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Synopsis:- set in a neo future boardroom the VW Genetech company discusses it’s latest plans with a new project launch. A story which is based heavily on the i.G.A.P.E.S. girls semi cannon, so worth a read, though I’ve changed a bit in the final version / background of the girls.

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Thanks to Sius (www.releasedreactions.co.uk) for inspiring me to get off my ass and write my first story in 5 years.

Thanks to those authors and artists who take the time to do what they do and for providing inspiration. Especially AlwaysCocked (over on the BDSM library) – hopefully one day I will write as well as you – the PCA idea was his from “Layover”. ChaosCat for taking that extra mile. Doug Winger for starting my on the road to weirdness… I hate you J

Finally a big thanks to Talisfan for being a fan! It’s nice to have one!

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WARNING: This story is very graphic and involves extreme size, hermaphrodites, twisted desires, extreme penetration and far too many sex organs on a person. This story does have death, some implied furry & bestiality, callous corporations and other nastiness. If you think this is not your sort of thing… go read something else. Please! It’s really not my intention to offend anyone, honest!

One final note: this story is intended to lay down some of the background to Sius’s original concept. It is designed to fire off ideas in other folks heads for pictures, stories, poems, whatever! Near the end you will find some of these ideas briefly outlined as I fast forward in history. Take these if you want, flesh them out and let them take you in a direction you like. I like to explore the themes of motivation and what would make someone abandon their own humanity to become a sex object. You may have other themes, ideas or just like to describe a simple fap scene. They are all good! If you feel inspired then join in!

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Accidental Profits

By Chiron @ Home

Tammi stifled a yawn and shifted in her seat. These interminable board meetings left her cold at the best of times. Being responsible for VW Genetech’s Greater European marketing meant that she turned off when HR starting talking about retention policy, the holo-display showing animated graphs that bored her to tears.

She thought back to when she started at the company, 22 years ago, it had been a rapid rise to power, but at each step she felt sidelined from the initial attraction to the multinational. In her bright young days, she had been inspired to join VW Genetech due to their “eXtreme BodModz” where they catered to the growing Furry community; tails, fur, scales, extra breasts. Later as the technology progressed they added more radical mods; digigrade legs, hooves and for the daring some extra limbs or genitalia. She had led a very successful marketing campaign highlighting these new product lines and they had sold well, better than the original estimates, but they were never going to be mass market.

Promotion was fast in coming, she had helped VW Genetech to corner the market in these key markets, managing to stay one step ahead of the competition. Over time their patents were leased, competitive techniques were mastered and the technology became cheaper. Their stranglehold on the market waned and it became a background task. VW Genetech was like every other multinational now; average, mediocre, catering to the largest demographic, grey.

The only cutting edge stuff happening these days was happening in the black market bod-mod shops. Chiba, Japan had a rich line in black-mods catering to the fetish crowd with a desire for the one off, crazy, barely legal wetware – and this was the stuff that was public knowledge. The occasional destroyed remains revealed evidence that there were some highly illegal bod-mod shops out there catering to the whims of a very perverse and rich clientele.

All this fed the scream-sheets; tales of abduction and torture that so captivated a large portion of the tabloid reading audience. In the 1800’s it was “Jack the Ripper”, in the 1900’s it was “communism and nuclear war”, at the turn of the millennia it was “paedophiles and fundamentalists”, these days “bod-mod snatchers & bioterrorists”. Every generation has its bogey-men and this one was no different.

The tone of the meeting had changed suddenly. No one was talking, slight agitation was in the air. Tammi’s line of thought was broken. She looked around trying to not make it obvious she had not been paying attention. Tom, the Greater Europe Director of Business Operations was leading two people into the boardroom.

As the guests sat, the lights dimmed, blinds closed, white noise generators activated, external data links were severed – the room was in it’s high security mode. Something big was going down – that was obvious.

Taking a better look at the guests she recognised one, Sanada Ito her Pan-Asian marketing counterpart, he was usually based in Tokyo. The other person was a woman of Asian decent but looked Chinese rather than Japanese like Ito-san.

“Thank you for agreeing to extend this meeting, Hans. I would like to introduce Mei Ying, our Pan-Asian Group manager and Sanada Ito, her marketing director for the region”

Tom gestured to the pair.

“As I am sure you are now aware, we are security lockdown mode here and everything from now on is of the highest commercial confidentiality. Until we have a clear indication of how we are going to proceed globally, all discussions and communications on the subject will be conducted using SC1 protocols. Am I clear?”

Everyone was paying rapt attention and nodded agreement. Tammi could not recall when security had been this tight, she also knew she would have to kiss goodbye to any sense of privacy while the SC1 protocols were in place. That would put a dampener on the more risqué aspects of her private life.

He continued, “When you leave you will be accompanied by your own security drone – remember it is there for your safety as well as ours. Please bear with it for the next few days as we work these matters through. If anyone does not feel comfortable being part of this project then they are free to leave now.”

Tom paused, probably more for effect than anything else. Predictably, no-one left.

As Tom was speaking, Ito-san had pulled a holocube from his pocket and went through the motions of un-securing its contents on the holodisplay.

The Pan-Asia VW Genetech logo appeared, the coloured double helix spelling out VW punctuated with Asian characters. Mei stood and addressed the boardroom.

“Thank you for allowing me to see your team at such short notice, we met with the global legal team yesterday, the company board upstairs this morning and we plan on flying out to speak to your colleagues in the Pan-American arcology tonight.”

Her English was perfect – perhaps too perfect, a skillsoft probably. Mei certainly acted like she had been granted power to operate by the board.

“As some of you may know, the cutting edge of body modification is often occurring in the greyer areas of society. Most of it within the more relaxed bod-mod laws of Japan. We maintain an interest in many of the more experimental black-mod shops in Chiba. Many of the technology leaks are deliberate through a series of shell corporations, third parties other contacts to which we can distance ourselves legally.”

“Why do we do this? Our industry lacks ideas, lacks the links to the grass root consumers of our technology. We cannot always assume what we want to sell is what they want to buy.”

“So by ‘helping’ some of these quasi-legal outfits to do a safer job for people with eclectic tastes without involving us – so much the better. Some may call this ‘immoral’, we call it ‘market research’. We can monitor trends and potentially see the next big thing”

“Today, we believe we have found it, the next big thing – both financially and literally. We believe we are on a possible market breakthrough on the scale of eXtreme BodModz over two-decades ago.”

Eyebrows around the table were raised, all parties were interested and worryingly few looked surprised at the revelations about the discrete involvement in the black-mod shops.

“We are dealing here with sexual bod-mods. Sure folks have had breast & penis enlargements for as long as we have had reliable surgery but these are now routine and I doubt anyone around the table has not been modified to a certain extent. Tammi pioneered some excellent marketing strategies for auxiliary sexual organs. So we know there is always a demand for this type of body modification.”

A chuckle from the attendees, Tammi surprised and pleased at the name check. It was a field of expertise, she smiled knowingly and shifted in her seat. Mei continued.

“But these are largely hormone & surgical procedures, pretty well out of our core genetic bio-engineering competencies. We started seeing trends about 10 years ago towards the ‘extreme sexual’ body modifications based on our eXtreme BodModz work but by this time the technology was out in the wild and we did not profit from it in the same way as we did off the original Furries. However as this graph shows it has been a solid and reliable revenue generator for years.”

“These extreme sexual mods are starting to become more mainstream. As usual the porn industry, always looking for new shtick, is using more actors with these unusual capabilities and driving demand for more variety in its stars. This following are now common sights in the futa/herm or orgy section of most popular porn channels”

The screen changed to show a video of a Japanese woman with bright green hair, vast breasts, the size of basketballs giving a tit-wank to her own 18 inch penis. The scene changed to a woman being penetrated by a penises in her mouth, armpits, bellybutton and breasts – each a fully functional vagina.

“Indeed the growing use of theses specialist actors is starting to bring these tastes into the mainstream and we have seen a marked upturn of demand for these types of modifications. Unlike the Furries, however, everyone wants to be different and as time goes by, the tastes grow ever more extreme.  We receive orders and track black-mod labs output. Take a look at this clip from a recent porn trid – we have seen thousands of queries for this or similar from potential clients looking to spice up their sex life.”

The screen changed to show a woman with three pairs of large breasts, each capped with a penis for a nipple, no testicles, just a penis. Between her legs was a vagina and above it a row of three more penises. Each one was growing erect, a healthy 6-7 inches multiplied 9 times over. As she lifted her upper breasts to bring her nipplecocks to her mouth she revealed a pair of wet vaginas, one on the underside of each her tits.

Gently biting her upper cocks to hold them in place she lifted the nipplecocks from her middle breasts and slid them into the newly revealed slits.  A satisfied moan escaped her lips, as she opened her mouth allowing her breasts to settle into place, impaling her cunts with her own pair of cocks.

Leaning back another pair of identical same cunts were revealed in the next 2 pairs of breasts. The actress repeated the process, inserting the nipple cocks from her lower tits into the middle pair, finally she wrestled two of the cocks at her crotch into the lower breasts.

Sitting up everything slides into place, a look of delirium on her face as she penetrates herself 6 times simultaneously. Finally grasping hold of her remaining central crotch cock in right hand and her upper nipplecocks into her mouth and free hand she starts to masturbate, sucking and arching her back – each time groaning in ecstasy as all her cocks slide slickly in and out of her multitude of cunts.

The cunt between her legs looks empty and forlorn as a man’s shadow enters the scene… the video stops – replaced by the spinning VW Genetech logo.

“There is nothing there which is difficult to achieve and it is all perfectly legal and perhaps even socially acceptable in many of the more open minded social groupings. These stars trade on an idea for a few years and move on. Some of their ideas spike demand for certain products, but pretty much any well equipped bod-mod shop can do this type of work and it is not too expensive and not patentable, a simple replication and transplant process.”

“So what is the growing demand? Where can we get ahead of the curve and corner a market in our own specialist area of genetic bio-engineering? Our research has shown a massive uptake in the richer women of society of Pelvic Cavity Augmentation or PCAs as they are known as by their practitioners”

Mei looked around the table – seeing if there was any sign of recognition from the attendees. Tammi passed off her best blank look.

“This involves a total organ replacement within the main body cavity with a set of more efficient, miniature organs. These are our products – we developed them for the military to provide Special Forces with dual, redundant organs in the same space available. Then another of our gene therapies is used to provide super-elastic properties to the skin. So what does this provide apart from a narrow waistline? I will let this video demonstrate.”

On screen a picture of a beautiful, dark haired woman in her mid 30’s wearing a corset emphasising her considerable cleavage before narrowing her waist to no more than 5 inches wide

“Now this is specialist porn, not very widely distributed. The woman in it is identifiable, as she is very rich and known in certain social circles, the only people that can afford this process are the super rich. There is just no cost effective way to do it – it is not the sort of process that can be carried out by the black-mod clinics. Well very few – only those with good contacts”

Mei smiled knowingly. On screen the woman unlaced her corset revealing her naked body. Pale smooth skin, not wrinkled as expected under the pressure of the corset. More surprising was the fact that her body shape did not change after she removed the garment. Her waist was still no more than 5 inches across. The other unusual fact now revealed in her naked state was the prominent hairless mound between her lets. It looked like her vagina started further forward than normal and her exaggerated vulva, mons and labia looked very prominent even with her legs together.

“Military tech custom grown for the individual on this scale is always going to be too expensive for the mass market.”

The woman on the screen begins to run her hands down her body and rub between her legs, as she opens them slightly it looks like a massive red maw slowly opening. A massive wet, slit some 8 inches long is revealed running from the front of her body all the way back to her displaced anus. The sound of air rushing inside the cavity can be clearly heard as it opens into a yawning cavern of a cunt.  The woman is clearly shaking in anticipation and there is a near constant dripping from the monstrous hole.

Mei had let the pictures on screen do her talking but now she continued

“With all that space freed up inside, the customer can request a dis-locatable hip and a new vat grown vagina. Obviously a custom order requiring to be somewhat larger than normal, more sensitive internally and with extreme pliability”

The video jumps forward to show the same woman impaling herself on a vast floor standing dildo, some 4 feet long and a foot in diameter. It then skips to show her taking both legs of another woman to her upper thigh inside her snatch. It skips again to show a look of fierce concentration on her face as she tries to squat taking the head and shoulders of a man into her vast hole. Each time the outline of the object of her desire could be seen in the taught skin of her belly and chest.

“As you can see. From external appearances she can appear completely normal. With a little padding around the waist she is able to interact as normal within upper class society. But she has in fact turned her entire body into a single massive sexual organ, able to achieve unimaginable levels of orgasm and fulfil incredible fantasies. At night an extreme, almost nightmarish sexual creature, during the day, able to chair an investors meeting without raising an eyebrow. Yours for only thirteen and a half million euros plus the ongoing VW Genetech micro-organ maintenance agreement. A bargain!”

Faces around the table for once did look genuinely shocked, their safe world had just been shattered, their eyes opened to a world that had been hidden to a world in which their company had made them unknowing participants. A world of expensive fetishism, some 3 years salary to most of these well paid board members, the price of a good family home in a good neighbourhood in a good city. The VW Genetech logo returned to the display.

“Now the reason for all this security”

Mai looked very serious, the hubbub around the table died down quickly allowing her to continue.

“Several years ago one of our subsidiary businesses, The Duradon Company, which specialises in fertility, did some extensive highly secret research into the creation of a gene therapy treatment that could turn create a massively fertile subspecies of human able to continually reproduce. Effectively creating a baby factory. Research progressed well and on some trials we got close to a birth every 12 days – that means at any time the subject was gestating anything up to 50 babies in various stages of development. This was achieved through some of our unique patented techniques that allowed the body to evolve the capability without the usual physical restrictions. Obviously this lead to some fairly unique bodyforms.”

The screen now showed what could only be described as a human version of an ant queen immersed in a buoyant liquid. Umbilical cables from the ceiling joined her flesh at various points – no doubt supplying the energy and nutrient needs to support such a baby making factory.  A relatively normal woman’s head above the waterline sat atop a bloated lower body. At least 6 pairs of vast, multi-nippled breasts floated in the liquid, supporting her body, each two or three feet across crowding her elongated body. Beneath them lay something of vaguely human appearance, a swollen pale mass of flesh, a pair of legs looking almost vestigial on the lower end. Between them one could make out a vast slit out of which a baby easily slithered into the warm liquid to float to the surface before being picked up by a bio-suited nurse and placed on one of her many teats. A variety of expressions passed her face through the footage from bliss to orgasm to peaceful, certainly nothing that would suggest she was in any kind of discomfort.

“In this case she has a secondary vagina between her second set of breasts to allow insemination of the primary womb through normal intercourse with a slightly over-endowed male. But she could be self inseminating – just a simple tweak. We could have taken it much further but this experiment proved the point we were trying to make, that it was possible.”

Mei let the scene and information sink in.

“In this world of global overcrowding we knew the research would never achieve market as no self respecting government would allow technology loose that could allow a mother to have 30 or more children a year, several thousand over a lifetime. From a legal standpoint it was dead before it started, but we plan for the future. If disease or war decimated the population it might be needed. If the deep space research program yields more earth like planets that need populated, it is far easier to ship a volunteer ‘earth mother’, an inflatable swimming pool and our gene therapy than a generation ship filled with thousands of people.”

“This”, said Mei gesturing towards the screen “is an example of our altruistic efforts to maintain humans as a dominant life form in this universe”

“This research was officially terminated 4 years ago, the woman you see in the picture is still alive and well and still making babies at a somewhat slower rate now. Unfortunately the process is irreversible but she enjoys her life nevertheless. She likes to feel unique and can get out in the world ‘virtually’ to experience things her immobile body is unable to do. She rates her life experience as ‘good to very good’ in our questionnaires. Her presence will never be made public”

“We do occasional research programs like this on an ongoing basis, very much on a ‘need to know’ level. The findings of our research feed into ongoing product development and some of it is conveniently leaked to the Chiba clinics, at least the ones we can maintain a close eye on. Indeed that is what happened too much of this fertility research.”

“Two months ago there was an accident involving a derivative of this research within one of these covertly monitored labs. Thankfully we got there with one of our ‘firecrews’ and cleaned up the mess before it was discovered by the authorities. The black-mod shop in question had managed to isolate the effects of the hyper-fertility research and applied it to specific areas of the subject. Unfortunately the result was somewhat uncontrolled. The design of the virus vector for the genemod was very smart and combined with the gene therapy it was delivering could mutate a living body to a vast degree whilst maintaining the normal bodily infrastructure to support it, effectively fast evolving on the fly to provide better musculature, skin elasticity, blood supply, lubrication and so on.”

“The black-mod lab was trying to create a gene-sculpted version of the PCA’s we saw earlier for their client base, and they succeeded. They succeeded a bit too well. In their rush to test they did not come up with an adequate inhibitor to stop the process. The result was pretty grisly.”

The video flicked on again showing a basic 2D vid obviously taken from a covert security camera the time shown in the corner of the screen. A fair haired woman of average build with plenty of unusual scarring in her smallish breasts and upper back was removing piercings from her naked and obviously well used vagina. It gaped slightly, plainly she was a fan of pushing her natural body to the limits, probably a fisting or large dildo aficionado. She was sat up on a table within a clean white treatment room and was talking to the technician who was asking her to fill in the paperwork to discharge them of all responsibility. The technician, a tall, well built and clearly body-sculpted woman, probably half Japanese, was re-iterating the risks of this “still experimental” procedure. The woman was only half listening.

“Yes, yes, yes, I know. I know, we have been through this ten times already. I accept the risks, fuck, I do more dangerous things than this at the club each month. I may die at any time, but at least this way I will die happy!”

She had finished removing the piercings from her stretched labia, the holes from the large gauges used still evident. And held out her hand for the datapad.

“Okay give it here, you go fire up the syringe, and hold the anaesthetic, I want to feel this thing.”

The technician prepared the machinery, the delivery of these types of drugs involved more than just a syringe.

The clock in the corner jumped forward 15 minutes.

The woman was now lying back on the table. The AutoDoc was administering the treatment

“So how long will this take?”

The technician watching the process from behind the operating station responded.

“Well the initial effects will start immediately and we are not sure how long they will take. The therapy will evolve as it goes ensuring you remain healthy while the effects continue. Once it finds the point your body cannot cope with the changes any more it will slow and stop. How long that takes will vary from individual to individual. We estimate around 12 hours.”

The clock jumped forward another four hours.

The AutoDoc was clear of the scene. The woman on the table was busy masturbating herself, one hand working her clitoris, about the size of a plum, the other hand buried deep in her snatch, with some room to spare. She shuddered to a very visible orgasm before sitting up, a sweaty sheen clearly visible across her body and taking a glass of water and some pills from the table next to her

“Woahhhh! That was incredible. Its just gets better and better. Each time I come it feel like I am going to die from pleasure. How big do you think I will get?”

The technician was still there, playing a game on her mobile’s holodisplay.

“Erm… well not sure, the computer reckons you will be like one of those PCA women, maybe a little larger by the time things cool off. That is what you wanted, yeah?”

“Oh yeah!” she replied, her hands joining to form a double fist which she then plunged easily into her cunt. “Oh yeah! You have any toys”

The technician just shook her head and went back to the game.

The clock jumped forward another 6 hours.

The technician had changed to someone else who was paying closer attention to the progress monitors a look of slight worry on his face. The woman on the table had also changed. Eyes rolled up in her head as she used both hands to furiously masturbate her obscenely large clitoris. It was well over 12 inches long, a fat worm of a thing that reached her small breasts. What lay below it was almost unbelievable.

Her cunt now started about an inch below her belly button. A raw, gaping, chasm, her vulva were vast mounds either side of the hole, pushing her thighs outwards – splaying her legs almost unnaturally far. Her inner labia, long curtains of flesh that had begun to hang over the edge of the table, all moist from the copious emissions of her body.

A few drips were now in her body – supplying the essential nutrients and liquids to support the process she was undertaking, obviously she had stopped drinking water and taking oral supplements some time ago to necessitate intravenous treatment.

The technician was now paging a doctor with some urgency “Get here fast, it is not stopping, according to these readings it’s accelerating!”

The clock in the screen jumped forward another 8 hours.

The room contained something that could perhaps be identified as human with some work. Across the table, still hooked up to the IV drips, was what could only be described as a “pile of flesh”. The scale was huge, it was a massive cunt. Only the feet and ankles could be seen from under the huge sex organ, splayed out at 90 degrees, buried under a mountain of vulva. Labia were draped over the whole scene resting on the floor. The clitoris was about 3 feet long and over a foot wide, underneath it somewhere was the woman’s face. She was still. No-one else was in the room.

Outside the room could be heard the staccato burst of heavily muzzled weapons fire. Black unmarked guards in heavy armour, shielding all identity, holding military grade weaponry burst through the door and stopped.

“Jesus! What a mess! You two, tag her and bag her – take her to the roof! We need to be out of here within the next 90 seconds so get moving. Requesting evac! Don’t be late lads..”

The screen went blank. The 3D logo returning to its slow spiral. The shock on people’s faces around the boardroom was obvious. Mei broke the silence.

“She suffocated under the weight of her own clitoris. Well that what would be written on her coroner’s report if she had one. However that was not the root of her death. Did you see those I.V drips? She had several attached by the end of the process. The med computer had detected the rapid loss of free nutrients in her body and had compensated by getting the AutoDoc to attach some water and nutrient feeds. If this had not happened then this woman would be alive and probably very happy with the results. You see the virus was engineered to determine when it was killing its host and would have shut down, effectively when it reached the point it was creating a non-viable life-form with energy and nutrient needs beyond the hosts ability to provide. By direct injecting nutrients this point was never reached and you can see the results.”

“What was incredible was the fact that her body still worked. The organs displaced were more efficient and smaller, protected with tough ligaments. Her hips probably would not have allowed any more than a slow shuffle, but were capable of at least some mobility despite what was between them. However it was her bloods and brain chemistry analysis that was most interesting. She probably had no idea she was suffocating, stuck in a continual orgasm loop – each one more powerful than the last. At least she had her wish, she died happy”

She paused and realised people were not going to say anything, still reeling in astonishment to what they just witnessed. Then they continued.

“They had been too smart for their own good, the virus combination would have just carried on creating nothing more than a sex organ and a basic life support system for it. They needed an inhibitor to stop the process at the point they desired or do some very careful nutrient balancing, which is tricky at the best of times. An unfortunate accident but expected in the sloppy back clinics around Chiba. The building itself was destroyed in a terrible fire, we are the only people who know this happened. A couple of the better staff of the clinic are now our direct employees within our secure facilities. No point in wasting good brains.”

“We have overcome these… difficulties and now have a product and effective inhibitor that is nearly 100% stable. We have identified a small subset of gene groups where some instability exists resulting in unexpected mutation or growth but these can be tested for and treatment withheld. It is now safe for public consumption. Over the last 2 months we have fast tracked most approvals and we anticipate going to market within the next two quarters once the final patents have been cleared out and the legal paperwork complete.”

“The cost of manufacture this product is low, very low, under 100 euro per dose, the price of a drink at a decent nightclub. Think about it. 100 euros versus 13.5 million and no maintenance costs, it’s a licence to print money and we have some very tough patents to protect it. All it needs is a market. And we truly believe there is market for this product as Ito-san will demonstrate”

With a flourish Mei seated herself offering the floor to Ito-san. The stunning revelations were still in people’s heads swirling around, off-balancing any chance to question proceedings. So Ito-san fired up the trid video with his presentation and dived straight in. His slight accent belying the fact he had taken to time to learn English fluently rather than rely on technology.

“Once we had the product stabilised we went straight to the porn market to test the product with a wider audience to determine if there were any spikes in demand. As there were still some aspects of legislation and patent pending we have done this through underground means but we have found the data coming back from this type of work in the past to be very reliable.”

The video flicked to a picture of a small breasted, skinny woman staggering under the weight of her own genitalia. The huge bulge of a vulva almost reaching her knees, ragged labia below almost touching the ground. She turns to the camera and grasps her pussy lips either side and pulls herself open to the audience. She opens it like a gigantic fleshy flower, half a dozen huge sex toys fall heavily to the floor, even a full size bright red fire extinguisher tumbles out leaving a stretched out hole, gasping open and closed like the mouth on a fish out of water.

A voice over of her voice starts “Do you want to come inside?”

The video pauses leaving nothing to the imagination.

“This is Rose, a stretching fanatic, the first of our new porn queens, we call them the Size Junkies – we are thinking about trade-marking the name. We have done a few films in an underground, amateur style and uploaded it to peer-to-peer undernets. It went straight to number 1 in the download charts beating out the latest beta OS from Google. It was only beaten by Ada when we popped some of her BDSM footage online. She is of a similar build to Rose from a cunt perspective but has the added attraction of a cock within her pussy. Males & hermaphrodites all respond the same way to PCA’s as you can see from this still.”

The picture on the screen was obviously of Ada. She was dressed in purple latex, her arms bound painfully behind her back, collared with a ball gag in her mouth, head pulled back with hair bondage tied in turn to her bound arms. She had enormous breasts – in the latex they looked like overinflated children’s balloons, they lay heavily on top of her thighs. Ada knelt – half on the ground, half on her own immense dripping sex organ, her labia arranged in front of her like a bridal gown. Protruding from the upper half of the yawning hole was a monstrous penis, larger than something off a horse standing almost erect, gravity challenging its three to four foot length. It was thick too, as thick as her upper thigh.

“We have been experimenting with some of the more exotic Furries too, as long as their organs have been gene-coded rather than surgically attached it works exactly the same as with normal humans – a good way for us to regain some market share in the genetic modification end of the Furry market. We have a fantastic futa centaur which we will show off inn a few months once the campaign starts in earnest. Shi is magnificent even in her current unfinished state – shi does not know when to say stop!”

“On these couple of tests we have seen enquiries for PCAs and similar treatments jump through the roof, the porn market has had significant interest. Interestingly the main interest has been from the B and C demographic representing people with a lot of free cash. We estimate we can put out the initial Size Junkies product line at close to a million euros and demand will still outstrip our ability to carry out the procedures. Over time we can trend the cost of treatment down towards zero as it becomes truly mass market. Initial indications give us confidence that we could reach Furry levels of market penetration in the next 5 years, but this time our patents will hold up and we know the surgical and hormonal techniques cannot come close. The cost of the treatment means we could make this genuinely mass-market – we could eventually put this at a price anyone could afford without making any financial concessions. Our projections see this being some two decades away – we have a lot of money to make meanwhile.”

“What is even better is we can make everyone unique without significant cost. We can introduce a little bit of instability for those that want it. They can have a little surprise, with they grow additional sexual characteristics; cocks, cunts, balls or tits. We can even sprinkle in a little ‘animal magic’, give them horse, dog or cow sexual features. All these customisations are almost trivially simple now we have the techniques perfected.”

“We have brought PCAs and so much more out of high society now . What happens when you have people who want to be a statement. No worries about ‘appearing normal’ to rich friends at the golf club. No fear of branding themselves or their family as perverts.”

“At the lowest level we can recreate PCA’s for virtually no cost, at the other end the possibilities are limitless, we can help customers realise their dreams and we have a licence to print money”

The room was abuzz now. The early squeamishness forgotten in the possibilities of the future. New Gaping and Giga Size fetishes were going to be massive.

Ito-san was now used to the reaction. He only had to do this dog and pony show once more to the American board. Then it would be back home to plan the global launch.

“Any questions?”

Tammi moved uncomfortably in her seat as her labial piercings were drenched in the emissions from her own PCA.

“I believe there is huge market in Greater Europe…we will have to work on that branding however, have you considered i.G.A.P.E.S.?”

Perhaps Tammi’s own private life would not have to so private any more.

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