..:: Poll – AGEDDON ::..

TL;DR – Vote to help me out, k thanks!

I forgot how much I love hearing from people with this feedback – really boosts me to work on new stuff and get it out!! Basically the response is been awesome so far – so thanks. I’m pushing my luck, can you have a vote on the following polls for me please?

I’ll post a few more polls below – just read and vote away. Helps know what people think, and people want and what you find smexy so I can do that more. Ya all great – hope to get a new image out soon as a reward for your input! Cheers – Sius

..:: Poll – Visibility ::..

Whats sexier, this being a secret change OR the world known thing about giant cunt girls? – DOES NOT INCLUDE NUMBERS OF CHANGED WOMEN! QUANTITY IS NOT IMPORTANT!

Visability for iG women - Are these women known by the wider world or known by only a select few?

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..:: Poll – Monstrous And Weird ::..

This shit is weird but do you like REALLY REALLY funky stuff? – Limits are there to be pushed, but some people like it more normal. Does the CrAZy weird and fun yet very warped stuff do it for you?

Freaky Nasty iG Changes - How far do you like to see this fetish pushed, if at all?

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..:: Poll – Another Matter of Size ::..

How big do you like to see the vaginas drawn here? – An old poll idea, but curious to see what people think still.

What sizes of Gape do you like to see most? - Sometimes bigger isn't better, some times it really is!

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..:: Poll – Image Sets ::..

Several images of a girl, better or worse? – do you like to focus on one character and her developments or move into other one off girls, maybe just final forms and no transformation?

Image Sets - Is more art on a character better for you?

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..:: Poll – Story Consistency ::..

You like random stories or one based on set lore? – One off stories and anything goes or try and keep to rules and its built up little world scenario?

Caption / Story Consistancy - Better to stick to the rules, or random reason for changes are okay?

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