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Sius: Okay. So we have Jools here who is a practicing size queen who has contacted me for an interview and it’d be my pleasure to do just that. So the first question Jools….

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How long have you actually been stretching yourself for?

Jools: That’s actually a tricky question. I would say I actually deliberately started stretching about 7 or so years ago. But I had often tried to take the biggest thing I could find before that. I would say when I actually started stretching is more like 10 years ago. But at the time I had no idea what it was or what I was doing, just that I wanted to feel full.

Sius: So for reference, may I ask your age please for context?

Jools: I’m 25

Sius: So even during your teen years it was something that drove you and fascinated you. Would you say you where influenced by say the internet or general sexual awareness of this as a fetish to head into this direction?

Jools: Not until I was 18 and started to search online about the fetish a lot more. Since then I’ve been obsessed with size and feeling full with something huge, and even more so how it looks, just as much as feels

Sius: So the feeling comes over the effect. Would you say that again this is more a born with personal choice or more the pleasure you found when you first started to add more inside your vagina?

Jools: I would say a little bit of both. I think people are definitely born with sexual desires of some sort and they vary. But I’ll be honest, any girl who tells me they don’t like feeling filled by plugs or fists is just lying. Girls are supposed to say ‘size doesn’t matter’ but it does. Plain and simple. A girl wants to feel full as well as satisfied, and for me they are one and the same.

Sius: For the girls who say comments like that, do you believe that they are holding back on purpose or are scared to admit to liking this fetish – with maybe the consideration of it being more taboo or an darker fetish than most?

Jools: I think its taboo. Girls are stuck in the thoughts that they should feel ‘tight’. This means they put their own pleasure at the bottom of the to do pile and instead try to get tighter by any means. I seriously don’t understand this…. but that’s society for you.

Sius: And for yourself, did you throw away that after coming the peace with the desire to be stretched full or where you again always from the start open minded about it?

Jools: I was always open minded, but I was also nervous of my perception to others. What would they see me as? In the end I gave up caring and decided to pursue my own pleasure over that of my partners, or the perceived ‘norm’.

Sius: and I hope you have been a happier woman for being that way. Interesting how trying to fit in with what’s seen as right can hold you back from discovering such a fetish that maybe many are too scared to experience, even once.

Jools: Exactly. Once you deal away with others thoughts, life becomes much more palatable. I mean, in the street you would think I’m no different. And I like that. But why should I change what I do in my private time to fit what others want?

Sius: Exactly – and in the same scenario it maybe more an extra kink and thrill to think people know you as your walking around, but actually you’ve had this X sized dildo bunged up inside you or are loose from a X long session hours before. But also, this is also you in your purest form and it must be very liberating

Jools: Oh it is. It’s my own sexual habits, private of course to those around me. And after I dealt away with caring, my life became so much easier.

Sius: So you’ve mentioned others and their perception of this fetish and how you’ve handled yourself accordingly….

Let’s go into this and also learn a little more about you, if you will. If I could ask, what is your sexuality?

Jools: Oh that’s weird actually. I used to think I was straight, but I’d probably go by bisexual now. I questioned it a few years back. I definitely prefer guys, but I do like girls. I’d say it just depends on the person. So i’m open to anything, so long as they’re my type.

Sius: In the past has your kinks ever caused any problems, or revelations with your past partners. Also, do you hesitate in showing this side of you off?

Jools: I don’t hesitate. But I would say it did end 2 of my relationships so far.

Sius: I like the moxie you have to being so willing to let others know where you stand and your desires go in this direction.

How would you describe your personality? Does it differ from the women inside the bedroom?

Jools: It does differ. haha. I’m quite shy if I don’t know you. I’m not that outgoing and would prefer to stay in most nights. I’ve often thought that perhaps ‘that’ is the reason I am so open and adventurous in the bedroom. I love to be open once I know someone well and have no trouble confiding in friends.

Sius: They always say to beware of the quiet ones, hee he.

So without dwelling on the negative of the question here, you mentioned that your gaping desires had caused 2 partners to leave you. Would you also say that it was a contrast to the persona they might not have seen the real you or do you feel that they couldn’t accept your desires when it came to it?

Jools: They couldn’t accept the desires I had. They didn’t want a loose girl, they wanted a tight one. So… it ended. It was a mutual thing. Not bad feelings. Just didn’t work out, which is a shame.

Sius: Very mature of you, and thank you for the honest response.

Do you know any of your friends who this side of you also, or do you keep it locked away only to show or tell a select few people?

Jools: Most of my close friends know. I would say my 5 friends, know, but only 2 of them actually know how deeply the desire is with me.

Sius: That’s far more than I would have guessed.

Jools: Well as I said, once I know you I’m fairly open.

Sius: okay, so based on what you’ve said there, now do the others know? Did you chat after a few drinks? And the 2 who know far down the rabbit hole you are, how do you know they know its serious business?

Jools: I have talked about it after a few drinks, yeah, when boys start to come up and such. But the other 2 I’ve talked to personally about it when they’ve either asked, or it’s come up.

Sius: Interesting. How far have you explained to them and describe the feeling during one of them conversations?

Jools: I’ve never been nervous in the conversations… but definitely a little anxious. Like I wanted them to accept me. Which they did.

It was definitely a tough conversation the first time. But its easy now. I have often talked about how no guy so far has ever had any trouble in me, and that I’m often looking for bigger and bigger toys, and more adventurous partners. They’re always quite intrigued, perhaps because they are too afraid to try it themselves

Sius: Maybe, or you could inspire them in secret to attempt ‘the unthinkable’ based off the positive feedback?

Jools: I have tried, but so far neither of them have tried anything adventurous. One has tried fisting, but said it was ‘too difficult’ and has since never tried it again.

Sius: They say practice makes perfect… well at least they gave it a go huh?

Okay, so I think maybe it might to time to push the boat out a little more and ask some deeper questions.

So, if your at ease to explain – could you describe to us your gape and how your vagina looks after all the abuse and years of work you’ve done to it?

Jools: About 2 years ago, it got to the point where it didn’t close anymore. it’s a permanent gape now. I love that, haha. It did mean I had to transition to boy shorts for underwear though because I started to have a problem of the downstairs eating my panties. But it’s fine.

I love the effect of having a few hours long session, after that I’m gaping for hours and I can often feel my pussy trying to breath with me. hahaha. It’s an amazing feeling. The only downside is that there is often a lot of stuff leaking out after a long session.

Sius: Certainly the result of plenty of action and having a good time. Though I’m sure the mess is a slight turn up as a reminded of what its become

Jools: I love the mess, but it does mean I’ve had to occasionally fall back to wearing my monthly pads after a long session.

Sius: Impressive to say the least! So how quickly did you begin to see the progress, or the damage done from when you first started?

Jools: First started, almost nothing. Wasn’t until I was about 20 I started to really push myself. Then it kept changing. About 2 years ago it started changing quick and dramatically, but has now subsided again.

Sius: So a pretty radical 5 years in all. Did you have any hesitation in yourself knowing that… this was a path of pretty much no return?

Jools: I knew no return. And I was ready. From the age of 18 onwards I knew I wanted it. I’d spent 3 years before that shoving all I could in there, so why not go the full step and ‘try’ to make it bigger.

Sius: Very good! So how do you see your changes in your eyes. Are they progress, development and greater change or do you see it more as damaged and warped and tired and sore from abuse?

Jools: It’s both. It’s progress and development yes. but that’s because I want it to be damaged and warped. I want to see it that way.

Sius: Right. Now…. progress, for you, would you say the key to gaping wide and open to the wind is consistency of practice each day or pushing limits to break and widen more?

Jools: Defoe. Its like, imagine a scale. like 10 is totally stretched ok? Now, women start at a 1. If they have sex it becomes a 2. If they then push more, it becomes a 3. but after a time, it’ll go back to 1. There is a breaking point though.

Say if you become a 5. Well then 5 will be your minimum. If you do anything to it and then stop, you’ll go back to 5, not 1. That’s me. I’ve permanently stretched out to a point where when I’ve left it for a long time, it doesn’t get that much smaller.

Sius: Got you – so the elasticity and the muscle control have given way under such a pressure and that’s hollowed you out.

Jools: Yeah. If I keep doing it every day it gets bigger than it is at resting. but it always goes back. But the elasticity is getting easier, so hoping I can do another big push soon.

Sius: Do you make note of how it looks or maybe discolouration of it say versus what it looked like a few years back? or examples may have been dildos or toys that once where a tight fit, now just drop out without touching the sides?

Jools: I have a whole chest of useless toys. But I didn’t keep note. I wish now that I had taken photos for comparison, but I didn’t. I only have the memory of it now.

Sius: A chest of good memories…. past loves…. a legacy to your gaping hole to make it now…. but sadly useless and surpassed. Kind of poetic in a way.

So do you focus on your vagina or do you also enact in anal stretching?

Jools: So far, just my vagina. I have plans, but I’m waiting till I can reach my limit.

Sius: and what is your limit? How far do you want to go…. how far will you go if you can?

Jools: Well, I want to get to open as wide as my pelvic bone will allow. Anymore than that would just leave excess skin on the outside. Which is nice, but its still technically my limit.

Sius: would you ever consider surgery or other radical means to get results?

Jools: I do actually intend to at some point, yes. But unlike home play, surgery needs money, and I’m slightly lacking.

Sius: okay, so what would you have done to yourself if / when the time comes?

Jools: Surgery? Mostly I want silicone injections to my nether areas. but also thought about implants of some sort. Still not sure about it though.

Sius: Interesting – so that brings in the influence of pumping and the engorged mons look if your looking in that area.

Jools: Yes. Also excess skin from stretching past my limit will add to that. Especially with any sort of silicone injection.

Sius: Interesting observation I’d not considered that – good!

Nice to know that there’s a little influence in my works that inspires you down the road.

Jools: I found your website shortly after becoming a permanent gaper and it absolutely enthralled me.

Sius: *Bows* Humbled to know I’ve done so much. Thank you.

Have you seen or heard off other women who have planned to do these kinds of injections yourself?

Jools: No, it’s actually more a male fetish than female. But perhaps it might become more common as women become more open to the world.

Sius: Well that’s always the draw -pun not intended- of it all. The material on sites like iGAPES is fantasy and what if for sure, but the basis of gaping permeating and inspiring others is the goal in the end. Be proud of your pussy – keep pushing!

So have you had any piercings like modifications done at all?

Jools: No, but planning on getting 2 piercings on either labia.

Sius: Just have to find some nice rings or otherwise to go in them next ^^

Do you or have you ever pumped your pussy ever if you where inspired by the injections?

Jools: I had a pump, but it got uncomfortable because it started pumping the air from inside my vagina, and then stopped being able to cover the entire thing as well.

Sius: Ever considered a custom one, larger for the more en-widened lady?

Jools: Yes, but still the problem of internal air and it being a little uncomfortable. I would say I’ll wait for now. Until I can afford surgery.

Sius: Very good – thank you for the honest answers so far too. Now…

On the internet there is a wide range of star and amateurs out there who have stretched and gaped and shown off their mons to the world. Where any of these a driving force for you to keep going or a realization of what could be?

Jools: Yes, although these days less so. They definitely helped me take the plunge, but now I have surpassed most of them and frankly they don’t push me anymore, even if they are still fun to watch.

Sius: Must be quite a feeling knowing you’ve surpassed the mistresses in their own field and their craft.

Jools: It is, haha, it definitely is.

Sius: okay, so what’s the current play thing or flavor of the month? What’s your current toy of choice and how big?

Jools: haha, um… I have three I use. One for stretching, one for fucking and one for orgasming.

Sius: Okay, so give the break down for each

ad204acloseup AD204zzcloseupad204bcloseup

Jools: My stretching one is 16 inches long, 12.5 circumference. It’s quite heavy though. I use a leather harness to keep it in.

Sius: Serious business. How long to you keep it in and when usually?

Jools: Almost all the time when I’m home. I can’t use it in public though because it forces me to waddle. haah

Sius: Too much a give away huh ^^ Great, so what about the other 2

Jools: My play thing is an equinox…



Sius: May have to explain that one for the kids who skipped school or the ones in the cheap seat m’fraid

Jools: It’s based off of a horses cock.

Sius: Awww, very good. So this one is different to the stretch toy in what way beyond the shape – longer, wider, smaller, bumped for pleasure?

Jools: Longer and thinner. Great for fucking and getting me deeper… it also cums :P

Sius: that’s… a special model huh ^^ and tell me of the last.


Jools: It’s a plain hitachi wand. I love to place it on my g-spot to cum.

*At this point Searches are made to see the toys of action inserted into the interview here*

Sius: wow, that’s a monster, lol

And you manage to sink the whole thing in? with the harness?

Jools: Not the whole thing. But a decent amount. That’s why I can’t wear it out. Haha. It’d look like I have a mega cock.

Sius: that’s and walking cross eyed from pleasure may lead you to walk into something. woof, lol

Have you got your eyes on any other toys down the line?

Jools: None that have stuck in my mind. but always up to suggestions I find online.

Sius: So what other fetishes do you have – your honesty as always is appreciated. Anything else you enjoy or like to do or have done to you?

Jools: I’ll be honest, pegging is very fun. haha. My turn to be dominant. But also I kinda wanna start lactating. haha. I know, seems weird. but I think it’s kinda hot.

Sius: but you consider yourself a sub normally? quite happy to normally follow a lead?

Jools: Yeah, deft a sub girl.

Sius: My kind of girl personally ^^ – but that’s another thing entirely

Jools: Haha, nice

Sius: Lactating huh – kind of fun. Sadly beyond being pregnant, I ‘m at a loss here. But that’s a question into itself…

With the idea of being pregnant – have you every been or intend to ever become a mother one day.

Jools: Yes I have thought about it. That’s why I haven’t stretched my cervix. but I would want to find someone who can pleasure me properly before I settle down with them to have kids.

Sius: *Nods* Very good – and also, thank you for being honest as always.

So with partners, I would imagine that with trying to please a girl like yourself we are looking at double fisting maybe strap-ons of huge toys like you use.

Jools: Yeah, definitely. And if I’m honest, a guy can’t be scared to use a strap on to. The intimacy of sex, but no guy is big enough.

Sius: After the scale you’ve described its in a whole separate league itself and that’s basically for males who have changed themselves with modifications, the unusually gifted or something else.

At this level sex is a different beast, but something I personally thing shouldn’t be scared or worried about…. in fact quite the experience

Jools: It certainly is. Many of my short term partners have loved to play about like they never usually get the chance to. It’s a shame men can’t change themselves to quite this extent in any way. I often wish I got to see some men on your website that were actually able to give those amazing girls pleasure. haha

Sius: Maybe I can doodle something for you later ^_^

Well I think in RL (Real Life) handling it, fully knowing that this is far from normal and having to accept with you you’d have to be brought upto your level or adapt is kind of fun. Sure it could be kind of humbling even attempting but… if pride is swallowed it certainly could be a full filling experience for both.

I take it you used to or still fist yourself. Speaking to other girls who have opened up at some point they said fisting was like…. well almost a automatic thing, without hesitation…. comforting. Do you have the same feelings?

Jools: Haha, you know how guys often rub themselves in public? Girls do the same, trust me. haha. Girls are just more discreet. Now realise this, most girls are happy with a finger in public…

Sius: Yes, I can imagine. so if a partner was to double fist at your size, would you enjoy it or has that come and gone?

Jools: I would still enjoy it, I’d enjoy one fist. But imagine only stroking the head of a penis, or just massaging the labia of a normal pussy. it’s fun, but you won’t get off.

Sius: double or nothing at this point huh ^^

So you mentioned your toys and wishes, do you have a routine or a plan you try and go for – and do you ever consider things like diet, or social events etc having to work around your plans?

Jools: I play twice a day, and wear my stretching toy whenever I’m home. That’s all the plans I need.

Sius: Constant going. Very determined in your approach. Do you see it as a life’s goal, or more… a way of life. Sure its extreme… but this is as normal as putting clothes on at this point?

Jools: Yeah, it’s normal for me. It’s an every day activity. And yes, it’s life goal. I want to be like the girls on your site. haha

Sius: ^^ I’d like to have that come to be. Sounds like your more than qualified in truth.

But yes, even if a dream or a fantasy, would your goal be something to that extreme level, just keep going further and wider and bigger to kind of… well… well beyond normal means?

Jools: Yes. I want to be like that. Perhaps even seen as ‘non’ human. if that makes sense?

Sius: yes – I think I understand. Kind of moving beyond… being a pussy of surreal limits attached to you, something beyond hiding, something unattainable by any but the most dedicated.

Jools: Exactly. Honestly I would love to get to the point where it’s something I can’t hide anymore, even if I try. I know currently I do hide it. But if I was given no choice…

I’ve already started down the path of having to change slightly to accommodate it.

Sius: Something so big and epic and monsterus it’d swell out. Constantly wet patches on whatever clothes are worn and floor residue in your wake.

Jools: Exactly. I’m partly there with having to change habits. But not yet at the point where it effects day to day life.

Sius: And what of your health – hard question to ask in a way – but would you push to a breaking point, or go as far as you can without stepping over the line?

Jools: So long as it doesn’t cause fatal problems, I’ll keep going.

Sius: And your funds, your money I assume is going to a pot that will push you further along?

Jools: yep. I mean I have two savings, one for fun, and one for future modding.

Sius: Have you a idea how much modification would cost, or where it would happen or are you just saving for now?

Jools: Just saving for now.

Sius: Now I take from the recent comments that in a way this is your end goal – but if you had a greatest fantasy or desire how things would roll out what would it be?

Jools: What, like describe my perfect fantasy ending?

Sius: Please.

Jools: Oversized lactating breasts, a pussy that hung down from my body that was wide enough to unbirth people, a clit able to be used as a cock and an ass able to take any dildo…

Sius: Modified to be a sexual entity, an avatar for excess and a being able to take anything to the level of unbirthing. I love it

Doesn’t hurt a lot of my martial kind of goes in that direction – so I think we may have the same desire here ^^

Jools: Indeed. haha

Sius: and if it where a more realistic one – say you where able to get the injections, to have the growth… to be this being beyond… unable to hide away… would you show it off so that other women would be inspired or other compete with other size queens?

Jools: Once I’ve reached my goal, then perhaps I’ll show it off. It certainly will start to be visible in public, so why not show it off.

Sius: So I have to ask the question – you’ve very kindly been open with us (now this time that was a run on words BTW ^_^) and been transparent with your thought and desires… but….

Why did you come on and chat here today with me? (I am very curious to hear your thoughts )

Jools: I wanted to finally be open with someone anonymously about my sexuality and my feelings. And who better to do it with than someone who openly already likes the idea of an open pussy.

Sius: I respect and am delighted with your answer thank you.

Now Any words for anybody else reading this out there who might be interesting and moved by your words? Anything for the men firstly, then maybe the women?

Jools: For the guys. If you’re single, don’t be put off by a loose girl. She’ll find other ways to please you. For those who have a girl. Get her to be open and to try getting filled. It’s not for everyone, but make sure she knows she doesn’t ‘have’ to be tight to make you happy.

For the girls, just do it. If it makes you feel good then do it. Your pleasure comes first.

Sius: Words to live by for a healthy sexual relationship – Thank you Jools for your answers and time. I hope maybe we can approach another interview in some more time.


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