..:: CG October Has Started ::.. (Updated 07.10.18)

Greets my peoples. More a quick post to say that the CG colouring has started (I’m more able to do this kinda of thing from mid to late in the week) and its been nice to see some come together…. bit still a little rough around the edges still at this point and re-learning techniques.

I’m hoping I’ll have a list of documented methods and discoveries along the way over the month which wil speed things up going forrwards and I’ll try and get them results to you soon. I’ll update the main post with the list of items I hope to colour shortly too.

Also I did a VERY quick doodle on the discord the other day, may as well drop it here for anybody who wants it. honestly doing this doodle reminded me how little I cut loose lately and miss the quick drawing like this rather than it all being clean and nice, so might do some of them…. but not this month… this month is colouring only…. *sigh* – Yeah… one of these images took a few minutes to bang out, the other has taken many many hours probably starting to hit double digits… hmmmm.

More content as it rolls out! – Cheers, Sius

// Update 07.10.2018 //

Well this week has been a slight bust for getting on with this and getting artwork out to the masses sad to say, but it hasn’t been without some basic colouring sessions.

I’ve managed to work on 3 images and apply colour to them all and in some ways little bits are coming back to me on good ideas, reminders of techniques and usually by performing them and seeing the mistakes and only after remembering the solutions.

I knew the first few days would be this way, but it’s just the way it goes. So I’m currently getting the notes and reminders down on paper as I find and fix my mistakes and will be going back and touching up the ones I’d started before a release

So new stuff maybe delayed for a little longer. hopefully next week will be quieter too than this one and so I’ll have more content to release at a better standard soon enough. Thanks for the patience… yeah, more news as it comes… – Sius

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