.::: SpaceInvader ({O}) spreads gaping pussy wider (afield) :::.

Hi gape lovers, faking artist Space Invader here.

I’ve kindly been asked to showcase some of my work on iGapes, to help spread the pussy gaping goodness. Here are some of my latest fakes, loosely inspired by master erotic comic artist Mokuzou Zabuton, who’s style I really like:

A little more about me and my style:

  • I am interested in a broad range of fetishes, but pussy gaping has to be number 1!
  • I absolutely prefer real gaping to fakes, I have no interest in anal gaping, just pussies. To all those women out there will big vaginas that gape – show them, stretch them, be proud, you make us guys hard!
  • I do my fakes merely as a way of increasing pussy gaping content, and because some people really enjoy them, and I want to give back, and maybe inspire more of the same.
  • I really like seeing captioned images – I’m a terrible writer, so to any talented caption writers out there, please feel free to work on captions for my images and then re-post them. It’s all good.

Most of my fakes collection can be found  at image fap via this link

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