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Cintiq Birth – Created September 2009

The start of something. The doodle is a bland thing of bland, but in some ways this marked the start of something big.

Prior I’d used a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet to draw with my art but it was crude (my old released reactions art should show that) and so in a way all the precision and clarity I have with my current art is all down to the hardware the new Cintiq was able to give me.

It’s hard to describe to somebody but beyond all the tech advantages it can give you (when you know how to make it sing and set it up right with photoshop) think of it like this….

When you draw on a piece if paper, or write with a pen, you see what you’ve just done instantly. The old Intuos meant you had to look at the screen and work out where the pen was hovering and do math in your head working out all the caluclations. This piece of tech is a monitor you draw right onto and you see the result instantly.  It was a revolution.

So this doodle was one of the 1st I had ever done and my god what a difference it made…. it had a long way to go… but…. hay… it lead onto many other things. It was bought with help from contributions from the Giga pack too so investing back into my art and was a outstanding choice even if it cost big at the time, I doublt I’d go back.

Also I draw a girl with a dildo wedged in her huge pussy stuffed to the brim. I should have done her foot pressing into her pussy flesh more…. but as I was doing all kinds of learning at that point I’ll let myself off this time.

as I wrap this up, I’m not sure if this doodle has been seen before but if nothing else it might give you some insight into my process all the same… maybe?

Sorry for the history lesson… that just kinda happened…. more excessive pussy porn coming soon!


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