..:: Poll ‘Too Far’ Conclusion ::..

It’s been rather interesting to see the poll and votes come on in over the last poll. Interesting because honestly people seem like thought about the options rather than being one sided in their vote.

Being on the site itself lends itself to returning viewers who may have already come to peace with the material on display, but it doesn’t ring like that in the results, which I’m glad for.

It’s refreshing to see open minded viewers of my site take this stance, and it a credit to your character if you did. I honestly am glad for people who have spoken out maybe against the popular opinion.

What do I take from this all, what does this mean… Well I guess it seems it is a divide but also some truths of what is honestly important are present. So will I tone it down, or keep at it? Will I do better to make it less bombastic or coco banananananas?

So the way I see it, I’ve got work still to complete that tends to be more visceral or large in nature going on, so I’ve be daft to abandon that. But certainly, some more grounded sensible sized models or alt versions would seemly help out.

It isn’t a one size fits all thing, and I don’t hope to spread my art too thin or only get a minor set of people, but I can’t please everybody also. So in the end, maybe a mix of size and scale maybe for the best.

It may take some time to filter into the art, but one of the latest images started off with this scale and size in (with more crazy alternative mods slapped on – because lack of restraint, lol) but yes… watch this space. Thanks once again for your time people.

I have some art hopefully reflecting some ideas coming in the pipeline as always, so hang tight!

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