloom’ will appear.

Health of a Hybris Born Body

The emerging body may appear similar to her old, with just massive protrusions and bulges on it. However that assumption is incorrect. She may have the same flesh, similar appearance and has a similar personality, but massive mutations to her body have taken place and is barely recognisable from the inside just 2 weeks after Hybris intake on a medical scale.

Her body seems like it focuses towards desire, sexual intercourse and other acts. However it is engineered for her health and well-being and is quite adaptable. Over time, the elements which inhibit or upset the female will begin to actively dissipate, allowing for experimentation with these new desires.

Her body will keep her healthy. Any excess food and fat is ether instantly turned into energy (making her mind turn into orgy mode if she feeds on a banquette of food) or is seen as a product to grow her body with more materials and chemicals. This is why ‘overweight’ or ‘Fat’ gapers do not exist, instantly remaking her healthy and even giving some extra mass in her breasts and vagina to work with her growth!

While not perfect, her body is certainly more resistant to illness and disease, even prolonging and adding a youthful effect to her body too. However it seems even a sexual animal with an enhanced and enchanted body can not over come the common cold still…

Mind Set

Her new body exists; it seems to give her pleasure and she will have a gracing period where she adapts to this. However after several months, (up to six or more in some cases) she will start to get a wrap over how a new age lady like herself should exist and find more peace with her body.

Jokingly many females now compare their mind to like males, always thinking about sex, yet in her new body the thought of sex is forever in her sub- conscious. IG females will always be sexually active and is willing to perform a sexual activity at the drop of a hat.

Sex and sexual activity is just something iG’s do during the day. Acts of casual petting, fisting while looking idle out the window is not uncommon and will perform without much thought or even without realising it, they are driven to enjoy themselves. They will try to stop while in polite company, but in front of other gapers who ‘know’ what it’s like, there are no restraints otherwise and go all out.

A common, but potent side effect of hybris is catalyst it has on the minds and sexual desires of others close by. Gapers tend to emanate a scentless hormone that will act as an aphrodisiac to others. This is something that can affect both herself and her partners or bystanders and is something she must gain control of.

There is also a hint of submissiveness of their actions, always much happier to please and cater to others than to be the leading force (unless asked to be like so); however people have mistakenly in the past provoked a few girls (though rape usually) and forget they are actually VERY able to break out of any situation they don’t enjoy. Having such a potent body can lead to painful result for the unexpected assailant!

Tainted Sexuality?

It’s argued how much hybris affects this area of the female, but it certainly decreases sexual inhibitions, former taboos are washed away mostly starting at initial transformation with hybris, which is seen almost as an awakening.

A common assumption is that a gaper will sleep with anybody and anything this is largely untrue. Though sexually active and a looser approach to sex are present, just actively fucking a gaper is still seen partly as rape without consent. Many of these girls though will agree to any sexual interaction if they are happy, and are now much more open and willing than before.

The preferences and desires, goals, fetishes and dreams of many transformed females will remain the same to what they where before, however many will find a new desire from their new growths and abilities.

Sex is, for lack of a better word, quite passionate for many. Even the most extreme acts and hardcore action is seen as romantic and loving to many gapers. She will view sex with herself, as a day-to-day ‘thing’ while making love to another is a special event or something much greater.

Some feel a very personal bond with a select partner, ether male, female or iG as well. They tend to offer all they are to somebody they trust. With a mate or partner she trusts will that person be privy to her vast sexual abilities, kept aside and private to all but the ones she truly bonds with.

Some will continue a straight sexually: The chemical doesn’t change her original sexuality (shunning other women and gapers). Since males are harder to find, many gapers will try to find a male relationship causing some gapers to compete for a man, or for a single female to join a male led group of multiple gapers, a polygamous relationship.

There are also evolved gapers who only seek the affections and desires of another gaper in a relationship. Unable to scale down or knowing that their bodies feel electric together they live in a bizarre sexual harmony with one another.

The common agreement also, similar to the old opinions is the quiet gapers tend to be the wildest in bed and scope, having keeping their desires repressed in company. These women are sort after, or avoided if unable to keep up with such levels or your personal stamina.

Extended Growth Period

As the weeks pass so does the size and shape of her body from influence by hybris. The hybris will react to the surroundings and mood of its host and bloom and recede, as is her overall consent on being a gaper possibly scaling extreme and implausible levels.

Several weeks in, a key period happens where the female chooses the fate of her body. Ether becoming a expansive gaper – sacrificing her womb and more to sexual abilities or she becomes a child baring mother, able to be impregnated by a male and able to give birth to many babies with an advanced ovary. This stage of mental/physical assignment is the equivalent of Hybris puberty, and is called hyperpubescence.

Generations of iG’s, men and women have come and gone. Each generation integrating hybris deeper in their system, common ‘average’ size and gape gets bigger each generation. While the scope of gapers rises from its eastern origins over to the west.

Females are not naturally born a gaper, they still need to undergo a process to change, and however there IS a trace of hybris within her system. It lies dormant until the ‘taste’ of the ‘proper stuff’ awakens it and she transforms. However many females remain ‘semi pure’, from iG mothers and continue their lives as a standard female gender.

Males, as mentioned born since the iG mutations has decreased in birth rates dramatically, making them sort after by many. Female as a gender are accepted globally, but because of their greater number they are seen as ‘less valuable’ as a gender, making the overall projection of women have an ironic twist.

Pure females, untouched by Hybris are deathly afraid of it and know that it would take so very little to condemn her body to sexual slavery and so eventually have found their numbers dwindling. There is also research showing that hybris is mutating and becoming greater than the original sources from the eggs now it has integrated with the female body…


The following section is information which is considered extra. It’s not essential to learn, much like the rest of the iG story and background, its fun but hopefully interesting. It recommended that if the above section has wetted your appetite that you use your own imagination to fill in the blanks beyond.

The extra information is for anybody curious about hybris and effects it has beyond the normal text – I’ve put it in a section below as I did not want to weigh the main information down with the extra bits of information. Still is there if your curious.

– Hybris, chosen by the scientific community, is based on the original word hybrism. An alternative way of saying hubris it means pride, self confidence and trace meanings of presumption towards the gods but also a merger of the word hybrid meaning to merger of two elements into one becoming a ‘hybris’ of parts.

It is assumed the name was given after initial tests showed the new lease of live, attitude and openness to the females new body, often finding peace and showing off her new physical attributes and general open minded which would have been something she should have socially reserved or held back up to prior to her transformation.

Based on the idea of being a hybrid of parts is an accurate description of what the female becomes, this sexual development merged with her own body as a whole. While the element of hybris and hubris relating towards godly pride and assumption, leading to ‘nemesis’ is not only seen as a fall from grace, but also one step closer to becoming more and general attrite that is companied with that approach and thought.

Extended Youth, but not Mortality
– Hybris works to keep the host alive, as she grows and lives the presence of hybris regenerates her body and keeps her in a more youthful state over time. The concept of age seems somewhat inappropriate, as a gaper could well look and act like somebody half or a third of the actual age she really is as they get older.

However there is a trade off for this, though to many it seems a better deal than without hybris intervention on the females lifespan. As the body lives though the years and as they pass by, though her body is renewed there is however a limit to what can be done.

Eventually her body will just ‘fail’ an eventuality of years of extreme processes internally and externally with her body. They never make ‘old bones’ per say in appearance, yet many forty year old looking iG’s could be into well over a hundred years old. However many ‘pure’ females are envious of such an extension of life as well as wonderful standard of living in the later years.

Underage Limits
– It was discovered very early on that mixing an underage female with pure hybris was a horrible thing. Any girl who is maturing in puberty or stages below who then envelops hybris into her system is met with shocking, dramatic and often fatal results.

Females are told to wait till around the age of twenty, or twenty one until they attempt this transformation. The flurry of transformation which occurs if underage for the changes are usually very painful, graphic and often deadly, and are seen as a major rule known to the public that teenager girls or below and hybris is a very nasty mixture.

Generations That Follow
– In gapers who are able to reproduce, hints of hybris follow inside of the next generation of females. Born with her mothers hybris lying dormant inside her she grows like a normal female would, with the minor exception of each generation being more sexually prominent from an early age.

As generations pass the size of a normal vagina on that of a young girl will be greatly more defined as well as an increase to her bust, however these are still within the realms of human body growth and are a far cry from the exuberant modification hybris will leant to her body.

However as the generations come and go and many female gapers have given born to others, who change into iG’s and have given born once more – after these generations, the content and potency of hybris is rated extreme and modifications from such liquid can spread and begin changing other pure females just based on the hybris inside her body itself, seen as an S.T.D. gaping infection.

– Though many iG’s have very prominent vaginas, breasts and other areas of their bodies, there are as many anally overgrown or massively developed bodies as the vaginal gapers. Often seen together, or even ‘greater’ in size to her gape, these females are quite common, and many gapers will anally expand when pushed to with ease, but some have more obvious and pronounced features protruding out.

Mutations of Hybris
– Hybris is a mutation of sorts, yet this mutation can mutate and can deform in very unusual ways further. Its uncertain if this is meant, as several ‘types’ have been identified common amongst mutated females or it is indeed random how they form. There is a document which lists the common and less so common mutations. To find out more click the LINK here

Sexual Body
– The nature of her body implies she has sex and enjoys herself. As she cums, or ejaculates hybris spreads. Then in hybris lies the aphrodisiac to entice and arouse others around her completing the circle. Her body is now designed for this in mind and maybe key and link hybris with its existence in her body.

– If you read the timeline you will see how the world starts off with the odd gaper and by the end the mutations and infections completely dominate. A general rule for how and where these spread was that Japan, then China and then twain and Korea become enveloped in it, until over time the Asian territories become more or less all iG dominated.

Other areas such as in Europe and in North America, Russia and other prominent places see gapers, but are far more a unusual or rare thing to see. The more developed an area is, the greater outside of Asian the companies would have introduced the product to the populous.

At the ‘end game’ of the timeline, many places are introduced to overrun with gapers. Often less developed nations are still free from the influences of hybris as there was ‘little business’ to be made there.

For a general storyline however, if its in Asian there will be a pro and prominent iG presence, where say in the UK they will be rare, but heard of.

– As a whole the interpretation of hybris and the changes a female has happen to her is meant to be open and looked upon differently by other people. Depending how you view the transformation and your fetish background and desires, you may perceive the changes in several ways. It generally comes down to if you feel it is a pro female, Neutral or under female approach to these women.

Ether they transform into a being of pure joy, sex and job, usually with the approach of being so great and extreme that no man or female could hope to please her. Neutral terms, being just saying what she is, but either positive or negative. She has changed, for better or worse. Or negative, she has actually become this sex filth, who is lower in stature for it.

The different ways to change the female, the different approaches to how these females exist and even the types of design and mutation are all designed so the viewer can decide which of these background they’d like to associate with the girl.

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