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Hay all – I have a big story based poll to post and something to discuss, so let us begin!

Stories Content - what content would you like to see the most?, What works the best for you? (MULTI-VOTE)

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POLL – Multi questions, multi answers. I’ve split the sections into A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.

Please try and answer just ONE from EACH A,B,C (and beyond) sections, the one that you sounds the best from the selection. You should have 6 votes, one for each section A->F

There are no right answers, just the things you’d like to see most of all.

From your answers I’ll try and put my content in line with what pleases people most going forwards. If nothing else it’ll be a most curious way to drive where my content will go.

Thank you a big one for taking the time to give my your ideas!


ART? – Oh shit son, I’ve been lazy and not completed the work I should have for this update. OH FUCK!… *sigh*….

I’d hoped for some Valentines girls this week, and while both are WIP ready, it’s too rough to release and I’m out of time… but that’s okay, I swear, I’ll release it under general romance, maybe gaper dating as a theme and story, which fits the same theme I guess, you’ll love it all the same and will get it! But yes, sorry for the delay.

Too much– So if anything this last week or so I’ve suffered from too much creative juices…. sometimes you don’t have enough, other time too much to get it out of your head onto a page and it becomes a big swirling mess inside your head and comes out total jank… It’s a problem being creative some times… your not creative, lol.

But on the plus side I’ve fought off an illness and the depression that is the no sun UK over winter is coming to a close, so maybe more forth coming in design work? Can but hope.


STORIES – So I think I have to remind myself that I am actually quite good at writing and writing this stuff, more than the average I’ve learnt over the years and so think I’d like to maybe do some more; thus the poll above. (Thanks again for the votes, you’re a good person and I think you deserve extra cheese for your offering.) So I should do more on this (as well as photomanips, but that’s for another day)

So I’ll end up doing what comes to mind and bare the results also as I write. I tend to be a little extreme (but not mean spirited or so graphic is horrid) but if you enjoy gaping as a kink more than being a size fan, I’m sure you will dig them! Looking forwards to seeing how well they go down.

Art for short stories? – If they do well and I feel in the mood, I might add images of the girls inside the stories as a little something extra to ground the girls and visualize things.

Short stories for art? – The other is true, I might write a small extract and do a image based on it, what I come up with. I’ve always enjoyed doing captions to make my content have meaning but giving the writing a little more time usually draws me in much more to my creation. Maybe this will mix things up and give some fun character dynamic that just writing a caption off the top of my head weilds. Will let you know how well this works.


THEMES / ACRONYMS  – I’ve also may try… (successfully or not) to try and do the fun acronym thing with themes I like to. iGAPES is an acronym (i)ncreased (G)enitalia (A)ltering (P)ubis [or Pussy] (E)xpanding (S)ynapsis and I’ve added with tagged with H.I.P.S. as (H)orizontally (I)ncreased (P)elvic (S)ymptoms and I might try for other things like VORE, ALPHA and other ones… maybe fun to add that to content as text, in stories and for giggles. Anybody who’s good at word play, drop me a line and maybe see what we can do? Give Sius a hand for better material.

I have more to say on things that have happened, but I might save that for next week and see how things go and discuss that then. For now I’ll leave the poll for a small time and hope you’ll give it your time please and we’ll try again in a week or so’s time. Also, heads up, did say that end of Feb maybe a little light due to other RL things, that may come into effect. Least you know ^^ – Sius out.


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