..:: Spotlight – Colstack [again] (manipulator) ::..

Forgot I’d promoted his work till after doing this article, but what the hell, some more exposure doesn’t hurt!

Some of the more iconic, and to a degree more gritty and realistic manipulations in this gape area have come from a person known as Colstack. Colstack, though I’ve never had the pleasure speaking to him / her personally I deeply admire his works, and though I may do things a little differently, I still enjoy what’s been done. Have a look below, I’m sure some will take your fancy!

Colstack has a place at Surfoo where these manipulations are done, so go check out his surfoo user page here. Though a little quiet these days, every blue moon a few more will appear. We need more of this! Oh, and below if a manip I wanted to just gape more… sorry, just had to ^^


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