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Jools A.M.A. – A few months back I was contacted by Jools, a size queen and now close friend of the site. You can read the Interview here. Anyhow she is willing to try something new, she wants your questions for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) – and while she may not answer everything she certainly wants people to ask her direct questions and hear your thoughts.

People – Being the awesome and lovely viewers you all are, we’d like to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if you have just a passing curious interest in the fetish, a starting up as a stretcher yourself, a seasoned gaper or just some bod who wants a burning question answered – All are welcome.

Questions – Your welcome to ask as many questions as you’d like in as much detail as you need – just be aware anything stupid, too sensitive, too insensitive, or crossing the line won’t be touched. Otherwise its fair game really. It maybe a good idea to check the original interview once again to see if anything has been answered, so please consider that.

Experience – So to recap, Jools has been stretching for some time and now is on some of the largest toys in the market. She has experience from the start and how she began but also has gone deep and is very much advanced as a serious gaper (even more so than my original interview by the sounds of it!) so again, guys and girls here is a solid opportunity that won’t come across too often.

Date – I will keep this post up till the end of July (generally) so you have a few weeks to see this message. Be sure to ask the questions while you still can!

Contact – While originally going to be a live chat, I felt people would want to remain anonymous due to the subject matter, so we are making it Email contact for now. SO send your email to…


…. and we hope to have a post on the site with the answers shes willing to give. – Enjoy the opportunity and thanks, Sius

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