..:: The iGAPES World and It’s History ::..

The iGAPES World and It’s History

A Deconstructed Timeline of Events and Features Leading to a Dark Sexual Future


Quick Story Overview – Questions and Answers Brief

Q) How did the girls start to change?

A) A group of dormant hybris eggs were harvested from the deep ocean floor for research purposes. Testing showed they reacted with the female body, and the chemicals they released change the internal biological makeup of a female; most prominently in the vaginal region.

Q) What are the ways girls change in this world?

A) There are Three main methods, they are

(o) – Hybris Egg a body bio-forming egg which secretes chemicals; they were found deep in the Sea of Japan.

(o) – Pre-Grown Pussy (PGP) & IV Chemicals – Man made device and synthetic chemicals formed into a pseudo-natural hybris egg.

(o) – Infection/Exposure – Over time potent iGAPES girls can infect ‘normal’ females and cause them to change also.

Q) How long in this story world have these changes been going on?

A) These eggs have been around since ancient times, but the rise of the iG female only occurs in the present and future, and becomes a sub division of the female gender, appearing globally.

Q) In brief, give a basic timeline of the periods this world can cover?

A) Generally its placed into one of the following time eras…

(0) – Ancient Times – Myths and legends spread, but largely forgotten, or seen as rumours.

(0) – Modern Period – Minor events have occurred with iG’s appearing, very limited in scope.

(0) – Hybris Evolution Era – Many years yet to come, the hybris egg appears and changes the world. This is a blade runner inspired, dark, corporation run land which has spread globally and has becomes the normal coast to coast, country to country. Females iG changes are still kept ‘underground’.

(0) – Age of Sexual Liberation – Stigma of being an iG passes and the sub gender of female is recognised and accepted globally. Use of PGP’s and Hybris chemicals are legal and common, iG numbers rise dramatically.

(0) – Age of Organic Deviation – a world gone mad with sexual lust and desire. The number of pure bred females dwindle and genetically mutations run rampant. The world is now a very strange place to live.

Q) What’s all this iG’s… stuff you mention?

A) iGAPES – iG’s – Gapers and such are slang terms to describe a sexually mutated female. The iGAPES term comes from a corporation that used the name iGAPES as a promotional name for their hybris and PGP products and brands. The name stuck there after. (plus as well as being satire for a site name with ‘corporations’ taking over a sexual angle)

Q) Is there any set in stone time point the iGAPES appear in the stories / art?

A) None, as they can appear any point at any time and that freedom is left to the creator.

Q) Explain the science, and reasons some change one way yet others change differently.

A) SCIENCE!! – But seriously, no, it’s total fiction through and through. As for the other mutations, it’s called ‘the creator’s fetishes made flesh’ in this case, so the shape, design, mass, size and rest can be changed from character to character. Just roll with it.

Work however has been done explaining the limitations generally of designs and mutations. Have a read, and see what types have been recognised. Check it out here



Evolving History and Evolution of the iGAPES World

Hybris Evolution Era

The Beginning

  • Unusual eggs accidentally found by Japanese fishermen by coast in the Sea of Japan, then sold
    • The crew are blown off course by a storm. Marking their location they trying for a catch before leaving.
    • A large abstract orb, covered in sand,  rises in their net.
    • Upon observation the orb appears to split open and houses many hand sized eggs.
    • Unlike anything they have seen, the crew decide to sell these unusual ‘eggs’, hoping to make a return on their discovery.
  • Scientists begin to investigate these eggs with limited ‘uncooperative results’
    • Initial tests showed that these specimens had never been recorded and are very resistant to force.
    • Probing an egg showed it contained a unique fluid like substance.
    • Forced attempts to open these eggs resulted in it releasing a compound into the liquid before erupting.
    • With the compound the liquid transforms into slime before its destruction. The slime appeared to be a defence mechanism and is a useless substance.
  • Scientists continue to investigate the eggs with unexpected results to a female scientist
    • The goal was to achieve the liquid without the egg releasing its chemicals, changing it to slime.
    • This small group of scientists worked at trying to attain the egg’s original liquid, without success.
    • Just before the project is discontinued, a newly transferred scientist accidentally activates an egg, and its liquid discharges over her.
    • Within the hour the scientist rolls into a ball in discomfort and is placed in lockdown and observation.
  • An investigation is held as to how the egg reacted to this scientist’s touch
    • After analysing the scientist (Hitomi ‘Hazel’ Watanabe) conclusions where reached regarding the egg’s reactions and chemical release.
    • Hazel was found to have recently pleased herself by fisting herself, thus covering her hand in her female hormones and scents.
    • The scientists found the key to opening the egg was females sexual ‘marking’ which caused the egg to dispel its contents naturally.
    • The egg’s contents are sent for study, revealing a complex structure beyond imagination.
  • After the egg reacted with her, Hazel’s deformations are observed
    • Soaked in the chemical, Hazel began to change rapidly on a biologically massive scale.
    • The chemicals most obvious transformation was her torso, where it had been absorbed into her skin.
    • This area began to radically change externally and internally. Surprisingly, her body seemed to be responding very naturally, but strangely.
    • An elongated cavity began to appear, running up her torso from her groin to her ribcage.
  • Before long the sexual aspects of her transformation became evident
    • After several more days, the cavity had transformed into something similar to a giant elongated vagina.
    • When scanned, Hazel’s body showed vast internal changes. These changes would not be explained for many generations.
    • Besides her vaginal mutation and internal changes, there where other obvious mutations.
    • Hazels bust expanded, her strength increased, and she acquired the ability to stretch elastically. All these changes occurred on a massive scale.
  • Hazel’s changes affected her flesh, her mind and even her entire gender
    • Subtle changes, unknown at the time, also occurred to her personality.
    • Hazel’s retained her intellect, charm, and personality, however she became more willing and subservient.
    • She became much more open around others without inhibition or hesitation.
    • However she still retained enough will of her own to function without becoming a mindless drone.
    • She grew into a semi sexual being; which could be a blessing or a curse. Regardless, she was now a sub-gendered female.
  • Hazel became the first of several women to change, all the changes were recorded  and results sold to corporations.
    • Although sexually driven and unstable, Hazel insisted in helping out as a scientists once more.
    • A great deal was learned with her help. More eggs where requested from the sailors.
    • Females willingly started to transform from these experiments into these unusual sexual beings.
    • New and different mutations were observed in the a handful of those experimented upon.


Hybris Evolution Era

Thriving New Breed

  • Revelations of the egg and the chemicals are understood during the year from its initial discovery
    • The egg’s liquid had been dubbed ‘Hybris’ due to it’s radical alteration of the female body.
    • The hybris and the hybris eggs where secretly harvested by corporations.
    • The chemical hybris compound structure is too complex to completely synthetically reproduce.
    • Even some elements such as the aphrodisiac component of gaper cum are discovered early on.
  • The corporations expand their operations and begin testing the eggs on many women
    • A time of great discovery about the hybris eggs and what they could mean to our race.
    • The methods by which the females change and react started to become clear.
    • The connection between a female’s lust and the size and type of transformations is made.
    • Women did not need to ‘perform’ to be large; rather their wills and lust dictated their sizes.
    • Shy but sexually supressed females appear to expand far beyond others more sexually stimulated women. Change seemed key on the female desire and lust above all.


  • Female mutations emerge in all shapes and sizes
    • Several ‘mutant’ strands appeared in this testing period and continued to do so from here on.
    • ‘Unknown factors’ contributed to their final forms. It seemed that pure chance dictated if it was an ‘extreme’ case.
    • It was estimated that there was an approximately 5% chance of an extreme change. Many dynamic designs appeared.
    • Other ‘mainstream’ vaginal mutations make these now appear abnormal, through all changes are highly abnormal and mutations of extreme kinds.
  • The Hybris egg ‘Mother’ mutation is discovered and quickly used to start a gaper revolution
    • Soon a female known as Miho Niiyama became the first ‘mother’ of a human versioned hybris egg.
    • Able to produce the eggs at a rapid pace, Miho became known just as ‘mother’ as she continued to produce egg after egg.
    • ‘Mother’s’ sole job of laying eggs enabled the corporations to make enough for many years to come.
    • Whenever a ‘Mother’ appears, they are quickly removed by corporations and never seen again.
  • The corporations make money from the public’s desire for their gaper products
    • Before long hundreds of gaper females where made with the hybris chemicals, all test subjects.
    • This proved that many where willing to change their bodies and pay a price for it.
    • Many companies also wanted to get a hold of this bio-technology to make money from, and they did.
    • Before long videos where released and in ‘selected’ places females could get the change for themselves.
    • The companies had big plans if it took off and were making money hand over fist.


  • The gapers experiences and desires soon spread far, rumours spread about their existence
    • For several years many of these test subjects have been held behind captive, unready to be released.
    • However the level of sexual enjoyment and diversity they gain from being this way was well documented.
    • Rumours ranged from able to cum for hours to the number and size of insertions and even how very sensitive minor actions causing a torrent of love cum.
    • Before long videos and images are released and everything quickly becomes common knowledge.
  • Range of vaginal designs gets indentified and named, and the iGAPES brand is born
    • Companies share data and discover a general range of vaginal growths beyond their testing limits.
    • This range fell nicely into several categories, all with different pros and cons for the different designs.
    • The companies realized that some unity would help the cause when finally released publically, and they agree on product names.
    • The most identifiable was simply that of iGAPES. Before long the iG’s would become a household brand-name.
  • The Hybris and its effects begin to create a legacy and begin to move into a new age
    • After a decade of planning and waiting, the companies release the iGAPES hybris to the world.
    • With large numbers of eggs made by Mothers, the companies plan for future production expansion and saturation of the products throughout selective society.
    • Each equally begins to work on more effective methods of biologically evolving and gaping their customers.
    • Little do the companies know just how popular it will become and much their plans will modify the human race over time.

Age of Sexual Liberation

Whole New World

  • Mio accidently begins the turning point in the world’s opinion on sex and iG women
    • An act of revenge to the popular weather reporter Mio on prime time occurs, showing her iG side.
    • This exposure has never occurred mainstream before. Once underground iG scene becomes public.
    • Though met with strong reactions, the greater public learns of this sexually evolved form of women.
    • Historians link this as the critical point in iG acceptance, when the pro-iG movement was born.
  • Rise of iG’s in media
    • Months after the iG revelation, controversial use of gapers appear in media as a way to get attention.
    • Ranging from minor roles in films to articles in magazines, all outside their expected ‘sexual’ domains.
    • Used as a way to drive figures up, corporations use it as advertising. iG’s quickly gain recognition.
    • Within a generation, acceptance of iG’s is not universally agreed upon, but the world begins to change dramatically with a new apparoach to life and way of living.
  • Global saturation dominates major countries beyond Japan
    • Once exposed, information about and the ‘products’ of iGAPES quickly spread to other countries around the world.
    • Focusing on heavily developed countries (with money), the iG companies move in and setup.
    • From accepted to nearly outlawed, response is mixed but demand is alarmingly very high from the populous.
    • The poorest countries are areas left alone, their female genes remaining unchanged.
  • Radical laws allow iG’s to exist in public and offer allowances but at a high legal cost
    • Quickly implemented and evolved over years, laws are created to cater to a world changing with these females.
    • Different for each country, it is generally accepted that iG’s can exist, but many liberties are removed.
    • Lacking many of the rights of ‘pure’ females, they are suppressed, but their existence and acceptance is legally bound.
    • iG’s are content with the laws that allow public exposure but miss having the right to vote.
  • International studies discover key elements about iG designs and personalities
    • Quickly, the governing bodies and companies openly research the global iGAPES changes.
    • They release a general set of prominent vaginal designs – such as the hanger & the bloomer.
    • New and bizarre deformations were also noted, abstract ‘mutations’ that only a minor percent developed into. Old information to the companies, but now exposed openly to the public.
    • The personalities of iG’s are also recorded. While each case is unique, some similarities appear with being a iG.
  • Introduction of the PGP (Pre-Grown Pussy; slang term) which dominate the market
    • After several generations researching the process, the corporations evolve the iGAPES process.
    • Instead of using a Hybris egg to hatch and contaminate the female, the PGPs are quicker and therefore desirable.
    • A portable PGP makes it easier to iG changes and are even quicker. It becomes very popular.
    • Each company has its own design, but the universally known PGP creates iG’s rapidly.
  • Designed clothes / environments for gapers – An acceptance is reached
    • Demand to cater to iG’s is beginning to become another market. The world starts to cater to them.
    • Ranging from clothes (in all shapes, sizes and designs) formal ware, night ware, and sexual clothing designs flood the market.
    • iG friendly homes and environments appear, allowing for more spaces where their bodies can be comfortable.
    • Before long the ‘3rd gender’ appears in toilet designs, and spaces become available  for gapers on public transportation.
  • Competition between China and Japan creates national pride and competition
    • Though a global enterprise, the iGAPES becomes ‘competitive’ with China trying to outshine Japan.
    • Their companies (each one trying to prove they are best) create several iG’s of different size and ability.
    • National and regional company wars break out. A strange national pride takes hold.
    • Japan and China compete to out-do one another, which grows into something more.
  • iGAPES competitions begin
    • Both China and Japan seek a better solution to the rivalry that would benefit them both (promotion).
    • An agreement states that iGAPES related competitions and contests appear to peacefully show their works.
    • It becomes a global phenomena seeing such girls in all tyoes of ‘events’. Sales dramatically increase.
    • Though always at war financially, the competitions became a regular national event.
    • In years to come, all nations submit their own iG girls with surprising results.

Age of Sexual Liberation

Natural Selection

  • The number of iGAPES changed females builds up to one in three females
    • Now a way of life, females accept, embrace or reject this lewd sexual way of living without prejudice.
    • The demand of females who want changes by Hybris from the ‘egg’ and the PGP exceeds the supply.
    • Before long in Japan, ‘Gaper’ females make up a massive, one in three of the female population.
    • This growth and demand is seen globally. A true revolution is born.
  • Lifetimes of gapers come and go – integration becomes natural
    • Over time seeing a gaper is as common as seeing the other gender. The shock has now passed.
    • iG’s have spread across the globe. Generations of iG females exist.
    • Females willingly change and prejudice is removed, but strict laws still apply.
    • Only major rejection is from ‘pure’ females beginning to be outnumbered and scared by the trend.


  • Larger average size of gaping pussy ‘just above the knees’ in bloomer and hangers
    • As generations come and go, Hybris in the female system is increased in amount and potency.
    • Only mutant gapers grew to wild sizes, but with every generation all iG’s sexual organs increase in size.
    • After several generations, the average size becomes the old ‘massive’ and the new Alpha iG’s are titanic.
    • Now females have evolved beyond their original designs and become a new breed of female.
  • ‘Alpha’ iGAPES appear, their sizes are beyond human meaning
    • Always seen as a mutation, every female has a chance to change in unexpected or abstract ways.
    • One of these ways was in sheer size, expanding way beyond the normal.
    • At a stage beyond ‘immobile’, these girls live atop their living vaginal cave and are truly overgrown.
    • Used mainly in competitions, these girls live an abstract sexual life, almost a curse and a blessing.
  • Populations decrease due to lust and its consequences
    • Globally the iGAPES solved the problem of over-population from lack of births.
    • The population has stabilized from the cataclysmic levels, now able to sustain itself.
    • iG’s can push their bodies hard enough to remove their reproductive abilities and focus only on sexual pleasure.
    • With this ability, many females gave into desire and chose this path.
  • Females vs. male births increased, fewer males in the population
    • An abstract birth anomaly, probably due to the hybris, has occurred with gapers who reproduce.
    • Females are more likely to be born over males. Averaging one in three males to female ratio.
    • However, the implication means that males are more ‘in demand’ and females thought less of.
    • There is also strong concern for the future of the species from many groups and authorities.
  • iG ‘purification’ cure possible, but with unlikely side effects
    • Created and perused by the iG companies as well as ‘pure’ females with concerns, a ‘cure’ is created.
    • Using the body to modify itself from within with selective reduced hormones and with suppression nano-technology.
    • Though not completely effective or reversible, many females do regain something close to their original bodies.
    • However many willing females who submit become mentally unstable once reversed.
    • This is due to their realizing what they gained and what is now lost to them. It is seen as a failure.
  • Global theft; flow of PGP onto the streets
    • Universally on the same date all over the world, PGP stores, sites and areas are ransacked.
    • A religious pro-iG evolution group accepts responsibility for this act.
    • Changing, evolving becomes easier than ever, not just for the wealthy or sexually determined.
    • Periodically security will be breached and more supplies will be set loose on the world by the cults.
  • Corporation dominance eliminates governing powers and ‘unify’
    • The companies and corporations who have been pulling the strings of this new world reach critical point.
    • With power to crush, absorb and dominate one another, only the largest corporations exist.
    • With this power they control more than the governments of the countries they exist in.
    • The weak remnants of these governments do exactly what the corporations demand.
  • State of the world becomes abstract and hazy, existing in a sexual quagmire
    • After many generations, the iGAPES franchise has revolutionised the world and the species.
    • Multitudes of gapers walk the streets, work in offices and cum like rivers day in and out.
    • These females have changed the mindset of the world to that of a very sexual and creative place.
    • Society as a whole exists and evolves, but advancement and goals as a race get pushed aside.

Age of Organic Deviation

End of the Natural Order

  • Society is able to cope, keeping some semblance of order, but sexually based laws are ignored outright
    • In this very sexually hazy world, law and order is nearly lost and corruption is rampant.
    • Unable to be enforced any longer, sexual laws are debunked.
    • Sex is a common sight, and even extreme acts are seen as fair game openly in the public.
    • The amount of hybris aphrodisiac effect is at toxic levels now, and fills the air everywhere.
  • iGAPES ‘Mothers’ frequently appear and fail to be kept in check
    • Once the main focus of many a company and one of the most essential loose ends to wrap up.
    • Since the over-saturation of iG females, more females have mutated into ‘Mothers’.
    • Unable to contain the ones that now appear, these hybris egg producing women are left free to seed.
    • In addition to the stolen PGPs distributed, now hybris eggs are appearing everywhere, getting a change is readily available for all.
  • Companies now legally able create select groups of endowed hermaphrodites
    • Unable to be produced on a massive scale, but now able to be released legally, futanari begin appearing.
    • These ‘females’ are usually evolved iGAPES endowed with a massive penis, or many penises.
    • They prove very popular, their sizes are even able to satisfy many gapers, however some feel a line has been crossed.
    • Futanari proves to be only somewhat successful as the fatality rate is high, the average human body unable to cope with such levels of change and stresses.
    • As a result only a handful of futanari are able to cope or survive.
  • Hybris inside iG’s evolves, infecting other women
    • The infection mutations mark a new stage in the evolution of the hybris female gaper.
    • With hybris flowing throughout their bodies, many iG’s are medically unrecognisable as female now.
    • Internally changed and potent, their very ejaculate can cause a similar hybris change in a ‘pure’ female.
    • Now females have in essence become a walking hybris egg, able to change and evolve others.
  • Spread of hybris infection extremely high and is very infectious, but infection acts slowly
    • Ranging from none, light to extreme, the hybris infected cum juices change at different levels.
    • The effects may not be felt for many years and change might be only on a minor level.
    • However constant exposure speeds up the process and it spreads far and wide.
    • Though slower and less potent than PGP and Hybris eggs, the infection changes females whether willing or not.
  • The infection spreads like wildfire and pure females go into hiding
    • Though selective to some females, the number able to spread the infection is alarming.
    • Many ‘pure’ females become infected and start to sexually evolve against their will.
    • The female race, the ‘pure’ females, start to become endangered, much to global alarm.
    • Many ‘pure’ females enter lock down to prevent the transformation, with mixed levels of success.
  • Males / hermaphrodites spread hybris by accident from disloyal partners
    • Not only can the hybris change females in contact, but also similar to an STD with males and herms.
    • Should a male or futanari come in contact and play with an infection spreading iG, they carry it themselves.
    • While not effecting them directly, any female sexual partner will contract light hybris in her system.
    • The effect is so light it wouldn’t change her, but the hybris once there can’t be removed and cascades from here.
  • Within a lifetime the ‘pure’ female gender becomes endangered
    • Females are now just seen as gapers. The ‘pure’ females are the odd ones and few in number.
    • They are isolated and bred in controlled environments like zoos to keep the original DNA free of hybris.
    • Experiments for creating immunity to hybris fail, there are just too many varieties of hybris.
    • The world accepts that humanity has forever changed, for better or worse.
  • Breaking point for order and chaos as some cope and some fail
    • The corporations running the countries are tested by these times and social order mostly fails.
    • Some countries enforce a strict martial law to cope, able to terminate people to keep order.
    • Other countries are unable to keep social order and control and go under. It is lawless, barely holding together.
    • However some places acting as a utopia of sexual liberation function as a abstract sexual society

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