..:: iGAPES – Haruko (T.W.14) ::..

Haruko – Had a hard time getting what I wanted out of this character and design. The fat lipped tight vagina at one stage and then the more interesting and slightly unreal idea of a vagina inside a vagina for another where the only 2 to ‘come out’ well’ish.

The vagina inside a vagina one was fun to do however, having her insides out but them ether saying the cervix became lips and grew a new or something – mixed in with her piercing weights fetish… its an interesting idea at least.

The caption is pending on this one – but if you can think of something that would suit it as a submission feel free to send it this way, sure it’d be better than my own.

iGapes - TW14 Haruko a iGapes - TW14 Haruko b
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