..:: MDT – GAPE – Dojin, Mostly Uncensored ::..

Ok boys and girls, something a little special now… If nobody has ever come across this little gem, this is ‘Gape’ a comic by MDT.

Its a very unique comic as it has no text, and is moved by small panels only, pretty unique idea!

Anyhow this one I have here was a NEAR end release version, just before application of most of the censorship was added. I’ve had to add some pages which are smaller with some censoring to fill out the holes, but very few of them exist.

Bit of luck I may get to do my own comic sometime for iGAPES. Oh, and this comic was freeware as far as I understand it, MDT isn’t around any more, so I gladly host his kick ass dojin on iGAPES. Enjoy!

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