..:: Poll Result News and Other Bits ::..

Hay people! Just another quick update message and heads up about whats going on.

Progress – Had a hell of a busy week, while not hundreds of people have offered help out, I’ve had some VERY useful feeback and help from them so far (many thanks!) maybe still need just one or two more people and then we are set!

Corrections – As a result of the feedback and corrections to some of the documents are underway and it won’t be long until the ideas and concepts of this iGAPES world can be released. I think people generally are quite interested how I’ve built it up so far, so maybe fun to read when its all one.

Poll – Nice work with the poll, probably by the time you read this I’ll have gotten started with the image and hope to release it soon too. MAY do another one next month if still limited art has been released, but… so far, nice work!

My Blunder – I personally made a mistake too -_- . When trying to set an ‘off time’ for the poll of the characters I think I kind of turned it off. I only realised hours before I was due to close the poll I’d done that – and in truth I was about to remark how you guys need to look down and check out the other poll, BUT.. OH WELL! I’ll know for next time. My Bad! ¬_¬

So stay tuned, hopefully more art, stories and other fun gaping bits to come toon people!

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