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As you may have noticed, iGAPES isn’t just work that focuses on art and its own story, but more a place for others to see other material from this fetish area, a hub for gaping smutt I guess.

Anyhow every so often there will be posts on the website known as ‘Spotlight’ posts – they are posts which aim to showcase material and promote other artists or sites out there.

Often the idea focuses on giving you enough to see if you like it and check it out for yourselves if you want more.

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2 Responses to ..:: Spotlight – Explanation ::..

  1. Other variant is possible also

  2. Sius says:

    Sure thing. As long as its gaping related then its a good chance to be added to the website. It doesn’t just have to be material that the iGAPES team has produced or limited to a general background area.

    If it’s generally something that’s caught my attention then it’ll likely be placed in here – but input and support as well as recommendations from others are welcome (as long as its not spam, which gets sent to a special level in dante’s hell, quickly!)