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When I make art for this site I’m pretty aware that some of the viewers have a very different approach to the art they see here vs. the futa art I occasionally to draw at Released Reactions.We are all here with our own fetishes and likes and hates and one of the things I’ve been cagey about is futa and also the inclusion of big clits. I also tend to oversized the sizes to both if done most the time. Like the gapes on this site most the time they are pretty extreme or much larger than normal.

So once again it’s a question to the masses here – do you mind seeing futanari (dickgirl / hermaphrodites) in one off art works with iGAPES? Maybe an oversized cock from her stretching a gaper hole even more or something? (or maybe the gaper is too big and loose for the dickgirl now ^^) or is that a taboo too far?

And also the question of clits – all part of the female body, but looking at vast giant ones. Do you have any issue once again with clits of large scale being shown or used also like a penis would to stuff into another gaper? Or even just hanging over her massive pussy, overgrown like her hole too?

Answer below for me, help me know what people like to see and if I am going too under or over what people want in this area. For now once again, anything you want to comment on is open ATM, so if you want to clarify or put WHY you feel this way, feel free ^^

Inclusions of monster clits on some girls, and some futa / dickgirls in a few pictures - yay or nay?

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