Oh for fu*ks sake…

Hay all – quick one here. So I came to upload a image as mentioned in my last blog entry post – you know, the one that took me maybe 2/3 hours to type up and explain where whats happened, is happening and has happed over the last 10 years. WELL…..

WordPress Decided NOW was the time to randomly fuck around because of a plugin issue. On my quest to sort it out I ended having to use a prior backup (always backup your work kids!) and so is lost to the shadow realm as it was after the backup.

I’m not TOO pissed because I could have lost the entire site. But I’m still pissed. I’m not going to re-write it, it took too long and well, I said my piece.

So yes, small thing, but at least you know. I’ll try and keep a look and check on here over the week randomly to make sure weird shit doesn’t happen again but yeah… annoying!

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