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Commission – So I had the pleasure a little back to work on a commission I’d done for somebody and with their blessing am able to show off today for your pleasure.

The Brief – I was asked for this character beginning to grow and put on some size and have her breasts and pussy starting to dominate on her body ready to develop excessively later on…

but me being me I ended up doing larger sizes maybe more than a ‘starting’ pose probably should be in some ways… but my client wasn’t unhappy about it ^_^

I was happy to downsize but it ended up being more than okay. Each major step I’d send updates and work off feedback and refine the image to their liking and was great to do.

Extras – I ended up doing extra bits (as a thanks for hiring me) with multi poses and then went on to colour in a sudo speedy way (Speed colouring I’ll call it) which with a poll vote below will help me out with your thought on that.

Video – I also ended up recording the whole thing as I’m 100% digital these days…. it recorded every brush stroke and from start to finish.

Then it was compressed and sped up some and now they have a video showing it all off and how it came together. The whole thing is a beast of a size even after compression and would wipe my bandwidth if I put it up on the site here but it sure is a thing to see!

And they where more than pleased with the rate / charge I’d asked for and where delighted with the results (and unexpected extras thrown in for free like the alternative image versions, coloured used and the monster video) and honestly I hope to do more work for my client going forwards.

If we do more I’d like to make a fleshed out back story for her and make her a repeating site character to show off to you all would be wonderful.

While this is here I may as well remind my fans and lovely viewers that commissions are available to you also! (as I seldom promote it.)

Consider – Get custom high quality art with many fetishes (doesn’t just have to be gaping / big pussy kinks) of custom or mainstream characters with ideas and desires you want to see made real. And in turn by doing so supports me, my works and this website going forwards.

It doesn’t cost the earth and we can discuss this too if you would like. Just drop me a email and I’ll be happy to chat and work something out!

ContactJust send me and email here and we can go from there – Oh yeah! (And thank you for your consideration – it means a great deal to me and the support you show is beyond exceptional as money is getting a touch tight to be comfortable now…)




Colour Poll – Lastly, one thing I could do with asking for is your input / help. As mentioned this image used a ‘quick’ colour scheme. This is something I can do at a lightening rate (like 1/4th of the time of normal colouring)

but I’m not sure if its acceptable in your eyes or not, even if its a quite rough in bits (though I try to keep it tidy as best I can) it might be too little for high standards…. but maybe not?

Truth is, the more time spent on it = less time working on new stuff… but maybe you want the best it can be? So if you could vote truthfully for me please…

Coloured images Vs Time Poll - Would you rather have...

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Thanks for that, taking the time to read this and hope you enjoyed the art work. I’ll hopefully have something out before too long and maybe a quick personal review but otherwise, thanks again for being here and give it a thumbs up to help keep me motivated ^_^ – Sius

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