..:: Story – April ::..

APRIL by Wombat

My name is April. I turned 17 last week. I am five four and about 105. I have long blonde hair and blue eyes. My tits are a little big for my frame. They are 36D. My nipples are small, I can cover them with one of those little round band-aids. I have kept my cunt shaved since I was thirteen. I have always known that I liked girls better than boys. I have had a hard time because of it.

Last year in school, my sophomore year, I dated a guy for about two weeks. He always wanted to have sex. I tried sucking him off in the school parking lot, but I almost got sick when I tasted his cock. We broke up later that day.

Gym class has always been a trial for me all those girls…the touching and sweating.  I have masturbated in the shower with all of them standing there. I was caught the last semester. We had a new girl transfer into school. I was just staring at her in the shower and suddenly one of the other girls noticed I was rubbing myself.

Word spread very quickly. Needless to say the rest of the term was a hellish experience.
When summer break started I decided I needed to get away. I found an ad in the newspaper. A woman in the next county needed some summer help on her ranch. I called her and found out that her husband had died in a car wreck.

The job was for the entire summer the pay wasn’t great but room and board were included. My parents knew I was miserable, but not why. Finally they agreed to let me take the job.

The next day Linda drove up to our house to pick me up. She was breath taking. Six feet tall, long dark hair, full red lips, and green eyes. I could tell she was big chested, but with the work shirt on I could not tell how big.

My cunt got wet just looking at her. I got my bags and we drove off. The job wasn’t all bad, a lot of work but there were other things that made it worth while. Linda let me ride her horse a beautiful Morgan, and I used the pool every chance I could. The first time I saw Linda in a swimsuit my cunt got slick and I went to the barn and rubbed myself off while looking at her through the open loft door. She wore a thong bikini that showed off her full puffy sex mound. Her tits were huge at least 48DD. Her top barely covered her large nipples.

I started to wear less all the time. I would wear half shirts with no bra. Letting my tits swing free rubbing my nipples on the fabric. Once I cut the legs off a pair of my tightest jeans to make some shorts. I cut them even with the seam of the crotch. When I wore the shorts, I didn’t wear any panties so my cunt was split open by the seam. I would pull the seam up tight against my mound. When I did that, the seam would rub my clit and the juices would cover my thighs. I was in a constant state of stimulation.

One day Linda said she had to go to town for some things. Right after she left I went to the barn I had on my shorts and a half shirt with no bra. My nipples stiffened and lube leaked from my fuck tunnel. In the barn I stripped off my clothes leaving them piled just inside the door I dove head first into the hay naked. I could feel it all over my body prickly and almost painful, but not quite. I rubbed myself and came very quickly. As I

lay there, one of the dogs came in and started sniffing around. It ran over to where I was and started sniffing at my cunt. I pushed it away but it was persistent. Suddenly it licked at my slit.

“Uhnn…Oh!” I gasped. The feeling was wonderful. I quit trying to make it stop. It licked again and again. Its tongue was slipping into my slit and over my clit.

“Fuuuuuuuck…fuck..Unnnnnnn uh uh.”I screamed as an orgasm ripped my mind.

A shadow suddenly fell across my eyes.
“Getting off with the animals.  I knew you were a slut the first time I saw you, April.” Linda said.

I was still twitching with the waves of pleasure. The dog still lapping away at the juices that were running from my cunt. She grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me to my feet. Pulling me over to a stall that we had cleaned yesterday and tied my hair around a cross piece on the railing. I was bent over at the waist my head lower than my butt. She tied my hands behind my back using baling wire I was shaking from embarrassment. She turned and left. The dog ran over and started nosing around my cunt again. I closed my legs against the attention.

But being bent that way I soon started to cramp and fell to my knees. The dog was there and soon was licking away again. I could feel its tongue sliding all over my sex mound. Linda returned then carrying a tripod and video camera.

“Couldn’t stop for even a minute, could you?” she said, as she set up the camera and started filming.

The dog’s attention never wavered. It’s tongue slipping up my cunt. I was so humiliated but I could feel another orgasm starting.
“Please let me go.”I begged

“Puh..Puhleese. I…I don’t want to do th…this.”

I started to quiver and shake. Crying I turned my head towards her.

“I’ll do whatever you want just make him stop.”

“You’ll do what I want anyway.” she said, pointing meaningfully at the camera.

Suddenly the dog jumped up putting its front legs around my ribs. I could feel its cock sliding along my cunt slit.

“Nnnno..No stop it.” I cried out. I started to buck around to dislodge the dog. But it tightened its grip on me. I could feel its cock starting to slide into my pussy pushing through the little lips.

“Nnno..NNo. NOOOO…I’m a virgin!” I screamed as its cock slid into me.

It rammed all the way in tearing through my hymen without a pause.

“Ahhhhh…Nnno..Nnnnoooo!” I cried.

The dog continued to pump into my cunt. Virgin blood and cunt juice dripping off its shaft. I could feel its cock beginning to swell; suddenly it flooded my cunt with stream after stream of dog sperm. I felt ashamed and dirty but I could feel my clit quivering. I couldn’t believe it I was going to cum after having my cherry raped away by a dog.

I screamed as wave upon wave of sensation burned through me. I started to buck back against the dogs pounding cock. He stopped squirting into me and pulled out leaving me in the middle of the orgasm.

Linda came over and released my hands. She quickly tied thick straps of leather with rings in them around both of my wrists and around both of my ankles. She tied the ropes to all four of my appendages. When she finally released my hair the orgasm had faded away. Linda went to the end of the stall after threading the ropes through various rings and pulleys.

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

“Don’t you think little girls that fuck dogs should be punished?”, was all she said.

“April, I knew you were a slut. But I really didn’t know you were into animals.”,  Linda laughed.

She brought out a strap of leather four feet long and a hands width wide. “This is the belly band off my saddle.”, she said, snapping the belt like a whip.

Linda pulled on the ropes, raising my arms up and apart. Then she raised my feet up and apart. All my weight was supported by my arms and legs. Finally my legs were spread apart and my crotch was slightly higher than my head. I could feel the air cooling on my cunt. I was looking past my pussy right into Linda’s eyes.

She leaned forward and stoked my pussy. I was already wet. Just being in front of her totally exposed was making me horny again. She slipped two fingers into my spread cunt. I could feel myself getting wetter. Linda then rubbed on my clit and stuffed a third finger into my pussy. I started to grind my hips in time with her strokes. My cunt was leaking juice down the crack of my ass. I started to moan and twist. She stopped and stepped back.

Then she brought the belt straight down from overhead and smacking right
In to the center of my crotch. I screamed as the leather cracked painfully against my splayed out pussy. Pain and pleasure coursed through my veins. My legs and arms shook and my body were seized by shivering spasm of lust. She stood still, waiting for me to recover, and then she slid the belt forward, letting it rub over my displayed crotch, rubbing it over my cunt and clit.

“Want me to hit you again?”, she taunted. “Want to feel this again?

My brain pounded with anxiety, fear, and desire. She trailed the belt alongside my drooling cunt.

“You want me to spank your little pussy?”

I nodded my head, tears falling down my cheeks.

“Say it!” she hissed.

“Hit me.” I sobbed.

“Where?  Where should I hit you?” she cooed.

“My pussy!” I pleaded. “Sm..smack my pussy! Whip my clit!”

“How hard little girl?  I wouldn’t want to hurt you.” she trailed the belt
over my cunt ever so lightly. I started to shake as the beginning of another orgasm radiated outward from my pussy.

“H… Hard… Hhhhard!” I moaned.

She leered mockingly at me and swung the belt down again. It cracked down against my pussy mound, impacting with a dull splat against my moist pussy slit. I screamed again.

“H… HHharrdddder! Hit my cunt!”

“Will you do anything I want you to do?” Linda asked

“Y.Yes!” I said only wanting to cum. No matter what.

“Yes! Yes, any..th..thing..Uh..Uh Anything..aa..at all!”

She swung the belt again, sending a flaring explosion of heat and pain through my crotch. She started to whip the belt down harder, and faster. The cracking whip smashed down, sending a flood of exquisite sensations roaring through my body. My burning cunt exploded in raging heat and electric shocks. She swung with all her strength. Wwwwww…..SMACK!

Cunt juice gushed down my fuck tunnel and out through my gaping cunt opening, coating my cunt and the belt with my juices. I screamed like a lost soul, my mind reeling from the intense bursts of heat. Then she dropped the belt. I was still cumming. My pussy was twitching the lips opening and closing. My head was flopping dazedly from side to side.

I looked up and saw her place her fist against my cunt mouth. She leaned into my cunt as I watched dreamily, fascinated. My cuntmouth spread and stretched, opening wider and wider. Slowly her fist sank down into my fuck hole.

I groaned with the mind blowing feeling of utter fullness as she pushed her fist down inside me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her hand as her fist slid down out of sight inside my abused slit. I shivered all over as her wrist passed my cuntlips and still she continued pushing. Her hard balled up fist pushed deeper and deeper. Finally, when her arm was buried halfway to her elbow, I felt a grating, grinding pain as her knuckles crushed up against my cervix. I just stared, enthralled at the sight of my pussy lips gripping her arm. Slowly she pulled it back until the fist was just inside my pussy, starting to stretch the lips again, then she rammed it forward again.

She growled “Take it all.” Soon she pulled her fist back only to start pushing to the right then the left again and again. Then sliding her other hand along her arm and into my stretching cunt. My pussy lips were stretched so tightly I thought they were ripping apart. Then she leaned back and lunged forward tearing both forearms into my guts. She leaned back and I could feel her arms sliding back then she rammed forward again and her arms
moved farther into my gushing cunt. I stared in disbelief as both her arms slowly slid into me stretching and pulling my cunt. She balled her other hand into a fist.

She had both hands in my cunt stretching it more each second. Her arms were over half way to her elbows and getting deeper with every push. When she almost pulled all the way out and rushed forward again. I felt something being pushed out of her way. Once more she reared back, then with a grunt she pushed into me again. I could feel my insides being shoved aside. Then suddenly it felt as if a flashbulb went off in my head. She grunted again using all of her strength slamming into me, burrowing into my pussy. I could feel her hot breath on my tits. I could see my cunt warped around her elbows.

I erupted in frenzied driving cum, as she began fucking her fists in and out of my guts. I felt her hard knuckles rasping back and forth in my cunt tunnel. I could feel my cunt stretching more and more as she moved her elbows wider as she slammed her fists around inside my belly, driving me to a screaming writhing orgasm, stretching, pulling and slamming forward, and sending my mind spinning down an endless hole into senselessness as wave after wave shook my body.

I came back to my senses in my room. I was hungry and sore. My cunt felt bruised and my clit throbbed.  I tried to move and realized that I was bound. Tied Spread-eagled to the corners of the bed with thick strips of leather. The camera was setup in the corner of the room. I lay there and waited for what seemed like hours. Finally Linda entered the room, she was dressed in a leather bodice that left her breasts bare and she carried a black gym bag.

“Now you will learn the true meaning of pain.” she said. Laying the bag on the floor she bent down out of my sight and I heard rattling as she rummaged through the bag.

She stood up and moved nearer. I saw she carried a metal apparatus. Slowly she reached down to my exposed pussy and started to rub my clit. I started to feel a warm sensation. The feeling started to spread like a fire in my crotch. My cunt was dripping and the warmth was starting to become hot. Linda started to rub and the heat started to become a searing feeling. It felt as if my cunt was catching on fire. As I started to cry out, she pushed the gag into my mouth. I watched then as she placed the metal device against my crotch.

“Not so tight now, but if you are to belong to me on you need a much larger cunt.” So saying, she pushed the long metal prongs into my cunt. There were four prongs together kind of flat like giant spoons they were about 18 inches long and about 5 inches tall. All attached to a small knob. The heat spread into my cunt and started to burn. I was beginning to sweat and pant. The size of the prongs were stretching my cunt more than I could believe.  I didn’t believe they would fit. She managed to push about six inches into me. Then she pulled them almost all the way out.

“Shrunk a little bit, I see”, she said.

She pulled a bottle out of the bag. I read the label it was Heat Massage Oil. She poured some onto the prongs and pushed it back in. The heat was a fire inside of me. I screamed into the gag. This time she slid the entire length into me. She stopped then and moved the camera closer. Then checked the view. I could feel the metal all the way to my cervix. I had managed to take it all maybe she would stop now. But as soon as it slid home she pinched my clit hard and twisted it. Waves of pain rolled over me and some thing else. I
was beginning to feel an orgasm building.

“Are you ready to begin?” she said. My mind raced, “Begin? Begin?” And I thought, I had done it. She reached down between my legs and I heard a racheting-sound. The prongs started to spread. I screamed and screamed. She just kept turning the knob. My cunt was open about 3 inches when she stopped.

“Mmmm, I think I need my wrench. I’ll be right back.”

And she left the room. I lay there with my cunt stretched out like a square and feeling like it was on fire. I was on the verge of an orgasm that just stayed beyond my ability to reach. Linda came back into the room carrying a pipe wrench.

“What is she going to do with that?” I wondered.

Soon enough I found out. She placed the wrench onto the knob and clamped it into place. With a wicked smile she spun the wrench around a full turn and ripped my cunt open another inch. It felt as if my cunt was being torn open. She started to turn the wrench again! Slowly click by click it turned and pulled my pussy open wider and wider.

“The vet gave me this to open up the horse when she was about to foal.” she said as she turned it some more.

“The horse!” I thought.

Suddenly my clit popped out from the stretched hood. I look down, It stood out about two inches and my cunt was pulled open about five inches. I could have put my hand inside and not touched the sides. Linda leaned down and started to suck on my distended clit.

Waves of pleasure flowed outward from my pussy. Just as I was about to cum she stopped. And turned one more click. She blew on my clit it swelled more I didn’t feel the pain any more. She looked me in the eyes. A tender loving look. And took my clit into her mouth again. Slowly sucking it up and down. Once again as I was about to orgasm she stopped. Click, click.

She reached into the bag again, and pulled out what looked like a bicycle pump with a plastic tube attached to it. She placed the plastic tube over my clit. It was clear plastic and I could clearly see my clit inside it. She started to pump. I could feel suction on my clit. So it wasn’t a pump but a vacuum. Linda pumped and pumped. My clit thickened and was pulled farther and farther into the tube. She stopped when it was pulled three inches into the tube. It looked as thick as two fingers. My clit was being pulled out of my body. The pain was driving me to the edge. I quit screaming. My body trembled and shook. Taking a break from my cunt, she took my left nipple in her mouth and bit down on it. While pinching my right nipple, she stopped and took my face in her hands. Gently rubbing my cheeks she looked my in the eyes.

“Anymore and your pussy will be stretched so far it will not go back to normal.” She kissed me on both eyes.” But you want to cum, don’t you?”

I nodded my head. I was so close now I thought I would die.

“I will make you cum, but I’m not done.” She pouted.

“Do you want me to continue, and make you cum?” She asked looking me in the eyes.

“Cum..use this on the horse…cum..not go back..cum…stretched so far… cum.. far.. cum.. horse ……CUM!” These thoughts raced through my mind.

Tears started to stream out of my eyes, as I nodded once. She smiled and grabbed my right tit with both hands and pulled up on it, until she lifted my upper body off the bed and twisted. It felt as if my tit was being torn off. As I screamed she released my tit and turned the wrench, clickety click,click,click… Wider and wider. Pain and waves of pleasure. There was a sudden pain as I felt something give in my cunt. I looked down and screamed.

My pussy was at least eight inches open. Click, click, click… She stopped and bent down looking into my stretched out cunt gave the pump a few quick pumps. Reaching into my pussy she put her arm in and flicked my cervix with her fingers. It felt like she was touching my soul. She inserted a finger through my cervix into my uterus. I went off like a bomb. I came so hard I passed out. When I finally came back to my senses I was alone and untied. My cunt felt strange. I stood up and tried to walk, but I was so bow legged that it was nearly impossible. I looked at my cunt. My clit was still sticking out and the lips were dangling loosely. I pulled on them and could open my cunt so that I could easily have fit four fingers in with no problem.

“I’m a freak.” I moaned out loud.

I looked around the room. It was bare except for my bikini lying in folded in the corner. I put it on. My cunt was so swollen it looked as though I had a penis. I heard the sound of the door opening, I turned and there she was standing in the doorway.

“So are you ready to go out to the pool?” She asked.

I just stared at her. She was wearing a thong bikini with a top that barely covered her nipples and three inch spike heels. Her dark hair was in single braid down her back. It reached to the top of her butt. I just couldn’t believe what had happened. I felt my mouth go dry. She walked over to me and took my chin in her hand. Looking me in the eyes, she said.

“You have to learn to obey.”

She led me to the pool. Where the camera was set up and she told me to remove my bikini. I hesitated unsure of what was going to happen.

“Strip, I said.” She ordered again. Then she pushed me so hard I stumbled backwards and fell over a chase lounge. I lay sprawled on the deck. She yanked my top off and kicked me in the stomach. The air whooshed out of me. Then she reached down and slid my bikini bottom off.

“Lay down on the chair.” She said mildly. I quickly crawled up and into the lounger.

After about a half an hour. She went back inside the house and came back out with a big picnic basket. Setting the basket down, she switched the camera on.

“I don’t want you to sun burned.” she grinned.

She took out a bottle of suntan oil and started to spread it over herself. Removing her top she rubbed it over tits, her nipples got hard. I started to feel my own crinkle up. Then she leaned over me and started pouring oil all over me, and she massaged it in. I could feel my clit starting to get hard. She took banana out of the basket and slowly pushed my legs apart. Then she peeled the banana and stuck it in my oiled cunt. Then she peeled another and smashed it up into me. I could feel an orgasm building. She peeled another and pushed it up into my cunt. I slid down in the chair and spread my legs wider. She peeled another and slid it up my hungry cunt.

“More,….m.more.” I panted.

She peeled another and slid it in. Five bananas and my cunt wasn’t full. Then she leaned down and started to lick around my pussy. I lifted my ass trying to get off. She peeled another and it too disappeared into my cunt. I was very close to cumming, just a liitle more. Suddenly without warning she slammed her fist up my pussy, mashed banana sprayed out as her arm slid up into me. I screamed, but she kept slamming her arm up my pussy. Soon I was again about to cum. Suddenly she stopped. She reached into the basket again and pulled out four lengths of rubber tubing. Quickly she tied one around each of my ankles to the legs of the chair. She then rose up and tied each of my hands to the top of the chair. And walked away leaving me tied up with my cunt open. I squirmed and tried to achieve the orgasm I wanted so badly.

“Please don’t leave. I’ll be good.” I whimpered.

Linda returned carrying a tool box and trailing an extension cord. Setting the box down on the deck she removed a small portable electric air pump. From the basket she removed a hot water bottle and attached it to the line from the pump. She folded the bottle and started cramming it in my cunt.

“What are you doing?” I panted. She looked up at me and smiled.

She reached into the basket and quickly shoved the gag into my mouth. I started to panic. Then she started the compressor. At first nothing seemed to be happening. Slowly the bottle started to expand.

“Five PSI.” Linda said calmly.

I could feel it filling my horse cunt.
“Ten PSI……..twelve.” she said.

I could feel my cunt starting to stretch again. “God, what is she trying to do?” I thought.

But I was still close to cumming. My clit stiff and starting to throb. “Fifteen and climbing.” Linda’s hand slipped into the crotch of her bathing suit moving furiously as she masturbated. At twenty PSI my clit burst out from under its hood and stood straight up vibrating like a leaf in the wind. The pain was starting to intensify.

Linda bent down and started licking it. Bringing me to the brink of orgasm and stopping.

“Twenty five PSI.” She said looking at the gauge on the pump again. I could see my cunt ballooning as I watched. Pain/pleasure rushing over me. At thirty PSI the pumps sound changed to a deeper thrumming. I broke into a sweat. The pain was increasing enormously. Linda sucked on my clit, keeping me on the edge of cumming.

“Almost thirty five PSI.” Linda said, her hand busy at her cunt. My legs were being pushed wider apart by the force of the expanding bottle inside of me. Linda began to flick my clit with her fingers. At forty PSI I was screaming into the gag constantly. It felt as if my cunt lips were being torn slowly from my body. Linda was busily rubbing oil all over my pussy. Tears were jetting from my tightly closed eyes.

“Fifty PSI!!” Linda shouted. She turned off the pump and closed the valve. I was sobbing my throat was raw from screaming. I could feel her sucking and biting my clit. The pain was still there but I was again getting ready to cum. She bit down on my clit. It started like an earthquake. Suddenly I was bouncing and the orgasm crashed onto me. I couldn’t feel anything but Linda continuing to chew on my clit. I came time after time as long as she kept biting I kept cumming. Finally she stopped and after awhile I stopped cumming.

“Don’t around move too much. I want to get a picture.” Linda said.

I opened my eyes and fainted right then. It had looked as if someone had stuck a basketball in my cunt. I awoke with that horrible bottle still expanding my pussy. I was cramping very bad. Linda was not around and I was still tied to the chair. As I lay tied to the chair the sight of my grotesque cunt started to intrigue me. My clit was still out but now it was lying like a worm at the top of a hill. As I watched it twitched and started to expand getting hard. Fascinated I stared. It twitched and lengthened.

“My God.” I said aloud.

It continued to swell it must have been two inches long and as big around as my thumb. It now pointed right at my face. Linda returned and rummaged in the tool box. She pulled out a small hand sander without any sandpaper on it. After plugging it in, she switched it on and held it up to show me.

“It’s really only a vibrator.” She giggled.

She poured sun tan oil over my clit then pressed the sander down on it. I thought my clit was being rubbed off. As I opened my mouth and screamed she stuffed a gag in my mouth. Then she leaned on the sander pressing it down harder. The agony quickly turned to passion. I could feel myself cumming fast and hard. She lifted her leg over me and sat down on the top of the sander. She was using it to make herself cum. As soon as she started to cum she lifted her legs up putting all of her weight on my clit. I came again, bucking and thrashing waves of pressure in my skull. She turned the sander off once her orgasm was finished. When she stood I could see my clit it had swelled to twice its thickness but just laid there.

Linda then untied my arms and legs. I lifted my clit it felt numb. Then she released the valve and air whooshed out of the bottle in my cunt. I watched as the bulge started to shrink and my clit slipped under it little hood. But a lot of it was still sticking out.

Linda ripped the hot water bottle out of my pussy before it had deflated all the way. A steady stream of cunt juice and piss drooled out of my sore cunt.

“Well let’s see it.” Linda said with anticipation.

Slowly I started to close my legs they wouldn’t close all the way. I stood on shaking legs. My cuntlips sort of flapped between my bowed legs. Linda reached out and spread the lips of my cunt, and spread them some more and still she met no resistance at all. She slipped her open hand into me and slapped it back and forth.

“Mmmmm..lots of room. Say, I think I could put my whole head in there.”

I quivered at the thought standing there with my cunt flapping in the wind.


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