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..:: Spotlight – Giyugun / Halpas ::..

I found it amazing how when I was looking for material to post while still a little too busy to do my own how I’ve not shown off the art works of Giyugun yet. Nicely drawn and focus on making things cute and pretty excessively large pussies rather than being a bit more gitty or […]

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..:: Immortal Tom’s Been Busy ::..

Just a quick post one. Mr ImmortalTom has been upto his old tricks once again and done some more gaping inspired iG like work on this blog, here He’s been updating pretty solidly, so always worth checking out and go along and see the art I’ve not had the chance to post here and […]

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..:: M for Mentals Animation 01 ::..

Wow, something a little special for you right here. M for mental, master of multi media smut of our fetishes has produced an animation based off a old doodle I passed him, which can be seen also below. I’m somewhat blown away by it, excellent stuff! Lets hope for some more in time to come. […]


..:: MDT – GAPE – Dojin, Mostly Uncensored ::..

Ok boys and girls, something a little special now… If nobody has ever come across this little gem, this is ‘Gape’ a comic by MDT. Its a very unique comic as it has no text, and is moved by small panels only, pretty unique idea! Anyhow this one I have here was a NEAR end […]

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..:: MDT’s Works ::..

Art works from the long lost artist MDT

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