..:: October & November Personal Challenge Plans ::..

Hello – and greets most patient and lovely peoples of the internet. Well, oh shit… looks like I find myself WELL out of touch and FAR behind doing and getting work out for you guys, even on the discord server (which has been getting some new art sooner and fast then posted here) and I feel I need to announce it, and hopefully force my hand to get results.

I know why – because I didn’t want to release old art work again (a mix of not scheduling it to come out and the terror that is old art) and then I start new outline images which mostly go unfinished AND THEN move on without completing stuff. It’s the bane of being creative, unfocused and I’m just bad at this.

It’s probably the perfectionist in me, but fuck it’s getting REALLY bad at this point. Checked again to find 673 photoshop art files (yes really and yes all at different states of production however but some actually kinda okay as art then total garb trash) and I know I have goods to share and get out but this holds it all back.

And so …. I’m taking action to fix this, and hopefully it it works well will force me to do a month on and off working at getting the good stuff out to you all.

Process – So I’m going to also defend myself just a touch here too. The way I work is just that and I’m often happy with most results. I am slow (and the art isn’t made fast ether ¬_¬) and working at a 1 pixel scale is both crisp and time consuming and also exact, making badly lined art very obvious.

My colouring skills are pretty great considering I’ve honesty coloured less then 5%/10% of my total digital output upon review. It’s just passable honestly, but I think this proves the point. I need to do more!

I Also kinda hate bad quick colour art. I’ve gone over it in the past, but it feels like just doing a bad job on something that took many hours to create. I can… might… will consider trying to find the right level of quicker CG vs. quality colouring CG but I’m not there… just yet. I also know there is no point in making art nobody will see too.

My plan – Is announce this here, and so if I fail to deliver the results then I want YOU lovely people to POLITLY remind me over on Discord or using this sites Message System on the site; to get my finger out and get content out and shown off.

My goal is to have content out (ether the older stuff with 0% chance to ever be coloured) and hopefully newer coloured images done and posted (and ideally also on pixiv, so to spread attention of the kink and get others involved) and also to the month after get the incomplete art finished, which is another pet hate of mine and I don’t know why.

So this intervention is really necessary. Overcoming personal demons and being forced to get it out and shown.

The Results – Naturally this will mean that some really fun art pieces can finally see the light of day and do them justice. I’m still really pleased how just a drop of colour transforms them like in the released site pictures and hope to get my skills up enough and confidence that I won’t make it totally crap.

I might even experiment with the ‘quicker’ colouring style and you can let me know what you think if it works or not when it’s done. It’ll be fun and not at all something I dislike the idea of, honest (the bad colouring, not the feedback to be noted). And so…

CG October – I’ve decided to call my Colouring month. I’m allowing Stories to be written, photomanips to be completed to maybe save me from madness but NO NEW ART to be done! New art is like an auto pilot thing I just do to be creative ya see.

Seeing CG’ed coloured images just looks SO FUCKING MUCH BETTER – but the CG fear demon always kicks in. I enjoy it, but I do hate making a bad job of it and it can be months and months between each image coloured and my lessons and not very well learnt and remembered.

So I’ll have a list up on the site main page and use it as a checklist you can all see, but also check up on me to get the stuff out the door.

Also… Orktober is a real thing. Brutally Cunning or Cunningly Brutal….. or Brutally Cummingly? I can but hope if the jobs is done well I guess.

Clock off November – I’m toying with this idea that it be like the last months… but it’s more accountable of what I’m doing then showing you the results art wise. But the main thing is finishing off incomplete art and other bits (like maybe stories, site bits and such).

This will be me going back, digging up the dead of some old but not really old finished art works, finishing off stories and getting my line up nice for new releases, hopefully with a tease or two.

Afterwards – I’ll review to see if it worked out, what the feedback is, maybe the more open showing of what’s been done on here maybe something enjoy? I’ll be looking to you to contact me to let me know throughout the whole thing. To with humility I want to thank anybody who takes the time to help me out in this 2 month challenge and keep me honest and let’s hope we get the results we need!

Crowd Funding & Projects – I’m also going to be transparent and pull back the curtain here and say that some works are for projects what I intend to hopefully sell in time OR as maybe a reward for Patreon like help if I get there. My plans have changed slightly over the lest few months and the web hosting has just come up again and I’m out of pocket once again.

I need to get this going at some point, but I’m not going to leave the place as a pay only place and all my content behind a pay wall, but I will need to sort this out. I’ve mentioned it before, so worth a mention again and know that any help in this area would help me continue doing this more long term coz at the moment…. it’d not looking oh so good.

Released Reactions – I also said I’d do an update for RR this year and FUCK how has this happened again?! Still work to be completed before it goes out and continue on a new Giga Girls pack maybe?, but some of the content above maybe counting towards this also you may / may not be pleased to hear.

New PC – maybe needed at some point and it makes me super sad as this one was been a gem, but after 8 years of constant relentless abuse and punishment some hardware is starting to buckle. It maybe that I need to with credit get a new machine to continue this and that process maybe halted with setting up a new machine. I’m looking forwards to the idea, just not cost it’ll take upon me… uck!

And thats all she wrote – Thank you anybody who get this far. Got a little sneak peak for you there as a thanks – unless you just found this without reading it all; to which you now owe me a selection of fine cheeses as penance for that slight against me!

Anyhow, thanks a bunch everybody, keep the faith and also keep your shoes too. Sius

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