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Update for everybody – What’s going on behind the scenes.

A little bit slower getting the content out then I had hoped, but chipping away at it! Still working hard on new and updating dated art (of which you’ll have to be patient till some is released, sorry), will do a few more photomanipulations soon also.

As always keeping my eyes out for art, stories, manip artists’ works, real life gapers to post here – anything you have found and think is site worthy, feel free to leave a link and I’ll have a look at it.

There has been some iG related story content in the form of interviews, a fun little idea that maybe sweet to get inside the world and head of some of the girls. Not going to rock the world, but maybe entertaining a read. One is posted below and there’s a few more on the way. Also will be posting some non iG world stories, general ones from other authors too.

Also plan on getting some more information on the iGAPES world soon, working currently on the P.G.P. designs so hoping to release that sometime soon too – so been busy.

If you have not voted yet, please do in the poll on the right hand side navigation frame and otherwise thanks for your patience. More massive pussy maws coming soon…

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  1. frog says:

    Looking forward to all that.