..:: iGAPES – Asuka Soryu (EVA) [Commission] ::..



Firmly modified and changed by the whole experience and adapting to controlling her EVA is a very personal way, Asuka has now become something a whole lot more!

My client is pleased for this one to be released and be free for the world to see (and so why you folks are seeming more here). I had a smilar brief as an old Mari commission with making her mega monster swollen pussy changed and gaped but here decided to rock the crazy monster sized clit she as as a main feature as well as heavy piercings and ‘plugging’ her in and other changes like gaping pussy breasts too.

All in all she came out great when I was finished with her and while it took a while to CG well I think the time and effort has paid off nicely with her for sure – hope you enjoy also!









Also, from a few years back I was hired to do a similar theme with Mari from EVA also, so check out the art of Mari if you missed it.

I should put a ‘get in the pussy Shinji’ joke here, but thats below me…. ¬_^

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