..:: Spotlight – Ecchi Graffiti ::..

And then, FINALLY somebody as ‘interesting’ and creatively mad as me came around here! Joking aside, the works of Mr Ecchi are pretty damn sweet and I admire so many of them. We got talking and I’ve helped him out a little, and its nice to see some of my iG designs he’s been privy too has inspired some of his works. Check em’ out!

Quick note that Ecchi, like me and my other art work; contains a fair bit of futa. I try and keep it seperate on this site as I know it can be very polar for some seeing it, but he will have a fair bit on his site.

And the last image in the set here is one that basically is just… flawless in my eyes. I’ve done much in terms of swollen pussies and gapes…. but he just got this so right!

Check out all of Ecchi- Graffiti’s work at his website about… here

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