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Recently I’ve been lucky enough to have time with the author of one of the stories posted on this website, Kimmy. More than just interested in gaping as fiction, she had expressed she liked to gaper in real life too, so I asked for some question for an interview which she was happy to answer and agreed to.

This was done on the fly and not as intricate as it could be or with better structured questions, but I throught that people would at least be interested to hear what goes through a womans mind based on this fetish. I it most enlightening myself…

Q) For a gauge for people to understand very basics of you, would you mind giving your general age range (20-25, 26-30 etc..), Nationality, and any details abut you physically you would not mind sharing – general body and description, sexuality?
A) Mid-twenties, white american, 5’10” thinner, bi sexual – or maybe pansexual (pan means just like, not limited by anything i think’)

Q) How did you come across this fetish to begin with / originally?
A) A Girlfriend I had in college was introduced me – she said fisting was amazing and wanted me to try it ^^

Q) In this case did you perform it on her and gauged from her reaction it may be a fun thing?
A) She fisted herself first to show me :P, then i did it to her, then started stretching me.

Q) was your first attempt successful in actually able to insert the whole fist?
A) ah, no, she didn’t try hard though, i think she wanted to make sure i was really ready and not have a bad first time.

Q) What made you follow up upon this event? what made you head more in this direction here after?
Well, ‘cus it felt so good hehe, and i found it so sexy how she seemed to enjoy it.

Q) So that was fisting, how did the whole concept of gaping and stretching evolve from this. Though fisting is stretching in a sense, it doesn’t always incorporate gaping as such, how did you lead to this area?
A) well, i was looking up fisting on the internet >.> and one thing sort of led to another, and still found it hot :P

Q) Would you say the internet influenced you or opened your eyes to what was possible? – had you through of anything like this before hand?
A) I mean I always liked the idea of large things, even things I knew weren’t possible to fit inside me >.>, but yeah, anything beyond that was pretty much the internet :P

Q) And attempting to make the impossible become possible is a aim you have when gaping in mind based on that statement?
A) Not really, i just find large insertions hot x.x

Q) What are the other general fetishes you have? Would you mind listing some of them?
A) hmm, I guess highly sexualized features like large breasts and wide hips… beastiality, lactation, impregnation, birthing, dirty talk is a big one :P more degrading the better

Q) Anything as a turn off?
A) Scat and vomit x.x

Q) Do you like to gape vaginally, anally or both? (– and if both, which do you enjoy more?)
A) Both, and i guess anal gaping

Q) These fetishes are generally seen as taboo or undesirable by society. Does that bother you or excite you any knowing this?
A) yes, :P both
Q) Can you explain in a little more detail on what and why?
A) I’m excited sexually, but also embarrassed >.>

Q) Do you feel like it something that needs to be hidden away, almost like it IS too much for a wider audience or seen as ‘icky’ to others?
A) Yes

Q) Have you had any ‘problems’ or issues of a similar nature in relationships due to this fetish?
A) Yes
Q) Could you mind hinting what areas?

A) They would rather i was as tight as possible >.>
Q) And how does that make you feel?
A) Ehh, embarrassed/ashamed

Q) In a good or a bad way for yourself?
A) Mostly bad :P, ut i’m pretty much over it

Q) And you just accept it as just ‘it happens’?
A) I accept that i can’t be everything to everyone :P

Q) Have you worried about health concerns since you’ve been stretching? – And if so, what?
A) Sure yeah, i’m careful about enemas and stuff to avoid scat, clean all my toys and such to minimize infection risk. As fun as it would be, i don’t just shove any old thing inside me :P at least without a condom or such

Q) How long have you seriously worked at stretching your hole/s? And when did you start generally when it was beyond a passing interest?
A) At least as much of that was not stretching as stretching :P, 7 years or so, but not that whole time, sometimes much more or less of course :P

Q) How seriously do you take it as a fetish? How often do you think about or try to work towards it in a week?
A) I don’t take it that seriously i guess, I think about it several times a week, but may only work on it once

Q) Is the excitement more conceptual then practical participation in this case if you don’t push overly hard but enjoy the fetish?
A) Right

Q) What is the largest / greatest insertion you’ve personally taken?
A) I don’t wanna say :P, publically at least

Q) Where would you like to be in the gaping size / scope in 1 year, 3, years and 5 to 10 years time?
hehe, my answer would vary depending on my mood x.x. Right now i’m quite frisky and might say as large as possible or larger >.>
Q) And at other points?
A) About the same I am right now x.x

Q) Do you wrestle with yourself over this fetish, being cagey about it yet being also very much want to be all it can bring to your body. sometimes with regret and other times very extrovert and forwards to be the biggest?
A) yeah, I dunno.
Q) hard to put into words?

A) More worried about what other people think about it i guess

Q) Based on your story, would you say you share similar features as the main character, any elements such as her submissive nature or the levels which fictionally happen to her?
Q) I guess that last bit should say, would like to be forced to be like this, ether in the bondage of the situation or the scale of things?
A) yes >.> i’d like that

Q) Based on your answer than, if you where kept away from a role or eye in society, would you be more willing to accept this fetish in full? Expected to be changed as a superior and not to be concerned with anything outside of this connection?
ummm maybe >.> i don’t know

Q) Have you ever tried ‘vacuum pumping’ –If so how did you find the experience?
I”ve tried, and it was intense and enjoyable >.>, I don’t own a pump myself, borrowed someone’s penis pump

Q) Do you like the theoretical, surreal or over the top images and stories available based on the subject?
A) mhmm :)
Q) More is better, bigger is greater?
A) To a point i guess, because it’s not real at that point, it has to be good :P

Q) Is there any surgery you would like to realistically taken or have done?
A) I’d like my breasts enlarged, I wouldn’t trust a doctor with anything else :P

Q) Have you learnt anything from your sexual experiences or fetishes about yourself and others?
A) Yes, of course, just as pretty much any experience does the same ;)

Q) Are there any ‘stars’/ women in videos or otherwise you admire, look upto and enjoy? –If so, whom and why?
A) Probably hotkinkyjo the most, she seems to enjoy it so much and be so open about it, literally and figuratively.

Q) Do you enjoy any other mediums such as art or stories that contain gaping? (– And if so whom are your favourites?)
A) umm i liked direwolf’s stuff, but i couldn’t say the names of any other writers, for art i like the knockout stuff *goes to look up more names* henmaru machino, deadopen, john k peta, faker, mega driver tobikage, doku pepper

Q) If you could be anything in shape and size and scale and become your living desire of yourself – what would it be?, describe it.
A) >.> – i’m not totally sure, it changes around but mostly to look less like a person than an object whose purpose is obvious just looking at me, to be used for fucking >.> So enormous tits, big enough i could rest my body on and bend over, extremely wide hips, a big ass, and huge holes >.> and of course no shame and always horny :P

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