Intersexuality and the iGAPES World

From an Anon fan who wanted to know, here is some questions and attempted answers regarding the iGAPES world lore and genetics not being strictly female and how I saw it. You may find it interesting or not but felt I might as well add it to the site.

Question – It’s already established what happens to (cisgender and genetic norm) men and it’s hard to visit this site and not know what happens to (cisgender and genetic norm) women, but I’m curious about how Hybris interacts with interex and transgender people.

Specifically I’m interested in:

* What happens to intersex people? (male appearance but female genetics and vice versa) What about those who have genetic codes like XXX, XYY, YY, XXY. X, Y? (I don’t know if I got all of the known intersex combinations)

* What happens to androgynous intersex people?

* What happens to transgender people? (both male to female and female to male) Does this change depending on progress through transition? (hormone therapy, genitalia reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation/reduction/removal surgery)

Answer –  So the way it would work with the lore (all fantasy lore – nothing serious as always about any of this) is that the key to the changes is how hybris interacts with the female body and genetic make up.

In unchanged males it can remain in the system and can change other women like a STD but has no outline effect on their bodies.

If the female genetic make up that is key for iGAPES female development and if introduced into a human body it stands to reason of any body with female genetics inside would be effected. In males with treatments would probably to a much lesser extent as they are introducing it into themselves maybe via injections etc. and are not naturally saturated in natural  female DNA. Thus probably less potent if changes happen at all.

You also could reason as it’s more man made / or tampered / not organic to their bodies that there maybe side effects with a cocktail of elements from both X and Y going on that could lead to outlandish results in some.

And as for with pieces of the body added / removed and so on, I always through it like a catalyst at the early stages, developing whats already there or growing in and on the body. And then high end levelshaving extreme effects with mutations that can develop from it kind of thing.

It’s also a female like kink at its root and probably have them elements 1st and then other genetic side effects after?

You could also spin it. Maybe even have a female born then added male DNA in and hormones then they are mixed in with some iG hybris and that could create a very unique strand that maybe they could duplicate and use to change others with their tools?

A few possibilities, all which stay within the lore of the world and hopefully gives me a touch more ideas. It wasn’t something I overly thought about but there is always a way these things can change a person, but to what end and scale of intensity would be changed on a person by person case.

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