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Link – Hay hay all – Just a quick post and highlight I guess today. Penumbra Frog has added a new site on yahoo for his works and asked me to promote it. Why he didn’t just log on and post it, lazy sod is beyond me, but here it is – so another cool morpher has his own place, enjoy it and sub people.


Updated 11/11/11 – Well looks like yahoo killed his group real quick and no idea why -_- we shall morn for its short life, but maybe in time PF will get a new place – keep you all in formed

Helping Hand – In other news, had a few people offer help as requested who got to see the projects I’m working on and art I’ve produced all early and have enjoyed it. Still after people to give input and help out if you can spare a little time, make sure I know what you kids want and all that, so as always, drop me an email at..


And give me some input and a hand what you’d like to see, beause it’s helping out a great deal, plus you get to see art and ideas for whats to come early (and people have been impressed so far) amoung other stuff so…. Come on and help on out!

Cheers, back to it working on stuff…. Sius

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