..:: Story – Jamie’s Teacher ::..

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Jamie slid her arms through the 30H-cup bra, reaches into each cup to pull her heavy breasts up and into position. She sighed as she looked down at her deep cleavage obscuring her view of the rest of her body. Over the summer she’d grown from a petite, flat-chest girl to someone who looked like they’d stuffed two bowling-balls in her shirt. She’d visited her doctor, and he couldn’t explain the incredible growth. His only recommendation was to wait until it stopped, and they’d perform a reduction surgery. Unfortunately, she’d grown 2 cups since then, and it didn’t seem to be stopping. Jamie was hungry most of the time, and it seemed like everything she ate just made her chest swell more.

Jamie slid on a soft pink t-shirt that did little to hide her breasts, so she pulled out the biggest, loosest sweater she could find and slipped it on. Looking at herself in the mirror, the sweater was large enough that it just looked like she’d gained a lot of weight… was that better or worse than looking like she’d gotten massive breast implants? At the end of the school year, she barely had any chest at all, and now, on the morning of the first day of classes, she looked like she’d gained 70 pounds.

It would just have to do, she decided, and put on some matching baggy pants. Pulling her shoulder-length dark brunette hair into a ponytail, Jamie put on some light make-up. If her clothes were going to be dumpy, at least the rest of her can look nice, she thought as she put light pink lipstick on her slightly-thinner-than-average lips. Some dark eyeliner and she felt ready to go. She held one hand over her ample chest as she headed downstairs to keep them from bouncing too much and headed out the door


Jamie sat down near the back of her English 1002 course. It’d been a rough morning, but so far everyone she knew from last year was polite enough not to question her about her apparent weight gain. Unfortunately the desks were small in this room, and her breasts were forced to rest on the edge of the desk, making it more obvious that it was her chest in particular was the cause of her large size.

Ms. Matheson walked in and sat at the front of the desk, pulling out some papers and getting organized. Jamie had her last year for English 1001. She had explained that she was a PhD student who had returned to school after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. Jamie’s mind wandered as she started to explain this again for the new students. Jamie started looking at her teacher and noticed that she too had a fairly large chest, maybe an F-cup or so. Had Ms. Matheson always been that busty? She tried to recall and figured that she had, but just wore such plain, matronly clothes that Jamie had never noticed.

Jamie looked her teacher over to figure out how she downplayed her figure, seeing if she could mimic any of it. Ms. Matheson was much taller than her by maybe almost a foot and a half. She had shorter, light-brown hair done into a simple bob, a hair-style a little more stylish than Jamie’s mother’s, but seemed like something she might wear. She seemed fairly thin despite her chest, and wore a plain violet sweater. It wasn’t excessively loose, but was bunched up to make it hard to tell exactly the figure beneath. She also wore a straight, gray skirt just past her knees with gray stockings underneath, and a pair of plain flats, presumably to downplay her height.

As Jamie was staring at her teacher’s body, suddenly everyone around her started standing up and walking out. Ms. Matheson had let them out early with a reading assignment for tomorrow. Jamie fumbled with her binder and started to put it in her backpack as Ms. Matheson approached her, now the only student left in the classroom.

“Jamie, glad to have you as a student again. How was your summer?” Ms. Matheson said cooly, standing over her student as she leaned over into her backpack.

“Oh, um, hi Ms. Matheson. It was good, mostly stayed in,” said Jamie, zipping up her backpack and sitting back up. The teacher’s position in front of her prevented her from standing up to leave.

“No exciting adventures then? Doctor’s visits?” the teacher said.

Well shit, thought Jamie. Where was she going to go with this? Jamie looked up and saw Ms. Matheson blatantly staring at her ample chest. “Um.. no, nothing like that.”

“Mmhmm,” Ms. Matheson replied simply. “So, your breasts just naturally grew to the size of a porn-star’s over the course of three months?”

Jamie was a bit stunned by that. What was this? Was she mad at her? She had no idea how to respond. Ms. Matheson had always been a pretty quiet, easy teacher. It almost felt like her mom was talking down to her.

Ms. Matheson seemed to enjoy seeing Jamie fidget. “I see, go on then, how much did those implants cost your parents? Or did you find some nice older man to pay for them in exchange?”
Jamie blushed deeply and finally stammered out, “no… they just grew! I don’t know what’s happening to me…”

“Sure you don’t, you just somehow grew into a big-titted slut,” said Ms. Matheson plainly. She didn’t sound mad, but everything she was saying felt so confrontational to Jamie.

Jamie started to stammer out a response as Ms. Matheson reaches out and started fondling Jamie’s left tit. Before Jamie could react, her teacher leaned in and started kissing her. Jamie tried to pull back, but Ms. Matheson just pushed forward, forcibly making out with her as she rubbed over the big soft breast.

“Mmmm mmmfff!!” Jamie finally pulled herself together enough to try to stop the one-way kissing. Ms. Matheson pulled back, slowly opening her eyes, seeming to savor every bit of what was happening. “M-Ms. Matheson, please, what’re you doing?”

The teacher ignored the question. “Mmm, well, let’s see those big fake tits of yours,” she said softly, reaching down to start to pull up Jamie’s sweater.

“Please stop! What’re you doing!” said Jamie again, grabbing her sweater and stopping her teacher from pulling it off.

“Jamie…” said Ms. Matheson softly, “I know you’re barely skating along in this school. I can make things so much easier for you. You’ll never have to worry about disappointing mommy and daddy.”

“I… I don’t care… I’ll be fine, I don’t need help.”

“… or,” said Ms. Matheson, her voice becoming more cold, “I can make things very difficult. It would be a shame if I found the original essay you plagiarized for your final paper last semester, not to mention all the times you tried to force yourself on me after class.”

“B-but…” said Jamie softly. Those weren’t true, but it sounded so bad. She didn’t have time to think it through before Ms. Matheson grabbed her sweater and her undershirt and pulled them up over her melon-sized breasts, exposing her cleavage and leaving her in just her bra. Ms. Matheson grabbed at the large breast again, able to more directly grope at her big-titted student and leaned in to kiss her again.

Jamie didn’t know what to do. She had to just accept the kissing. Her teacher was so much larger than her, had so much more authority, and she felt so small and helpless, trapped because of her big tits.

Ms. Matheson reached her other hand around to hold Jamie’s head still as they made out, the hand on Jamie’s chest sliding up over the cup and pressing it down, exposing the girl’s large nipple. She broke the kiss and kneeled down, latching her mouth on the big soft nipple, suckling at it gently and running her tongue around the areola.

Jamie couldn’t believe her nice English teacher was kneeling in front of her, suckling on her huge exposed breast in this classroom. She had to just sit there as her nipple grew hard in Ms. Matheson’s mouth. Even though this was so crazy, it did start to feel incredibly good. She wasn’t roughly forcing herself on Jamie, but seemed to be trying to pleasure her student.

Closing her eyes, Jamie leaned back and let Ms. Matheson lick at and suckle her big nipple, which now hard was as big as the tip of a thumb. Ms. Matheson moaned softly into the big soft breast before dragging the other cup down, pulling both the heavy tits out into the open.

The teacher reaches down and started tugging Jamie’s pants down, which were so loose and baggy that it was easy to slip them over her hips and to the floor. Ms. Matheson got on her knees in front of Jamie and grabbed the student’s thighs, pulling her forward to the edge of the chair and spreading her legs wide open.

“Mmmm, you really didn’t gain any weight at all did you? You just wanted to be such a little slut that you got those giant implants,” purred Ms. Matheson, leaning in to lick at Jamie’s pussy through her panties before pulling them to the side and licking right over the soft folds of her opening.

Jamie gasped a little. She’d had sex before, but no one had ever eaten her out. She couldn’t help but get so turned on that her pussy started become very wet. Ms. Matheson licked over the outside and pressed her lips against the labia, pushing her tongue between them just a little and licking up her slit, pressing deeper and wriggling most of her tongue into her young student’s wet little pussy.
Jamie moaned out quietly, sitting in her desk, her legs splayed open, her teacher’s head stuffed between them with her tongue sliding inside her.

Ms. Matheson ran a hand up the creamy smooth skin of Jamie’s inner thigh, her other hand holding the other leg open. She slid her tongue back out and ran it up over the clitoris, circling it slowly while she pressed two fingers into the tight wet pussy. She had to apply pressure to press the two fingers in, pushing their entire length inside.

“Mmmmm…. This just won’t do. A busty slut like you can’t have such an innocent, tight little pussy,” teased Ms. Matheson, sliding the two fingers out and adding a third, pressing them forward a bit more roughly until they filled the small little pussy.

Jamie shuddered a bit at the penetration. She’d never had anything larger than a cock inside her, and fairly small ones at that. These three fingers alone spread her more than she’s ever been filled. It felt incredible to have something opening her like this.

Ms. Matheson smiled between licks at the little clit. She felt how relaxed Jamie was, her tight pussy accepting her fingers and not clenching them to push them out. She slid the three fingers in and out a few times, then pulled them out enough to make a point with all of her fingers and thumb, and pressed her hand even more forcefully against her student’s cunt.

Jamie let out a gasp that turned into a moan as her teacher pushed forward, getting past the first and second knuckles, and slowing to a stop just before the third. Ms. Matheson held her hand there and wiggled them inside, feeling the soft fleshy walls of Jamie’s little pink pussy. She leaned in and started licking right over he clit, pushing at the hood, trying to slide it back and directly lick the little nub. This was enough to push Jamie over the edge, and she started orgasming. Her body shuddered and her pussy clenched Ms. Matheson’s hand so hard that it almost hurt, but the teacher wasn’t done yet. As Jamie’s pussy unclenched and relaxed, Ms. Matheson pushed hard into her, forcing her hand in past the third knuckle, stopping when the walls clenched around her hand again as Jamie’s orgasm continued. Little by little, Ms. Matheson forcefully pushed her entire hand into Jamie’s pussy as she orgasmed, only making the girl cum even harder and longer at her sensitive tight little pussy being stretched so much.

As her orgasm subsided, Jamie breathed heavily. She leaned forward to look between her two huge breasts and saw her teacher’s arm halfway inside her body. She fell back in her chair saying, “oh fuck,” panting softly from the strongest orgasm she’d ever had. The hand inside her hurt, but somehow it felt so good that she didn’t mind at all.

Ms. Matheson smiled at her exhausted student whom she had made cum so hard. She twisted her hand and pulled it back and forth inside a bit, each movement prompting a little noise from Jamie. “Now I’m sorry, but this really needs to be done. You’re so tight that I can’t even feel my hand right now you squeezed it so hard.” Ms. Matheson held Jamie’s thigh still and in one motion ripped her hand out of Jamie’s tight little cunt.

Jamie was able to let out a sharp gasp before Ms. Matheson roughly pushed her entire hand back inside, knowing it probably hurt the poor girl like hell. Before Jamie was able to react to any of this, Ms. Matheson began pumping her entire hand in and out of the tight little pussy. Each time she pushed back in, her hand slowed almost to a stop as she stretched the pussy around the thickest part, then quickly sinking the rest in and immediately pulling it back out.

Jamie let out a long cry as her teacher brutally fist-fucked her poor delicate pussy. Her instinct was to clench as hard as she could and try to keep the hand from penetrating her, but Ms. Matheson forced it in anyway, continuing for what felt like quite some time. Jamie couldn’t keep clenching so hard forever, especially after such an exhausting orgasm, and she started to relax. Ms. Matheson continued throughout this, her hand starting to enter more easily and quickly. Jamie’s body gave up trying to stop the pistoning hand from penetrating her, and now Ms. Matheson was able to very quickly push in and out of the wet pussy. She stopped for the briefest moment to curl her fingers up into a fist and start punch-fucking Jamie, causing her fucking to slow at first, but soon Jamie’s body accepted that as well.

Ms. Matheson switched to her other hand, her first getting so tired from the quick punching. She immediately resumed punch-fucking her student, rubbing at her clit with her worn-out, numb hand. Jamie had stopped moaning out in pain, and was just laying back in the chair defeated as her pussy was worked so hard. Her poor little pussy was forced open over and over and had given up trying to close back up. Her inner labia was red and helplessly hanging around her opening, the hand entering her so quickly that juice occasionally splattered out of her. The other hand was rubbing her sensitive clit and confusing her so much, because although it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as at first, it was still too much for her, and yet she could feel her body building to another orgasm. Ms. Matheson pinched her clit and twisted it a little, and this was enough to push Jamie into cumming again.

Her body shuddered weakly as her pussy again tried to clench in orgasm, but the fist never stopped pounding in and out, and her cunt just stayed open. The teacher finally slowed down once Jamie had finished, stopping with her hand buried deep inside the girl, twisting it and pushing it back and forth against the walls before pulling out with a quiet, wet little suction sound.

Ms. Matheson stood up, bringing her wet hand to her mouth and licking off her student’s juices while admiring her handywork. “There, that’s much better. A fitting, gaping pussy for a big-tit slut. I know you can’t see over your fat breasts, but you’ve got a nice hole between your thighs there. It’s just hanging open well over an inch wide. It doesn’t look like it’s going to close up any time soon, your labia is so red and worn, twitching like it wants to close but unable to. Just a perfect opening into your slutty body.” She smiled and walked to the front of the room, arranging her things as if nothing too strange just happened. “Oh, and remember to read Chapter 1 of the text for tomorrow,” she said as she walked out.

Jamie was left alone in the classroom, legs still splayed open, her huge melon tits resting exposed on her chest. She could feel frothy pussy juice sliding down her opening and onto the seat beneath her. She laid like this, trying to gather herself for several minutes when she heard a bell ring in the hall.

“Fuck,” she thought, hearing students start to enter and talk in the halls. She quickly got up and pulled her pants up, wincing as her pussy ached so badly with every movement of her legs. She grabbed her heavy tits and stuffed them back in her bra as she searched for her shirts. Finding them thrown several desks away, she started pulling them both on at once as she went back to her desk. The door to the class room opened and two students talking to eachother walked in just as she was pulling her shirts down over her giant tits. The students stopped mid-sentence as they saw this, but Jamie grabbed her backpack and rushed out the back door of the classroom before they could do anything.


Jamie walked straight home, wiping tears off her cheeks as she moved, her crotch throbbing from being rubbed between her thighs. Several students stared at her as she walked because her oversized tits were bouncing enough to be obvious.

When she got home, she dropped her backpack on the floor and immediately went to her room, stripping off her shirts and pants, and pulling down her panties as she dropped onto her bed. Her pussy ached so badly that she wanted nothing but to lay there and let it rest, it hurting so much more with any movement. She spread her legs open and sighed, the aching subsiding enough that she was able to fall asleep.


Jamie woke up at 4 a.m. the next day. Her back ached a little because she hadn’t moved all night. She rolled over and closed her legs, feeling wetness between them at her crotch. Suddenly she remembered what had happened and sat up. She slowly reached down to her crotch, gingerly feeling around her clit, nervous to go further down. It didn’t hurt at all anymore though, so she carefully touched her labia. With no aching, she began to really feel at her pussy.

“No…” she said softly to herself, tears welling up in her eyes. Her pussy felt all wrong. Her inner labia were pulled out and wet, and even with her legs only partly apart, the lips hung open around a gaping hole. Rubbing her fingers around, her pussy was soft and pliable. Her fingers easily slid between her lips, the tips of three of them slipping in without her even meaning to. She slid two fingers further in, the most she’d ever used on herself before, except instead of a tight fit, they met with no resistance at all, and just rubbed along one wall of her open hole, the opposite wall not even touching them.

“Oh my god, my pussy is ruined. It’s so fucking ruined,” she thought to herself, feeling inside. “Who would ever want to fuck me? It feels like it’s hanging open wider than any cock I’ve ever had.” Her thoughts raced along these lines, as she slipped another two fingers inside, finally enough to fill the gaping opening, but the walls still barely clung to them and still felt so pliable. “Damnit, it’s so fucking loose. It really is a slut’s stretched out pussy. And why the fuck is it still so wet?” She folded her thumb in and pressed her entire hand inside. Being quite a bit smaller than Ms. Matheson’s hand, it easily slipped in, and was still not a tight fit. Tears streamed down her face as she tormented herself with her thoughts of how ruined her pussy is, her only consolation being how nice it felt to rub and slide her hand inside herself. She rolled over on her side and started sliding her fist in and out, dragging it across her clit. Too easily, she started orgasming, holding her hand inside her pussy as it twitched a little, but was unable to clench down. She moaned and closed her eyes, the waves of the orgasm pushing all thoughts out of her mind. She stayed like this for a few minutes, until she started thinking about her loose pussy again, and started fisting herself again…


That afternoon, Jamie sat in the back of Ms. Matheson’s class again. She skipped her first classes and had spent the entire morning fucking herself. Her head was cloudy as she watched the teacher talk about something about parts of speech. Occasionally Ms. Matheson would look at her, but no more so than any other student. How could she act like nothing happened? thought Jamie. Class went on for the full period this time as Jamie sat there, wearing another baggy sweater and jeans, her pussy wet and aching for attention. Her body just wanted to orgasm again and forget about anything bad. The bell rang, and all the students got up to leave again, Jamie slowly following suit.

“Oh, Jamie, I have some time to talk now if you’d like to follow me to my office,” said Ms. Matheson plainly. Jamie looked around, not acknowledging the comment, but stopping to let her teacher walk out first so she could follow her.

When they reached her office, Ms. Matheson closed and locked the door behind them.

“Strip down,” she said in the same voice as if she was teaching.

Jamie stood there a little awkwardly, “is it… is it going to be like last time?” she said.

“No, the first time is always worse, I promise.”

Jamie hesitated, but then dropped her backpack to the floor and took her shoes off. She slid her pants down, still looking nervous as Ms. Matheson watched her, intimidating at how much taller she was, completely unaffected by the situation. Jamie pulled her sweater off, leaving her in just her white bra and panties.

“Well go on,” said Ms. Matheson, and Jamie unhooked her bra, letting her melon-sized tits hanging free off her chest, having grown so quickly, they were still firm and didn’t sag at all, making them look round and fake. She grabbed her panties on either side and wiggled them down her legs, exposing her loose wet pussy.

“Mmmm… You really did stay open, didn’t you? Look at that stretched out cunt,” said Ms. Matheson, stepping forward to pull Jamie against her, having to lean down quite a bit to start kissing her softly. She held Jamie’s shoulders and turned her to face her desk, gently, but forcefully bending her over it, not bothering to clear it off as her fat tits pressed into a stack of papers. She slid her hand down the soft girl’s back and over her ass, grabbing each cheek and squeezing them. She slid one hand down the crack of her ass and over her pussy, rubbing her hand all over it and getting coated in pussy juice. She then balled up her fingers and slowly starts to wriggle her fist into the loose pussy. It took a little effort, but she was able to slip it completely in without any warmup.

Jamie moaned softly. She just wanted to cum so badly, and Ms. Matheson was so good at making her cum.

“My goodness, you’re still so loose. Something must be wrong with your pussy to not close back up, even after that little playing yesterday,” mocked Ms. Matheson, twisting her fist and wiggling it inside her student.

Jamie whined a little. Why did she have to torture her and make her feel like such a whore? Couldn’t she just make her cum?

“I’m not kidding Jamie, I know from experience that even that sort of rough fucking shouldn’t ruin your pussy in just one day,” she said. Jamie couldn’t tell if she was actually telling the truth and concerned or she was just tormenting her more. Ms. Matheson pulled out the fist and pulled open Jamie’s legs, the rest of her body resting on the desk, her large breasts squished up underneath her torso.

Ms. Matheson kneed down behind Jamie and stuffed four fingers inside the gaping cunt, pulling at the side of it to stretch it open as she looked into the stretched out hole. “Really, I’ve never seen a pussy like this,” she said, stuffing her entire right hand back in. “It’s so loose that I bet I could…” she pulled her left hand up alongside the wrist of the right, and started sliding her fingers along the wrist and inside. She met some resistance at the thickest part, but was able to force her second hand forward alongside the first.

Jamie gasped out and moaned. “Oh god, is my pussy really that loose?” she asked concerned while breathing heavily and enjoying the feeling of being so filled and stretched.

“Oh yes,” said Ms. Matheson, both her arms sticking out of the busty girl, twisting them around and making Jamie squirm, “I’ll show you.” She quickly pulled out both hands, leaving the wet pussy hanging open. She turned on the computer next to Jamie on the desk and turned the monitor toward her, grabbing the webcam off the top and positioning it behind her. She turned on the video, and suddenly Jamie was staring at a clear view of her loose pussy, gaping open almost two inches wide. “Just watch how easy this is,” said Ms. Matheson, and Jamie saw an entire fist punch straight inside the loose pussy on the screen, feeling it penetrate her at the same time, immediately followed by a second hand sliding alongside the first, quickly pushing in until two arms were sticking out of the pussy.

Jamie whined softly, “m-my pussy…” she said softly, as Ms. Matheson resumed twisting her arms inside the open pussy.

“I can stop if you want, but really, your cunt isn’t good for anything else now. You’ll never have normal sex again with a bucket between your legs,” said Ms. Matheson, starting to slide both fists forward and back.

She was right. How could she fuck someone again? And she felt such a strong desire to cum, she can’t go back now. “No…. don’t stop,” she said a little tearfully. Ms. Matheson nodded and laced her fingers together inside Jamie, pulling both hands out and once and pushing them both back in, using her two arms as a huge cock to penetrate her. Jamie watched as her teacher pounded into her loose pussy, leaving it hanging open even wider when she pulled out, pushing her whole body forward as she shoved back in and bottomed out in her cunt.

It wasn’t long before she started orgasming, closing her eyes as her pussy drooled juice from the strong orgasm. Ms. Matheson pulled out both hands, leaving the loose hole over 2 inches wide.

Jamie panted softly, her naked body splayed over the desk as Ms. Matheson started to clean herself up.

“W-was that it?” asked Jamie.

“Well yeah. Come back tomorrow”

“But…” started Jamie, looking at her open hole on the monitor.

Ms. Matheson sighed. “Alright fine,” she said, turning to look through the bottom drawer of a file cabinet, “take this.”

She walked up behind Jamie and stuffed a fairly large dildo in her, a bit bigger than any normal cock.

“But I can barely feel that!” said Jamie.

“It’s inflatable. Do I have to do everything for you?” She grabbed the rubber ball on the end of the hose hanging from the back of the dildo and handed it to Jamie. “Lock the door on your way out,” she said, leaving Jamie bent over her desk.

Jamie held the rubber ball and squeezed it, seeing the rubber cock move inside her. She squeezed a few more times, and saw it swelling. She kept squeezing for a minute or so, mesmerized by the cock growing thicker, filling her gaping hole until it fit snugly inside her. She reached back and grabbed the base of the inflatable dildo, and started pulling it out and sliding it back in, awkwardly fucking herself bent over the desk. She scooted back and got up, a couple paper clips stuck to her large breasts. She bent down and held the base against the floor and started riding it up and down, pumping it a little wider every once in a while over the course of a couple hours, riding the fat inflatable dildo and cumming in her teacher’s office.


Jamie sat down carefully in the back of a city bus on the way back to her home. It was in the evening now, and it was mostly empty. She kept the inflatable dildo inside her because she couldn’t bear to be empty anymore. She was exhausted after masturbating so much, and just relaxed on the seat. She had pulled the hose up the front of her pants and hooked it under her bra. Looking around, she saw no one was watching and pulled it out from under her shirt, giving it one little squeeze.

The bus stopped and a large group of people got on. Jamie realized that a hose sticking out the front of her pants looks pretty bad, so she quickly stuffed it underneath her and pulled her loose sweater over the hose. Some of the group moved to the back and sat across from her, but were mostly preoccupied with their own conversations.

The bus started moving again, slowly bouncing down the street, but soon turned onto a side street under construction. The bus started bouncing more, making the back of the bus jostle up and down, bouncing Jamie enough to lift her off the rubber pump and fill with air before bouncing back down.

Jamie felt the inflatable dildo swell inside her as the bus bounced. She looked around at the people around her, sure that they knew what was happening to her, but they didn’t seem to notice as they too bounced along. The inflatable dildo had already been pumped up a good bit larger than Ms. Matheson’s two hands, but now it was stretching her even more with every bounce. Jamie closed her eyes, sweating a little as it kept pumping, more and more air filling the dildo, the man across from her trying not to stare at her tits as they bounced along with the bus, but unaware of the growing dildo in her. How fucking long was this construction road?

The dildo started to hurt quite a bit as it swelled. Jamie’s whole stomach felt like it was being stretched after getting pumped up, and worse still it was making her so horny. She couldn’t help but associate that stretching with incredible orgasms, and now she was being stretched more than ever. This continued for several minutes before Jamie couldn’t take it anymore and pulled the stop bar on the bus, which slowed to a stop at a bus stop a half a block further down. Jamie got up quickly and ran off the bus, the tube and the pump dangling behind her for anyone to see. When she got on the street, she looked around. The bus pulled away, and it was late enough that no one was around her. Now sweating and unable to control herself, she quickly pulls down her pants and her panties, dropping to her knees and grabbing the pump, looking for the release valve while rubbing at her clit. It hurt too much to actually orgasm, but if she could just get this thing out of her, she could finally cum. Finding the valve, she unscrewed it and heard air rush out of the toy. Rubbing at her clit, she could feel her stomach deflate a little as the toy inside shrunk enough to finally flop out of her loose cunt and wetly fall to the sidewalk, leaving her hole well over 3 inches wide open.

Finally getting relief, she bent over, laying forward on the sidewalk as she rubbed furiously at her clit, immediately cumming and shuddering on the street. After how addicted she’d become to cumming, this wasn’t a good enough orgasm though, and she grabbed the dildo off the concrete and stuffed it back inside her, pumping it back up as quickly as she could to get to a size that should actually get off on. Once she pumped it wider than a wine bottle, she grabbed the base and started roughly fucking at her pussy, laying forward on the sidewalk, her face on the ground tits cushioning her body, and her ass in the air as she fucked herself. Part of her was screaming at herself to stop, she’s not such a whore that she has to fuck herself on the street where anyone could see her with such a massive dildo. Another part of her was so turned on by that very same thought. She wanted to cum so badly, but her loose ruined cunt was so stretched out that she could only do it with this huge rubber cock. She wanted to fill and stretch her cunt so badly, she didn’t care how much it stretched her out, how a giant gaping maw of a cunt was going to be left between her legs. She grabbed the pump and started pumping it more, gasping as she kept fucking herself, having trouble holding on to the dildo now as it approached 2-litre bottle sized. Finally she started to cum again, writhing on the sidewalk and moaning loudly as she squeezed her legs closed around the 4-inch wide dildo.

She moved her knees back and just lay face down on the side walk, panting from the orgasm, her body laying there, recovering, her torso not really on the ground with her fat melon tits pressed against the sidewalk. The dildo slowly slide out of her and back onto the sidewalk, leaving her cunt hanging open. Permanently ruined and stretched out, a gaping hole exposing her insides to the cool night air, her worn pussy lips dangling helplessly around the useless dumpster of a cunt, the perfect pussy for a cum-dumpster slut who lives for sex and little else.


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