..:: iGAPES – Kiri [Alpha] (T.W.13) ::..

Kiri – The Alpha, one of the monster dominant vagina girls. I’ve done this design here and there, still got to get Chrysanthemum, my original alpha *Sigh* – as they are fun and popular. Total size fetish.

I’d love to take it the one step further. Mixing in the corruption fetish of being inside a HUGE vagina, the place being infectious and vast and changing of women and something going on, only to pull back and find it all being a weird product of a hyper alpha, all going on inside her being somehow… somehow…

iGapes - TW13 Kiri 01ac iGapes - TW13 Kiri 01a
iGapes - TW13 Kiri 01bc iGapes - TW13 Kiri 01b
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