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Context – So delayed, but we have some content from Jools for you. For context the questions where emailed over to me and by request of Jools herself I was asked to ask them directly like I was asking them to her in a chat by her request. So I look the general questions, added some extra content in the middle but hopefully got what the asker had in mind down. I’ve put the names of the as A, B and C as the alias names for the curious. So lets begin…

A: So Hi Jools, (my name is ***** from the email) A few questions for you please:

A: so, my wife is extraordinarily tight, and I fantasize often about her having a loose, sloppy pussy. I guess you could set its a fetish dear to my heart, and so would you recommend any tips on how to gradually loosen her up in a way she would enjoy?

A: (or in other words, what aspect of being slowly stretched out over time might an average woman find appealing, the submission and loss of control?)

Jools : Repetitiveness is the key. If you’re going into her once a week that’s not going to work. What you want to do is use progressively larger toys, leaving them inside of her for as long as possible. What you could also do is attach a wifi controlled vibrator to the toy.

It allows kinky fun with your partner as well as slowly stretching her over a long period. I would say if you want fun, non-painful stretching you’re going to have to be at her limit for about 2 hours a day.

A: what preparation would you recommend to try and get best results, maybe some lubes or ideas for setting the mood?

Jools : Fingers, always fingers. Start with 2 since she’s tight. Then move onto three during that session. Keep on like that for a few weeks. Then add a 4th. Again the same. Then push your thumb along side. Then a few weeks of that, before trying fisting. Take your time, and don’t be pushy.

A: Now I love my wife and I’d never force her into something she didn’t want. You said to talk to her about my fetish to see if she was onboard. Do you think just talking about it would be enough or should I try and add some context telling her she maybe able to enjoy greater orgasms and maybe recommendations like from yourself?

Jools : I would talk to her about it ‘and’ giver her perspective. It ‘can’ lead to stronger orgasms and more pleasure for both of you. No need to lie

A: Along the same lines, she enjoys giving and receiving analingus, but I haven’t slipped more than a thumb in her ass before.

A: Any advice on how to transition gently to using my cock?  And how to best bring up the topic of enemas?

Jools : Bring up enemas as soon as you want. But usually they aren’t needed. A toilet break and a douche are enough. And use anal plugs for extended periods. Buy a training set of 3 or more to work her up.

Jools : Again, Take your time.

A: I’m sure we’d all love an update on your progress. If I may, could you maybe answer some of the follow questions please?

A: Have you reached a point where people notice your transformation in public? Not that people have noticed, but that’s because I keep it that way. People would notice if I wore a bikini or swim suit. As it happens, people don’t tend to see anything under a skirt.

A: Your dedication to your craft is remarkable; the more you’re willing to share about your transformation the better! So could you tell us where you currently are. Has much happened since the interview you did earlier in the year from now?

Jools : Since then I’ve started injections of Saline and Silicon into my labia. I have also had my clitoral hood removed and pushed my urethral stretching to a point where I can happily fit a dildo inside.

A: WOW! So much! If I may ask then firstly about both saline and Silicon. So how much have you injected so far and could you describe what its done to your pussy?

Jools : I am unsure, quite a lot. haha. I think a few hundred CCs. It has warped my outer lips to fill in the middle and create a larger, fake vaginal slit and bulge.

A: Incredible. So how heavy is it now? Do you have a stopping point at all and does it hurt?

Jools : It doesn’t hurt, no stopping point and I don’t notice the weight anymore. I’ve got used to it. It was heavy at first, but with the slow change now I don’t notice it.

A: And tell me of your clit modification. Did that hurt and what size does it come out at? Would you ever have anything  like like stretching that with weights or injections at all?

Jools : It hurt insanely for a few days. It now erects to about 1 inch and its maybe a little under 1/2 an inch circumference. I’ve debated piercings to lengthen my labia as opposed to enlargenening it.

A: And urethra stretching too. You have been very busy. How you said a dildo. Would you say a normal sized one, or more one for like the sounding equipment? Does that hurt and have you have any infections at all? (unless thats too far to ask)

Jools : its a small bullet vibrator. It doesn’t hurt. And no infections yet aside from the occasional yeast infection. but nothing serious.

A: And lastly I think I have to ask – We’d all love to see a photo of your progress.

Jools : Sadly not. Maybe one day when i’m complete.

A: Darn – well thank you very much for answering them. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a start with my wife and well, good luck yourself. Keep on growing!

B: Hi there, Jools! (My name is xxxx )  I’d love to participate in this interview thing Sius so kindly set up.

B: Just so you know, I’ve fantasized about this particular thing for a while. I’m all for girls getting bigger down there, and even got Sius to draw some things for me in the distant past

(illustrating this story for example: http://www.releasedreactions.com/igapes/blog/?p=724 ).  So I’d love to talk more about this subject with someone who possesses the female perspective on it.

B: So here are the few questions I took the time to think up.  Any ones you feel like answering would be appreciated, and you can just ignore any you feel are too forward or too awkward to answer.

B: Do you have a “bucket list” of large insertions you’d like to accomplish in your time?  If so, what would they be?

Jools : I don’t actually. Although I do have one toy (If you can insert the picture of my mega toy? ) That I would love. moby

B: I can’t believe they made something like that. I could only imagine something like that being used. The name of ‘Moby’ – ha!

B: I’m surprised you actually own it. Would you say its the size queen in you that got it, or where you just curious?

Jools : The size queen that wants to take it. hahaha

B: Forgive me for being forward, but is the turn-on for you more about the huge empty spaces inside you that you can fill for pleasure with bigger and bigger things…. or is it about the enormity of your sexual organs and the delicious feelings having all that erogenous flesh can generate?

Jools : I like to have a cavernous hole and a bulging exterior. That’s my desire. A large empty space and a large pointy clit. That’s me all over.

B: For me, it’s more the largeness, but I could imagine it would be different if you have, um, negative space. So really is the complete package of a wide mons, a gaping stretched fat pussy and even a clit?

Jools : Exactly. The complete package.

B: Moving past the realm of living practically, do you have a size limit where you think once you get there, any larger wouldn’t turn you on anymore?

B: Like, if you had a magic genie that could grant you anything, and could also return you to normal at the end with everyone else’s memories wiped clean, how far would you go?

Jools : I would love something that was big enough so I have no way to hide it, but small enough so I can still move about. That’s my ideal size.

B: Have you wondered about what you may have to do if that happened at all? Maybe how you’d get around or things your have around the home, or has it just been the fantasy 1st and realistic side second?

Jools : Fantasy first, realistic second. but I now find myself getting closer to that and I’m just adapting. Such as not wearing panties, or swim suits.

B: No panties? So do you go without and just have your pussy open and free under your clothes?

Jools : (I’ll avoid the diapers. haha) I wear boy shorts. They’re a little tight so I’m thinking of switching to men’s briefs.

B: o_0 wow.

B: I read about the injections, I take it they caused this because you said prior that you’d used a harness to keep things bunged up while stretching with toys, right?

Jools : Yes

B: Going back to the fantasy. Myself, I like the quote in the following sketch (though maybe without the cock, and without the woman being tricked into making it permanent, haha).  http://pwcsponson.tumblr.com/post/144490894382   “Can’t get otherworldly pleasure from worldly kinds of wishes, right?”

B: Would you say that inspirations and fantasies have pushed you to the size you are now and hope to keep growing too later?

Jools : I would agree with that quote. Haha. Although can’t say I “Don’t” Wan the cock? ;)

B: And if I may then, the mention of your clit coming out as it where, would you say thats a side you enjoy. If you could be like that girl with a clit cock that size or otherwise, would you?

Jools : No, if I had a cock I would want it to be useable.

B: Not scared by that through huh. Very open minded of you. Anyway, in conclusion, thank you for existing!

Jools : Haha, thanks

C: Hi. As you may have guessed, I came across this mail at the igapes website.

C: I have, naturally, a liking for huge insertions dildos and not that much for penises as being a straight man. (I enjoy the idea of oversized toys, not so much oversized men – is my take from what he means for his love of stretching) As such, I am also a lover of stretching and the pleasures it brings.

C: For the questions, I’d like to know if each time you increase the size of an insertion in wideness or deepness, the pleasure you feel increases?

Jools : Actually, all my pleasure comes from my mind now. I don’t feel much in my pussy, but the idea I’m so big is a real turn on for me.

C:Wow, really. So how long have you felt without sensation?

Jools : About 2 years now

C: and did it just ‘dull’ from years of stretching?

Jools : Yes

C: Do you have any regrets, or would you say that this is in its own way a pleasure, that you made it so far and pushed so far?

Jools : I love having pushed myself this far. Its an amazing feeling to feel this success.

C: And with partners, do you feel that wave of pleasure again not so much from the physical but the almost useless effort to enjoy your vagina is thats the case or do you not enjoy sex with people at all?

Jools : Yes, I get pleasure from that. I can please them in other ways, but I like the idea they can’t use my vagina, and it doesn’t feel good for them.

C: For another one, have you already tried anal sex? If yes, with toys/objects/bodyparta or a penis?

Jools : Toys, fingers and a cock. Never been able to take much back there

C: How did it go and how much pleasure did you get from it?

Jools : It was nice, really pleasurable.

C: So you focus mostly on your vagina. Was there a reason you picked to focus on this at all?

Jools : Nothing other than it was the biggest hole to start with.

C: so you’d have said you have a naturally wider vagina to begin with then?

Jools : No more than the average girl

C: Personally, I love being a practitioner of anal sex and stretching, but I had to stop for these few days cause of some stitches in my hand, but wish to come to stretching soon.

Jools : That sounds awesome. Sorry about your hand.

C: I just love the feeling of my prostrate being squeezed. Do you try and squeeze your muscles during sex or pleasure?

Jools : When I had male partners I would try to squeeze their cocks to no avail.

C: I’ve also heard some girls quite to squeeze on purpose while masturbating with oversized toys to make less resistance. Did you ever do this?

Jools : Yes, often squeezing would pull the toy further in. But It isn’t something I can do anymore.

C: Best regards. If you answer and we keep talking, my name is +++++, pleasures to meet you :)

Jools : It was a pleasure to answer your questions. nice to see some guys going at it too.

..:: The following set of Q and A’s where from a follow up email also fromC’ ::..

C: So you’ve mentioned Jools before that your pussy became kinda dull. What that means is that now you can’t actually feel anything with it?

Jools : I can still feel. But it is mostly the feeling as if I am feeling my own skin. It can feel good and it pleasures me but not in the way my pussy used to.

C: and did that take years to happen to get to that point?

Jools : Yes. Years of abuse and over stimulation dulled the senses there and so I feel a lot less than I used to.

C: you’ve also mentioned that when you stretch you hit a certain point and it like a break or a snap, that your pussy hits a new scale. would you say there’s any connection with sensation here going linked to that?

Jools : Not really no. I mean it always pleasures me to reach a new level. But it’s more an emotional thing rather than physical.

C: and would you say the same emotional pleasure with say futility. Do you enjoy the idea of people trying to get you off or them getting off inside your stretched vagina but never reaching that level of climax is its own special sexual tick?

Jools : Yes. I get pleasure from my partner uselessly thrusting into me and feeling no real pleasure. I have actually climaxed to that before.

C: I’ll assume being told things while fucking helps – but which would get you off faster, being told how  baggy and useless a hole it is to attempt to fuck, or more desire, they know its never going to do anything but tell you have special and destroyed it is, but its a wonderful body you have?

Jools : More a destroyed pussy. I love being told that. There isn’t much more I can say about it. Haha

C: you use just your biggest toys to stretch all the time now, correct

Jools : Yes. But I have smaller ones lying about my house that I do play with when I feel like playing. I say small, they’re fat 10 inches. Haha

C: and do you do that ether to stack together, or use as a gentle reminder of your cunts size or another desire?

Jools : Gentle reminder of my size. Although once you get really deep and I can feel it running my cervix it feels so good.

C: have you ever done any cervical play, ether with say light scrubs or brushes or even tired getting to it easier with gynecologist like tools?

Jools : I play with it, but I don’t penetrate it.

C: and have you ever used any creams to help stimulate like flaxseed oils or anything like that? if so did it help at all?

Jools : No. Never really thought about it. I’ve never used lube either.

C: Really? I assume because you’ve got your own – but even from the days at the start?

Jools : Yes. Always been a wet girl. Laundry has always needed special attention in my underwear department.

C: when you stretch are you waiting to stretch to the point in which you somehow identify you reached your upper limit?

Jools : I have reached my upper limit. My pelvis doesn’t allow any bigger.

C: Is having an operation to make stretching beyond limit a thing? Have you ever have any medical help? ~ if you know anything about it?

Jools : All I could do is get a bigger pelvis. Nothing I could do with that. Haha

C: Okay and the last question taken as a general one – more any modifications to aid in stretching?

Jools : Not really. There isn’t much more I can do with stretching. I’ve reached a limit. No matter the mods I have done I can’t get bigger.

C: You say ‘have’ done – can you clarify at all?

Jools : No. Haha. As in no more mods I could get would make any difference.

C: So as I said, I am a practitioner of anal sex, so it may not be the same as vaginal sex… but when did you start holding things inside you?

Jools : Right from the start. When I could I’d place stuff like pool balls and stuff in me.

C: had you developed the gaping fetish at this point, or did you do it as it just felt good and the bigger items where more enjoyable?

Jools : Gaping came later First was just wanting to fill myself up. I still have that desire.

C: feeling full was one of the first things you mentioned on the original interview. Do you see gaping as a goal attached by proxy of trying to remain full and filled (like a big pocket that’s grown from that as a result) or did they go hand in hand and the thrill of being stretched, gaping and big yet over filled till items to hand in hand?

Jools : I want to put as much in me as possible to fill me up. So getting bigger is a proxy to that and the bigger and more I can have in me the happier I am.

C: is it better to have more items inside you, or something more solid?

Jools : How do you mean?

C: so if you where to try and fill yourself up, would having lots of smaller things inside you cascading away be better or one large toy for example. Another way would be more is it better to be reminded how baggy you are inside or to be pushed to the max

Jools : Oh no, definitely a larger toy.

C: How is it that you keep the huge toys in place? I tried it a bit and I felt quite uncomfortable.

Jools : It is uncomfortable. I don’t really wear out of the house or else i’m waddling like daffy duck. Keep it in with a harness.

C: If there anything more to it, such as your mobility or anything else you need to consider when wearing something that big or advice to get over it being a discomfort?

Jools : Make sure the bit between your legs isn’t too thick. buy something with a large insertable part and a thin, long base.

C: have you ever ‘lost’ or more accurately had difficulty removing something from inside you with waves of panic if it was stuck?

Jools : Never panic. Also mostly I lost stuff towards the beginning like said pool balls.

C: You said you don’t do out with something in. Have you gone out with something smaller, and how did that feel or preperation did you need, such as the harness?

Jools : Smaller yes. Been out with some plugs in before now or nice dildos. No preparation, just shove it in and normally my panties kept them in place.

C: Can you sit while having the stretching dildo inside you?

Jools : Yes, although legs splayed for comfort.

C: What’s the most time you kept it there?

Jools : Was almost 24/7 for a while. Only took it out to wash

C: and that was the same for sleeping too?

Jools : Yes

C: How much can you take now in wideness and lenght?

Jools : Um… give me a second :P

Jools : About 16 x 5

C: inches I’d guess there

Jools :Yes

C: Have you considered the option of opening your cervix so you can go deeper in your womb?

Jools : Yes I have. I’ve also considered stuffing my womb to the point of looking pregnant. I’m still unsure of it moving ahead though. Plenty of other holes to play with firs.t

C: Do you workout?

Jools : No :P I’m a lazy little girl

C: goes on with –  Have you tried working out while having the dildo inside you? – but that’s a NA now ^^

Jools : Yep. haha

C: so how long does it now take you to work the largest toy you have inside you, and has it gotten easier over the years with the same toy?

Jools : I literally just sit on it (mm)  My weight is enough to pull it into me

C: what is usually your stretching routine? And your daily routine, if you don’t mind telling?

Jools : Sit on my toy for an hour before work. Slipping a dildo in, heading to work, come back, sit on my toy and watch tv for a few hours, waddle and make dinner then head to bed

C: Finally, I like quite a bit of hentai. and there is a lot of stretching there. Do you also like it?

Jools : I love the stretching stuff. Although I am also very fond of the nipple penetration and egg impregnation stuff that happens as well.

C:  Do you like futanari?

Jools : Yes ;)

And that wraps up this A.M.A. Session. I’ll keep the email address open for future messages if Jools will permit further questions. I hope these answers inspire you to greater heights and hopefully get you all willing to stretch in the future like it does for me ^_^ ! ~ Sius

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