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Enjoyed reading this story, so contacted the author and next thing she’s allowed it to be posted, so thats cool! – And I know ANOTHER story next, but sorry, just the way it rolls, more art and caps soon!

Drawn some some art designs of what Shannon body could look (or what will be it) like just as a little fun extra – so enjoy that while I’m here, otherwise all written credit goes to Kimmy.

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Hey guys, it’s been a while! I felt like trying something new and writing a story just for RBB about something I’ve fantasized about (hehe >.>). Let me know what you think, if you like where it’s going, etc. I plan to get much more dirty in subsequent chapters. Hopefully I don’t get distracted and keep working on it :P

Chapter One

The doctor felt the weight of each of Shannon’s small, a-cup breasts as she sat topless in the examination room.

“I think you’re a great candidate for breast enlargement. Even though you have a small frame, there’s more than enough room to work with for the size you’re thinking of.”

“I want them to look natural… just, you know, a bit bigger,” Shannon blushed as she replied to the doctor.

“That’s exactly what I specialize in,” Dr. Peters said, letting go of her breasts and taking off his latex gloves. He handed Shannon a book and said, “take a look at these photos of my past patients. They’ve all been very happy with their results.”

Shannon flipped through the pages of topless photos, each showing a before and after picture, with the after pictures showing slightly bigger, natural looking breasts. Even though nearly all the girls looked taller and heavier than her 4’8″, 80 lb. figure, she felt reassured that Dr. Peters knew what he was doing.


Three weeks later, Shannon was laying on an operating table. Dr. Peters slid a needle into her arm and told her count backwards from 100 as the anesthetic put her out. As she counted, her vision started getting fuzzy. She watched the doctor look down a checklist and suddenly look up surprised, dropping the clipboard while saying, “what are you doing in here? This is a closed off, clean environment! You can’t be in here!” Shannon was too out of it to know what was going on as the doctor put his hands up and backed away from her. The last thing she would remember before blacking out was the sound of a gunshot followed by the feeling of someone groping her small breasts.


Shannon blinked a few times as she regained conciousness. Her head was swimming and she couldn’t focus her eyes on anything as she tried to look around. She felt like something was moving around in her stomach, and she was having trouble breathing with what felt like a huge weight on her chest. She felt something slimey partway down her throat and coughed to get it out, tasting something salty and kind of sticky.

Something blurry beneath her looked up when she coughed and stood up, walking out from his position between what looked like her spread open legs. Shannon was able to start focusing her vision as she watched this person’s hands fiddle with a tube sticking out of her arm. Around the tube were dozens of red needle marks from other injections. A strange man she didn’t recognize rested his hand on her forehead, saying, “it’s too soon for you to wake up. Go back to sleep.” He walked back between her legs as she started passing out again. She couldn’t tell, but it looked like he was half-naked and stroking his cock before he bent down in front of her again.


Again Shannon woke up. Her body was numb, but she didn’t feel as out of it this time. She was reclining on a bed, but as she looked around, she was no longer in the hospital. It looked like someone’s bedroom—someone with a lot of money based on the high-end furniture and ornate fabric of the curtains. Between the parted curtains she could see that it was snowing quite heavily outside, which was odd, because her surgery was in the middle of June.

She tried to lean forward but found it impossible. Her body was incredibly weak, and as she looked down it felt, and appeared, as though someone had piled sand bags on her chest beneath the blanket of the bed. She couldn’t see any more of herself past this big mound on her chest. She still felt tired and just layed back, staring at the ceiling, wondering what was going on.

After a while, the door of the bedroom opened as a well dressed man walked in. She recognized her from what she thought was a dream where he was jerking off between her legs.

“Oh good, you’re awake! It’ll be nice to finally see you move around on your own,” the strange man said.

Shannon opened her mouth to speak, but found it difficult. Her jaw was numb like the rest of her body, and her tongue felt as though she hadn’t used it in months. “Wh…Who are you?” she managed to stutter out.

“Oh right, umm, I’m Dr. Jackson. There were… complications with your surgery. I took over for Dr. Peters and finished things up. You’re in a… rehab facility—yes that’s right—to recover from your surgery.”

“I…I can’t move.”

“Oh yes, that’s to be expected I suppose. I tried to keep your muscles exercised, but there’s bound to be some fatigue,” the new doctor said as he approached Shannon’s side. He reached under the blankets to pull out her arm and hold it up. “Can you move your fingers at all, or your arm?”

She concentrated and was able to move both slowly, raising it up to rest on the mound on her chest. “Can you take these sandbags off my chest? It’s hard to breath.”

“Sandbags…? Oh! Haha, no, those are your breasts dear! You did want an enlargement right?”

Shannon opened her eyes wide, now able to pull the blanket down off her chest to expose a set of enormous breasts. They were each the size of basketballs, and stuck out prominently from her chest. Topping each tit was a huge nipple, each a little bigger than a D-cell battery—hard and sticking straight up. “What the hell is this? This isn’t what I wanted!” she said in a panic, starting to prop herself forward with her arms.

“Calm down, you don’t want to get too worked up while you’re still coming out of anesthesia. Just relax and rest; we can talk about this later.”

“Like hell later! Where’s Dr. Peters? Where’s Kaitlin? She was supposed to come after the surgery.” Shannon sat up now, but there was a strange pressure in her stomach as she sat there. “Ughf, what’s with my stomach?”

“Oh right, I’ll take care of that,” said Dr. Jackson as held her shoulders and pulled her back down on the bed. “Seriously, just relax. You shouldn’t move around too much,” he reassured her as he moved to the bottom of the bed, pushing the blanket up past her waist. “You’re still numb, right?”

Shannon laid back and sighed, “yes.”

“Good, this might feel weird,” the doctor said as she could feel him pushing her thighs apart, but unable to see what he was doing past her huge tits.

“Hey, what are you—”

Shannon was cut off by what felt like her stomach caving in and her insides being tugged out as the doctor grasped something between her legs and started pulling it out. She heard the sound of something wet sliding along something slick until there was a dull, wet “pop,” followed by what sounded like someone gasping through a plastic tube. The doctor stood up holding a freakishly huge dildo, dripping in juice. It looked to be about the size of a 2-liter bottle.

Shannon just looked at it shocked, wondering what that was doing between her legs and why she somehow felt so empty now.

“Ok, I need to see another patient, you just rest,” the doctor said as he walked to the door, looking like he didn’t think it odd at all that he was holding a big fat dildo. He closed the door behind him, and Shannon could hear him lock the door twice.

She laid there another minute and looked to her side to find a wide variety of make-up. She reached over to grab a compact mirror and sat up slowly, groaning as her weak arms struggled to push her and her new heavy breasts forward. She held the mirror between her still exposed, parted legs and tilted it down to see her pussy, but she could only see a dark fleshy tunnel. She moved the mirror back and gasped, realizing that it was still her pussy, just hanging open obscenely wide with loose, stretched out lips not even attempting to close up the gaping hole. She dropped the mirror and tossed the blanket back down over her legs, closing them up and laying back as her eyes filled with tears as she thought, “what happened to me?”

I realize that there’s not much action going on. I probably get carried away with descriptions… but descriptions are usually my favorite part of erotic stories :P

Chapter Two

Shannon woke up sometime later after having cried herself to sleep. She didn’t feel numb anymore, but her basketball tits were still weighing her down. She sat herself up and shivered as she could feel the lips of her pussy wetly press against the sheets beneath her, but she tried to push this out of her mind. On her small 4’8″ body, the huge breasts were able to rest on her thighs as she leaned forward a bit. She looked down into her deep, long cleavage and ran her hand down the top of a breast to a still-hard, big battery-sized nipple. Touching the sensitive flesh of the nub made her shiver again.

“Fuck. These are so fucking big, how is this possible?” she said out loud to herself as she pressed a hand to either side of her bust to gauge the size of them. Even when she pushed them together, they stuck so far out on either side that they would always be in the way of her arms. As she thought about this, she found herself rubbing her hands all over them and forced herself to stop.

Despite the changes, Shannon was feeling better—not so tired and weak. She swung her legs to the side of the bed and sat on the edge. Something felt odd though, when she closed her legs, only her knees would touch each other. She twisted her torso to look past the side of her breasts at her hips, gasping as she saw they were much wider. The flared out to cartoonish proportions, even a bit wider than her breasts. She found it impossible to press her thighs together as her legs would only make a long triangle with these widened hips.

She looked around the sparse room. It was still snowing outside, but darker. There were a few dressers and a nightstand with lots of make-up. In one corner was a door that the Doctor had locked, and another door partially open. Steadying herself so that her huge tits wouldn’t topple her over, she pushed herself off the bed to stand up. She held her breasts up with her arms and tried taking a step. Her legs felt like she hadn’t used them in months, but she was able to walk despite her stance being wider from her flared hips.

The opened door turned out to lead to a big bathroom with a large bathtub, shower, sink, and full length mirror. Taking a deep breath, Shannon stepped in front of the mirror to finally get a good look at herself. She gasped as she saw a strange, slutty looking person look back at her. She still looked 4’8″, but nearly everything else had changed. The biggest being her big round tits, which hung down past her navel. Below the heavy breasts, her hips flared out impossibly wide, her legs separated by more than half a foot, between which the biggest cunt Shannon had ever seen gaped open. Her loose lips hung down a few inches around the wide open hole, wet with juice from her pussy. Just above the hole, her fat clit poked out like half a golf-ball. Shannon just stared at her enormous pussy for a while in disbelief, watching some of the juice collect and drip down between her legs. She turned to the side to see her ass was bigger to fit her hips, sticking out twice as far behind her as it used to.

She managed to pull her gaze away from her bucket of a pussy to look at her face. She could recognize herself, but her features were even softer, and her lips were huge. They looked even bigger than the wax lips kids get for Halloween, appearing to always be puckered because of their inflated size. Her eyes were partway down like she was trying proposition someone, and she couldn’t open them further. Her nose was smaller, and she’d even call her face cute if not for the lips and eyes. Her hair was drawn back into a ponytail, and it was bright pink. She reached back to pull the hair band off, letting the pink hair fall down to just above her nipples.

She felt dirty even looking at herself and turned to start the bath, hoping it would calm her down since she seemed stuck here for now. She sat down in the tub big enough for four as it filled up. The hot water felt great on her soft skin. As it filled nearly to the top, she leaned back so her head was just above the water. As she leaned, she could feel water rush into her gaping pussy and warm her up from the inside, the displaced air from her cunt bubbling up around her. She moaned a bit as it felt strange, but good to have the water fill her. She moved her arm beneath a breast, sliding her hand past her thigh to feel her pussy. She felt the rim of the gaping hole and ran her fingers around it—her skin was loose and pliable as she felt around the hole. She felt down inside herself along one edge of the rim, and pushed her whole hand in without even touching the other side of her pussy. She shivered as she felt how loose she had become, she could barely even tell her whole hand was inside herself.

She pulled her hand out and relaxed for a while, thinking about what she was going to do. How could she possibly return to her previous life looking like this? Was she trapped here? What was this Jackson person going to do to her? After a while, Shannon got out of the bath, hoping to find a way to get help.

She found a towel underneath the sink and dried off, avoiding between her legs, and taking as long to dry her breasts as the rest of her body. She was careful to pat down her nipples as they were still so sensitive, and the coarse towel would be too much. She looked through other drawers underneath the sink and only found the usual toiletries. Holding the towel against her front, she stepped into the bedroom to look through the drawers for something to wear. The first was just underwear… and all far more revealing than what she’d usually wear. Thongs, stockings, and enormous looking bras.

Shannon found the simplest looking black thong and slipped it on, the string in the back sliding between her soft round ass-cheeks, and the front doing nothing to cover the gaping hole of her pussy. The silky fabric did cover her clit at least, but rubbed against it in a distracting way. She pulled out a matching bra, holding it up to examine the enormous cups. She slipped her arms through and found that it fit… sort of. The cups stopped below her nipple, but at least took some of the weight off her shoulders at the cost of pushing her breasts together and up even higher.

Closing this drawer, she looked through the rest, but only found drawer after drawer of incredibly slutty looking clothes. She couldn’t imagine wearing any of the microskirts, tube tops, or blouses cut so low they’d show a foot of cleavage. She sighed and kept looking around the room. The window wasn’t able to be opened, but she must be several floors up as she couldn’t even see the ground in the snowstorm. Shannon tried the door, but it was locked as expected. She opened the doors of a big armoire, and saw shelf after shelf of enormous dildos and plugs of various types. She blushed and closed the doors immediately. There wasn’t much else around but more make-up. She decided to get back into bed and wait for Dr. Jackson to come back.

Here’s some more already! Again, I’m realizing this is coming out super heavy on the descriptions. I’m thinking that if you just want some quick fucking action, you might want to look somewhere else. This is just the sort of thing I find hot, and I hope you do too! <3

Chapter Three

Shannon looked up at the sound of the door unlocking. Dr. Jackson walked in and smiled at her, locking the door behind him. “Hey, I see you took a shower. You feeling better?”

Shannon sat up, nodding quietly as she held the bedsheet over her body. “…where am I?”

“I told you, you’re in rehab for your surgery, and about that…”

“No,” Shannon interrupted, “It’s snowing. You took me out of the country?”

“Haha, no, it’s just January, but listen—”

“JANUARY?! I had my surgery in June!” interrupted Shannon again.

“Yes yes, I know, but you should be thankful for that. You’d be in agony if I stretched you while you were awake, it’s just easier this way. Now really. Someone’s coming to—” said the doctor, growing impatient.

“WHAT THE FUCK!? You fucking pervert, how could you? How many times did you fuck me while I was—”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP YOUR FILTHY SLUT,” shouted Dr. Jackson, making Shannon cower a bit. “Fuck’s sake, I wish I could keep you under forever, but that’s not what the person who bought you wants. He’s here and you’re going with him. Put some fucking make-up and clothes on. He’ll be up when he finishes the paperwork.” The doctor sighed loudly and unlocked the door, slamming it behind him and locking it again.

“…sold? Fuck….” Shannon thought to herself. “What am I going to do? …. ok… I’ll play along until I get outside and make a run for it.” She quickly turned to get up and almost fell over, forgetting about her basketball tits. She looked through the drawers for whatever would cover the most, only finding a loose fitting blouse with extra fabric that hung on her breasts but was still so low cut that her tits could pop out at any moment, and a pleated skirt that barely covered her large ass, but you could occasionally get a glimpse of her low hanging labia. Looking through the make-up on the table, she couldn’t find anything subtle and decided to just use a bright pink that matched her hair. She rushed into the bathroom and looked at her wet hair, “shit, do I even have time to do my hair?” She found a brush and dryer, finding that her hair was curling up just a little bit as she used them. “Huh. Well that’s a nice change at least.” She hardly had to do anything as her hair seemed to naturally fall into sexy flowing locks.

Shannon heard the door open as she was finishing her pink eyeshadow, doing one last check and taking a deep breath before popping out with the best smile she could muster. Dr. Jackson and a tall, dark man were talking to each other as they walked in; the man saw Shannon and laughed. “Haha, no way, is she real? Look at those fucking tits.”

“Ah, yes Mr. Baker. I still insist that she needs another day or two. She only woke up this morning.”

“What are you talking about, she looks great! Like a complete fucking whore.” Mr. Baker said as he walked around the smiling Shannon. “You’re ready, aren’t you slut?” he said as he gave her ass a hard slap.

Shannon winced at the slap, but returned to her smile. “Ah, yes Mr. Baker.”

He stopped in front of her and gave one of her hard, d-cell battery nipples a rough squeeze, making her wince again. “You’ll call me master, slut.” He leaned down and reached to pull her panties to the side and shoved his hand past his wrist into her pussy with no resistance. “Jesus christ man, when I said the loosest you had I was thinking just big enough for a fist. She feels like she could could take five!” Shannon looked a little worried that she couldn’t even tell she had a fist in her.

“Is she not to your liking Mr. Baker? I have other tighter ones…”

“Nah this will be fun. Though I might get tired of her more quickly.” Mr. Baker said as he pulled out his hand. “Ok, I’m ready to go. Tie her up and toss her in my car.”

Shannon stopped smiling now and looked around worried, “what? haha, you don’t need to tie me up Mist…Master. I’ll be good!”

Shannon’s master gave her ass an even harder slap in return for this, making her stumble forward. “Don’t question me you fucking whore.”

Shannon’s ass continued to sting after the slap, making her eyes water. She started panicking and tried to rush past Dr. Jackson to get out the door, but her messed up balance from her heavy tits and her bare feet slipping on the carpet made her fall forward on her chest. The doctor laughed and grabbed her arms as she struggled to stand up, but the heavy tits kept her pinned to the floor and getting on her knees only served to give her master a nice view of her massively gaping cunt, still oozing out some juice.

“Haha, she’s frisky. I like it,” her master said as he walked out the door, leaving the doctor as he tied Shannon up.

She looked up with teary eyes at the doctor, “please, please let me go.”

“Sorry slut, this is just how it is. Have you seen your body? You’re just a sex-toy now. Get used to it.”

Shannon kept crying as she was dragged downstairs by her arms. As she was pulled outside into the blizzard, she could feel the freezing wind blow up into her gaping cunt and chill her from the inside out until she was relieved to be tossed into the backseat of her new master’s car.

Couple more short chapters here for ya :D After this I might skip around a bit and do a chapter from sometime back when she was unconscious, or a chapter from a few years in the future. I have plenty of ideas for things to do, but not sure what order to do them. As always, let me know what you think :)

Chapter Four

Shannon laid on her side, teary-eyed in the back of the plush SUV as it made its way through the wintery countryside. Her new master turned around in the front passenger seat and reached back to grope one of her basketball sized tits, pulling her shirt to the side to expose one of the breasts, grabbing a big handful around the fat, hard nipple. “Stop crying slut, we’re gonna have some fun,” he said as he pinched one of the nipples and gave it a tug. Shannon just stared daggers back as she was helpless to stop him from feeling up her oversized tits.

“Look, I can tell you’re enjoying being felt up, your cunt is drooling all over my seats.”

“…it’s been doing that since I woke up. It doesn’t mean I’m turned on,” Shannon replied quietly.

“Nonsense!” her master said as he reached back to easily slip his hand into her oozing cunt, shoving his hand around inside her gaping opening before pulling out his thumb so he could grab her by the pussy and pull her body around. Shannon winced at being violated like this as he propped her ass up to face the front seat. Even with her legs tied together, her cunt was spread wide open, slowly drooling juice down her thighs. “Look at all that juice, your body love this,” he said as he shoved half his arm into her open pussy, stirring it around to rub the walls of her cunt. “Fuck you are just so damn loose, does it even feel like a man’s arm is halfway inside your pussy right now?”

Shannon shook her head, her face was wedged between the seat of the car and the top of her breasts, unable to move from the spot her master put her in. “Well, let’s try this instead,” her master said, pulling his arm out, coated in juices. He slid his wet fingers up the crack of her ass.

Shannon knew what he was about to do, “no, please don’t!” she pleaded just as her master shoved his entire hand into her asshole, making her jump with a gasp.

“That just slid right in there didn’t it? Haha, I didn’t think your ass would be this pliable since it was all nicely closed up, but you’ve obviously had a lot of stuff shoved up here, huh slut?”

Shannon gasped again as he started fist-fucking her ass halfway to the elbow. She didn’t even know her ass had been stretched at all, having not felt around there since she woke up this morning. It obviously had not been stretched as much as her pussy though, as she could feel her ring being pulled open by her master’s thick arm.

“Oh ho, you like this huh? Does my dirty slut like getting fisted in the ass?” he teased as he pulled his closed fist out, leaving her ass gaping almost as wide open as his fist before punching it back inside her.

Shannon whined as her body rocked back and forth from this rough fisting, “no, no, stop!” she pleaded, but this just made him fist her harder, pulling his closed fist out and punch-fucking her over and over. She could hear the sound of his fist sinking into her ass, forcing air out and making her let out loud wet sounding farts from the fisting.

“Oh ho, that sounds nasty, slut. Do you hear yourself? Such a fucking whore,” he said mockingly, pulling his hand out to slap her ass a few times, leaving wet handprints on her cheeks before resuming the punch-fucking. Shannon started panting heavily. She could feel his arm getting stuffed into her ass, her fat breasts were pushed up against the bottom half of her face, and all she could hear were the sounds of her ass being fisted. The only thing going through her mind was how much of a slut she had become, getting ravaged in the backseat of a car like this. With this thought, she suddenly started cumming very hard; every muscle in her body tightened up as she orgasmed. She let out a moan before realizing what she was doing, unable to stop her body from continuing to orgasm. She just shook her head with tears in her eyes, her pussy drooling even more juice down her inner thighs from the orgasm.

“There ya go slut, I knew you were enjoying this,” her master said as he gave her ass one last thrust before pulling out, rubbing his hand around her ass and thighs to wipe the juices off his arm, finishing by giving her a hard spank. “Hey, just in time. We’re almost home.”

Shannon just laid there panting after the incredible orgasm, her ass still propped into the air, still gaping wide open along with her perpetually gaping pussy, bouncing around a bit as the car traveled and finally pulled to a stop. She was so upset with herself for orgasming, just giving him validation. She continued to refuse to believe she was a slut, even if getting fisted like that felt so good.

Chapter Five

Her master untied her legs and pulled Shannon out of the car, making her walk barefoot through the snow up the driveway to the enormous home. She shivered as she trudged along, her low cut top and microskirt doing nothing to keep her warm, but even worse was the cold wind blowing up and into her exposed and gaping pussy and ass—still open from getting fisted minutes ago. Finally she stepped into the ornate foyer of the home, continuing to shiver as snow melted and slid off her body.

“Is that you dear? I hope your drive was safe, it’s nasty out there,” a female voice from another room said.

“Yes Victoria, there was no problem,” Shannon’s master replied, as he shook off his coat and hung it in a nearby closet.

A few moments later Victoria walked in and gave her husband a kiss. “Jennings said dinner would be ready in an hour,” she said before turning to look at Shannon. “Ugh. Really Steven? She’s disgusting. Her tits are so big that she doesn’t even look real,” she said with a sneer.

“You know I like my toys a little freaky,” Steven said with a smile as she held Victoria and kissed her cheek. “Turn around and bend over slut, show yourself off to my wife.”

Shannon hesitated awkwardly before turning around and bending over as far as she could without falling over from her huge tits pulling her down. Her ass spread enough to show her recently fisted ass gape open, still glistening with the juice of her pussy used as lubricant, and her cunt gaped open even wider between her permanently separated legs, juice collecting near the bottom to drip out of her onto the rug.

Victoria covered her face and turned, lightly punching Steven, “oh my god! that’s so gross.”

Steven laughed as Victoria stomped out of the room, shouting behind her, “I don’t want to see that freak of a whore upstairs again, do you hear me?”

“Yes dear,” Shannon’s master shouted back, walking over to grab Shannon’s hair and pull her back up to standing. He gave her ass a slap, “follow me slut,” and walked the opposite way that his wife went. Shannon followed, looking around the huge house as she went through several rooms. These people were obviously very wealthy, and could afford anything they wanted based on the shelves of ornate glassware and other expensive-looking knick-knacks.

She followed her master down a set of stairs into large basement hallway, lined with doors closed by heavy padlocks. The hall was dark except for light shining from one of the doors that was propped open. They both entered this room, which ended up looking like a decent hotel room, except one of walls had a rack with various whips, chains, and other binding gear. Below this was a dresser covered in enormous dildos. Shannon’s master picked one up that looked as thick around as her leg, “lay down on the bed, slut.

Shannon looked at the intimidating dildo and hesitated, staying near the doorway with her hands bound in front of her.

Her master walked up to her and stared down at her, his muscled, 6’+ figure looming over her short 4’8” head. She conceded, looking down at the ground and walking over to sit on the edge of the bed and laying back. “That’s a good whore,” he told her, pushing her legs wide apart to expose her wet, gaping cunt—hanging open wide enough to drop a can of soda in without even touching the sides.

Her master weighed the huge dildo in his hands, 5″ thick, black, and shaped like veiny cock. “You know I spent weeks trying to get this into my last toy’s cunt. I never was able to,” he said positioning it at her dripping opening.

Shannon looked at the wall beside her, hoping he would get this over with quickly. After feeling her cunt, she figure the leg-thick dildo probably would fit inside her, but she knew it would be painful. Her master pressed the dildo forward, getting the tip of the fat piece of rubber inside her. He wiggled it around, pressing at the inside of her labia and then pushed it further in. He was surprised as it slid right inside her, pressing her stomach up from the inside, showing the vague outline of the head of the cock-shaped dildo just above her opening.

“God damn, you are truly the biggest slut I’ve seen. This fucking thing just slid right inside you! You’re so fucking stretched out,” he said as she pushed more of the dildo inside her. Shannon bit her lip as the dildo entered her, both relieved and heartbroken that it slid in with no pain at all. She’s glad she wouldn’t be tortured by the monster dildo, but she didn’t want to be forced to realize how stretched out her nasty cunt had become. As the dildo sank inside her, her stomach felt a little strange as her pussy pushed around her insides to make room, but other than that, it felt like what a small cock had felt like before her life-changing surgery.

Her master sunk a foot of the dildo inside her before stopping. “Jesus, you’re deep too. I haven’t felt the end of your cunt yet—and you’re pretty fucking short too,” he said, twisting the dildo around inside her, watching the outline of the head of the cock twist as it pressed against her stomach.

“Well, I’d go deeper, but I don’t want to risk breaking you just yet. You just enjoy this little toy tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow slut,” he said as he gave her a long thrust with the dildo before untying her hands and walking out, locking the door and leaving her laying on the bed with half a massive dildo sticking out of her cunt.


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