..:: Spotlight – Halcy0n w. Delicious Cream Egg Set ::..

Halcy0n, known to me for many a year is a old friend of mine is both a human but also a furry drawing artist over at FA – http://www.furaffinity.net/user/halcy0n.

I didn’t spot until lately that he’d done some pretty cool gape / pumped pussy and even laying (? new one) fetish commission work.

I have always dug this guys style and its as good today as ever before! I’m not one for furries (all good, just not my thing personally) but yeah, this is good stuff.

Though its not a major focus of his art, Halcy0n has said he’d be happy to do more and has commissions on and off, so if you like what you see here, get on that!

1415824539.halcy0n_eggyxadera00s 1415824798.halcy0n_eggyxadera01s 1415825173.halcy0n_eggyxadera02s

You can also find the coloured versions on user Xadera’s (they requested it) and did a nice job with the colouring too!

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