..:: Interview with an iGAPES – Shizuko ::..

Interviewer: Good evening, please sit on down here, don’t worry about any mess, as long as your comfortable. Excellent, now I’ve gotten a few questions to ask you, don’t worry about how you answer, but your honesty is something we hope to get. If you feel a question is too personal, feel free to skip it.

Interviewer: Firstly, could we ask your name and if you could give your nationality please?

iG Female:- My name is Shizuko, pleased to meet you! I am from Japan, a little ways out of the city you know as Osaka.

Interviewer: Thanks. And a quick description of yourself profession you have or skills you’d like to get across.

iG Female:- I…I… skills…. I can roll my tongue? no… ok, I guess there’s nothing too special about me.

Interviewer:- And how would you describe yourself, your personality, maybe your view on life? Just so people understand where your coming from.

iG Female:- I guess….  Quiet but simple? I don’t know. I was and am happy to be on my own and another face in the crowd.  I’m quite happy in my life and it is not what I imagined. I had plans to be a bio chemical scientist but I’d taken a trip out to the shines in nearby Okumio. I found something I didn’t expect. I then grew and decided to become part of the shine and their ways. So I’m a religious girl, and a happy one.

Interviewer:- Sounds a little cryptic, could you explain a little more for us?

iG Female:- I guess…. I well changed, as you may have see while there. My religion is a offshoot of Shinto, but is more relevant to here and now and the … sexual spirits we all have inside of us. I work as a shine maiden I guess, and… well perform and expand with the aid of my elders and change to be more than I was and I like to please people and I have a great purpose in life now.

Interviewer:- Great, and for the record, how would you describe yourself physically in your own eyes? Generally how you look and anything… unusual about yourself as you see it.

iG Female:- Maybe I’m a little on the meek side. I keep myself healthy, but I am a little short, maybe about average?  I’ve got my hair which raven black goes down to my mid back. I wear Glasses too but I wouldn’t know what others think of me… I also have a mark tattoo to show I am with my sisters at the shine……

Interviewer:- … and anything else? you seem a little held back from answering some details about yourself. Please do not to be shy but relax here. Oh, and for the record  I think you look very pretty – I can’t believe nobody has ever told you to your face or are you being modest?

iG Female:- I… errr… well.. I… thank you… *A loud moist, slick sounds from her mid description followed with a blush*… I….. *lowers head in shame*


Interviewer:- *Smiles and offers look of reassurance* …. oh… oh not to worry about that Miss Shizuko. Please continue if you are able.

iG Female:- I am so.. SO sorry about that. It is not even time and I cannot control myself. I will contain myself! *sniffs and looks at herself* well… I have  … I guess a body a little different. It… well…. is sometimes a little hard to control. As a result my breasts have…. and… then my nip… [Interviewer note, both breasts  are unnaturally  large, nipples protruding out very heavily under her robes, interviewee trying to cover up]

Interviewer:- I see…. not to worry Miss Shizuko – we hall move on….  I also feel I must mention that … I see that your body maybe different as to what it was like when you were born?

iG Female:- … that’s right… changed over the last 10 years….

Interviewer:- .. If I may miss? Do not worry or feel if you need to continue, you seem unhappy obviously in this situation and we here would not like to impose too heavily in your…

iG Female:- .. No, its ok… really…. *shakes head* I’ll… I’m ok. it’s just hard to admit what I am and what I have become sometimes. I shall do my best to be as honest with you as I can!… I hope that is.

Interviewer:- Oh… errr… yes! please do. If it helps, think of what your offering in your shine, and tell the people about you and your work there. So as I was asking, your body… could you describe the usual features for us?

iG Female:- Yes… I can.*stands up, smiles and lets robe slide off length of body*  Since I changed… my breasts have changed too, they have swollen as you can see. my nipples are like udders over the last 4 years and I am with some of my sisters are milked. It is not only a relief for me, but I enjoy the process and making others happy.

and yes… I am, like all the females at the shine now, evolved. My vagina, which I have been sitting against so far… it… it is quite big I guess.. I… *takes a moment*… my gape shine sisters taught me how to use it to please others, to use it for your religious practices. I enjoy having it… I enjoy more however others enjoying using me to make them happy too.

Interviewer: Thank you Shizuko, you’ve been very honest with us and yourself. For the record I can agree full heartedly with your observations. So thank you for being honest with us so far – so we have a for more questions for you if you’d be willing to answer them please?

iG Female:- Yes… I am happy to share what I am.. please… continue… I am starting to enjoy this too, tee hee.

Interviewer:- As soon as you’ve commented that you indeed are an iGAPES, would you mind telling what type of design you generally fall under?

iG Female:- Oh, I guess I’m a hanger and a lippy skirt girl in ways. I’m more a hanger than anything though. It took a long time to get used to the weight and how it hangs. [Pandora / Narumi]

Interviewer:- Of course depending how your vagina has formed will change this, but some vaginas will be more like a clam shell – stretchable and contractible, others more like a cave – only feeling what’s pushed into the pussies walls and others like drooping falling curtains. which does your fall under and would you say this is an accurate description?

iG Female:- I think I can safely say I’m pretty loose all around *nervous laugher* I am… pretty expansive, and my lip ends droop along at times, but as well as being big and wide down there, it is pretty easy to go in without much resistance…. *blushes*

Interviewer:- So has being this way modified any other aspects of your body? Has your breasts grown for example, or maybe some a little more… unusual?

iG Female:- Yes, as mentioned… as shown… they are much bigger than before. My body has compensated for this weight somehow… I put some of that in the blessing from my shine, it gives me strength and through my actions it affects others ^^ oh, yes… and my anus is quite slack and big too. Not have too much trouble putting a watermelon up there

Interviewer:- … *Stunned by bluntness* I see.  How did you come to make the change over into been an iGAPES kind of girl? What triggered it or made you decide?

iG Female:- When I visited the shine begin with I saw a few females, a few of my friends now, who guided people and helped them pray and find inner peace. Naturally though there is a inner sanctum of the shine where most of us girls reside and ‘offer’ our services.

When I was there I decided to have a bath in one of the hot springs there I felt really good. then shortly after another girl, a girl from the shine joined me. Nothing sexual happened, but I had never seen anybody exposed as her or even looking like her. A great harmony from such so lewd body.

We sat and talked…. I was terrified, but she made me feel… ok about it… about my thoughts. Since that day, things changed… maybe it was something in the water, maybe I’d just decide I wanted to be like her…

I returned their when I was old enough to return and then I became one of the shine gaping girls – you may often look and call them iGAPES after that branding some time back. I grew and changed… but I never truly got over my prudish nature… at least.. I have come to peace with it, but it’s still hard to talk to others, like now; about it.

Interviewer:- Has being like this changed your perception of the world much?

iG Female:- It’s been life changing. The tasks I perform in the shine have something I never saw myself doing ever as I grew up. *vagina releases a volume of love juice on the floor*…. I… i am happy with my actions, happy with my job. *smiles*

Interviewer:- Do you regret being this way, or are you happy there is no going back?

iG Female:- I… I don’t know…. I see myself, I look at myself in the mirror… what reflects back both pleases me and scares me! you know… I can’ say for certain. I see what I’ve gained… and what I’ve lost. It’s somewhat arousing, and the idea of being a sex like being isn’t how I see myself at all… just enlightened to bring pleasure in alternative ways. when I look at it like that, it pleases me.

Interviewer:- Do you have trouble finding clothing to cover all of you up?

iG Female:- No, luckily the shine is well versed to girls of our shape and size. We make our own clothes – although modifications have to be made often, its just the way things change around here.

Interviewer:- How do you find mobility of it around your home and getting about?, do you need to make any special arrangements to help at all with this or changed the design to be more iG friendly?

iG Female:- The shine is my home, and yes – we have had to change and design the place to be more friendly for us girls. Living there day in and out, if something causes grief, it causes it for all, so making it easier to get around to even reducing the amount of chafing on the larger girl’s lips is a big deal.

Interviewer:- Would you say you experiment much with your body, or do you like it the way it you know it?

iG Female:- …… yes….

I guess you never know what you’re capable of until you try, and the girls think I’m certainly one of the most developed and dynamic girls there. It is both embarrassing and… oddly enjoyable thinking of some of the things I’ve had to do

Interviewer:- How has family reacted to you and your body since?

iG Female:- Family do not visit… I do not think I will see them again…

Interviewer:- Oh… I am sorry to hear that, my apologies for bringing it up! … how have your friends reacted?

iG Female:- I moved very far away, I do not see them again. But I have many friends and some partners in the shine. We have the visitors that come over to worship , and we have new members all the time from cities and visitors, even locals join. And have set up shines all over. we are looking to expand all the time and I may try a new shine somewhere else soon.

Interviewer:- What has been the most difficult thing to try and overcome with a less flexible body like yours?

iG Female:- I am … I have more difficulty with my faith, morality and position in life… but to answer your question, once I’d changed my body had not caught up to me and the pains where incredible. That passed shortly. Over the years I’ve not had many issues… though it’s been difficult not accidently getting yourself excited… It gets very messy very quickly… *blushes as ooze continually flows into a expanding love cum pool*… it can be quite embarrassing – but you know  it’s never a waste and a blessing from above and around us in this world!

Interviewer:- What do you take pride in the most on your body, what features are your favourite

iG Female:- *tilts head*…. well… I love my hair. Since changing and training it seems to be so much smoothy, shinier and generally more controllable. and… I guess…. well my nipples. I enjoy when visitors or other maidens suckle on my teats…. I don’t know if it’s a maternal feeling… but it feels so right. They could do that for hours and I would not care *smiles, and offers to the interviewer*

Interviewer:- oh… my… sorry, maybe another time miss… I can’t perform my question asking if I have a mouth full.

iG Female:- Yes… maybe layer will be better, hee hee. The other things I like, as you’d imagine come from my pussy… It maybe easier to show you…  if I just arch back here. If I Push the lips back at the top like this … Hmmmm, yeah.. and you’ll see my clit pop out here! It kind of hides until you pop it out, but that is something I like to share with others I trust.

For some males who like to use my directly as a blessing from heaven and earth, just here, my cervix is now more a hole for males to probe to find happiness – though I may need to squeeze at times. A few other hands have gone up there in the past *blushes* It’s a sure way to get my body to offer its Moist blessings upon you quickly.

Interviewer:- Are you seeing somebody at the moment? Have you find it hard to get attention from people around your area? Are you more the type to entertain yourself than to be with another?

iG Female:- I work for the shine. Though it is sensual I see it as different to maybe how you would look at this. My body is a blessing, and a curse equally, a thing of balance. I often train my body to provide more, or be able to do acts my fellow shine sisters cannot. I don’t hide the fact being with a partner or challenging my body to grow isn’t pleasurable, but it is not my goal in life right now and is just a side effect.

Interviewer:- Have you ever considered hiring some hands to help out around the home (and keep you pleased) as I’m sure being the way you are has made the entire thing complicated?

iG Female:- My sisters help one another out. Depending on several factors some gaper maidens may be larger at some points than before. I fall under this when I’ve been heavily offering my services… and have fallen over from my vagina too! Aas a result having extra hands hold parts up or clean up after you is a wonderful thing.

Interviewer:- Has your ‘scent’ marked the walls of your home in some of your more playful moments? Some girls like to ‘mark’ materials they want, are you like this?

iG Female:- The flagrance was pretty over powering to begin with, but now I do not notice it. Many gape maidens doing their job will certainly create this potent smelling bi-product.

Interviewer:- Do you wash regularly to cover it up any scents, or do you embrace it? If so, describe a usual method of cleaning yourself inside and out.

iG Female:- Washing is essential – to keep your body pure and untainted as you perform. It is a strictly followed rule within our community.

Interviewer:- What are the limits with your body, have you come across any or set any to make sure your safe yourself?

iG Female:- I can not say too much… I am bound not to reveal details about such things – it may concern you if you knew in truth.

Interviewer:- Would you say you train at all? try and deliberately push for bigger sizes or maybe try to contract to being smaller, or maybe to tighten up or to maybe even slacken out?

iG Female:- Yes, very very much so. Days when I am not performing my blessing and rites I will be in training. Personal training for every girl is a must, and the tools and levels we go to are rigorous as a result, but the end results speak for themselves in your appearance, performance, volume, depth and character.

Interviewer:- And do you keep healthy and toned at all through exercise and a diet, or do you find having this thing attached is all you’ll need to keep ontop?

iG Female:- It is another essential element of being a maiden, being healthy to pass on the blessing with your body. With my sisters we all eat heartily and exercise in our own ways, as each girl has things they can and can not do now). You would be surprised how much a maiden can eat… but that energy is never wasted!

Interviewer:- Is there any taboo you will not decide to perform with your body? (unbirthing ETC?)

iG Female:- There are things we must not do, rules we must stick by and some very heavy in how you are punished. But as acts we perform, there is often very little that is looked down at for doing. In fact, Usually as long as we make people happy and there is no discomfort on their end that is that matters – our comfort is subject to our beliefs, and some of the most ‘potent’ acts are seen as the most sacred and worthy acts to perform.

Interviewer:Do you find people look at you too much these days still or has the world where you are accepted this maybe a common day thing?

iG Female:- Well I do not leave the shine as often as I would like. we are still human beings, so down time to the local towns is not uncommon. I do still love to shop, hee hee. But when we are out, some people do look. Depending on the situation will show how much we bare, but locally we are well known and accepted.

Interviewer:- Do you yourself see yourself as a playful, sexual object now or do you see something else about yourself?

iG Female:- No, I maybe sexual, but a plaything without purpose… not at all. I kind of… accept my fate, accept my being, but have not excepted that I am just existing as the lowest common denominator of sex, and weird sex at that.

Interviewer:- Some girls alike you try to ‘cork up’ for a better description to stop any leaks. Some result to towels and other plain methods, do you do anything as such to keep the ground dry?

iG Female:- We have a good many methods in our order to prevent such a thing, sadly I can’t say over this interview how. It is essential to ‘cork up’ as you put it when out and about at times, but at the shine it is frowned upon – we are evolved to be this way, messy as it maybe, and constant in clean up, it is a reason we exist at the shine.

Interviewer:- Being this way some girls will deliberately push with their hands to give more ‘grip’. Do you follow the same rules, use your vaginal muscles to work for you or enjoy being empty and loose?

iG Female:- Very loose now… yes. Still feel everything, but very limited control these days. Using my hands to push for friction is a must. But again, it is not for my benefit, but to aid others instead.

Interviewer:- Have you ever decided to get an piercings for your vagina or other modifications to bring out the best in it?

iG Female:- Yes! I would love to achieve it. In my order piercings and rings of different sizes are awarded as a show of achievement. I have been given many over the years, but my rings are so small they get absorbed by the flesh of my vagina folding over them. I am soon to be given more and larger rings soon for doing this and spreading the word. I can not wait!

Interviewer:- Could you describe how TO YOU the transformation process felt turning into an iGAPES?, Was it painful, how long did it take you to become what you are?

iG Female:- I can not say for certain.. I was in a state of euphoria at the time, so things where a blur. I do recall that it being a painful thing – but it was something I gladly accepted as my body changed to be able to perform better.

I would also say I did not grow as large or fast as many of the fellow girls. i was disappointed I was of such little consequence – but over time, hard work, praying and training I have… what you see before you.

Interviewer:- If you wouldn’t mind answering – from what we have seen, you’re a very capable women, but we are curious as to your opening and general size of it. Would you say that you where an ‘expansive’ woman before your change?

iG Female:- I was not really ever much of a person who did… that.. kind of thing. But once I’d been on holiday to the shine for the 1st time I found that I prepared myself as best I could to be like them in the time follow. I do not feel it resulted too much to how I look now.

Interviewer:- Do you need to masturbate and ‘drain’ yourself to relieve pressure? If so how often?

iG Female:- Your terms are under emphasising the aspects I hold about being this way, and I must say a little insulting now I’ve told you so much! but…. yes… I have and do… and for my… blessings…

Interviewer:- Oh… right… yeah. sorry, I just read the question without thinking. sorry! If we can move on…. What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve have to overcome since changing?

iG Female:- It’s ok… I’m sorry for getting mad. But yes, challange… hmmmm… Growing to keep up with the other girls! No really, it’s been very difficult to keep up with them!

Interviewer:- What’s a sure way to make you ejaculate?

iG Female:- One of my offerings can be achieved probably very easily, but… using my cervix, making me realise me size or using my clit and nipples… I’d say that way.

Interviewer:- And the longest orgasm you’ve had if you don’t mind?

iG Female:- I was kept in this state for days. It is a bi annual practice to perform. It is intense on a level I could not describe, and is seen as both a test and challenge. Know that it is a wonderful thing and torture at the same time. Your body does not let up and some girls have had very dynamic things happen to their bodies, irreversible things.  I can not say any more.

Interviewer:- What are your dream and aspirations in life, what would you like to achieve?

iG Female:- I feel I have achieved. I am a senior maiden at the shine. I did not evolve and grow to become an alpha gape maiden, but my goal, apart from growing, offering my body for my faith and others probably is to ascend another position to help lead our faith and spread around and have other females join and feel the pleasures we do.

Interviewer:- What is your greatest desire and fantasy?

iG Female:- it does not matter…. what is yours? Maybe there is something we could do at the shine for you… or maybe I could do for you… now? *smiles*

Interviewer:- Please bare with me for a little longer. this interview is almost done… hee hee… so… Saying the sky was the limit, what would you like to do with yourself?

iG Female:- Take my faith and body to the next level. Maybe help personally train a new child of our faith to attain great things with my experience… but I am happy the way I am. I guess being loaned out on a personal pilgrimage out within some bodies care to help get more out like me maybe fun…*loud gargle from inside the pussy torrent now swelling around on the floor*

Interviewer:- What’s the most amount of objects you’ve inserted, was it enough?

iG Female:- No, and it must never be enough. It is good I know this in teaching, but know it when I experience it! Sometimes, near the end when your blacking out you know of what is going in or going on, but its not till you come through that you are told what you achieve at your height. I do love it when the most extreme sizes are used though, and I mean VERY large sizes against my body!

Interviewer:- Hobbies in the mean time – have these changed at all since your transformation and can you list a few you like to do?

iG Female:- Well when I am working and performing that’s is what I do. My main stays close to what I enjoy. I tend to find the simple things pleasant these days though. Close to the shine it has a wood and streams. Walking out and observing nature is a highlight to me. I also do things and games with the girls at the shine. Many are very different to me, but we all get along great, so our tastes in past times do not deviate too much.

Interviewer:- That wasn’t quite the answer I was looking for, still. Is there anybody you idolise, anybody you look up to or aim to be more like?

iG Female:- Yes… many girls, all with unique talents, and ways to express their love and faith in ways I cannot. but then, I hear many idolise my body… I do not truly believe this…

Interviewer:- I think your being modest again! Have you had any complicated moments happen with your body? if so what where they?

iG Female:- *raising feet out of her sticky love cum pool around her* I’ve had a few I guess…. but again, this is all an effect, a blessing of my body if you will.

Interviewer:- Since the governments and companies have made laws being easier and more accepting of your presence in public places, however limiting your right, do you feel more acceptable ore more vulnerable these days?

iG Female:- I know of this, I know the ‘iGAPES’ are well known around here and how many other sisters are changing to be like us, and this pleases me I must add, tee hee. But working at the shine, many of these effects are in place by order of our faith, so it is not unfair others are bound by these laws.

Interviewer:- Do you feel yourself as an more evolved or elite person, normal, or actually lesser in humanities eyes?

iG Female:- … hmmm… I can not say… I am… blessed and cursed. I call it an evolution, but that is of my spirit from my bodies giving. I am somewhat lesser I guess…. just… how I feel inside

Interviewer:- Describe a perfect evening to you.

iG Female:- I can only imagine…. being outside the shine, living a life like I used too seems alien to me now… but… maybe it… it would be time for a change?

Interviewer:- Do you ever catch yourself in the mirror and just look at what you’ve become? do you ever compare yourself to photos of what you use to look?

iG Female:- Yes, as mentioned before… I have photos of me before, so unsuspecting and under prepared back then… I have photos taken every month. We have slideshows of each maidens growth we watch occasionally. I still have very mixed feelings about myself….

Interviewer:- Describe an average day to us – feel free to great it down into chunks of the day, give us a feel for what happens on average to yourself.

iG Female:- It changes daily. To keep it brief though, after morning praying, milking and then breakfast. After that it maybe training, time off, helping other maidens… really, each day is so mixed, I’m sure I’m just confusing you at this point.

Interviewer:- Is bigger better?

iG Female:- Isn’t it always? hee hee.

Interviewer:- Does making love to something of normal size (maybe a male partner or maybe a regular sized dildo) bring you pleasure in knowing your capable of much more but enjoy it all the same, or is it a joke to you now?

iG Female:- Being able to spread my joy an any way is a fun thing. I do… I have had some male worshipers  have not been able to use their penis to penetrate even in the designed orifice. That can get a little embarrassing for both him and me. I’ve heard tales from other girls too. However generally as long as they are normal sized or open minded enough to try something like fisting then that is the solution.

Interviewer: Favourite sexual act you like to perform or have performed on you?

iG Female:- Any attention is wonderful… but if another girl like me decides to spread her love using me as a vessel, well… having another vagina gyrating by, ontop or inside your own is…. yes… well….  I would also saying having girls use all shapes and sizes of their bodies to make love… using their head for instance…..

Interviewer:- What do you make of the girls who are so over grown they cease to move normally anymore, permanently suck on their vaginal seat?

iG Female:- These are the chosen ones in our eyes. I pine to meet and be with other alpha maidens.

Interviewer:- Some girls say that their size will decrease if inactive or suppressed, going to record shrinkage sizes, as some clam the more the play the more it grows and swells. Do you find this is true in your experiences?

iG Female:- I can prove this. As result of disobedience, some maidens are forced to remain ‘inactive’ which is not only an a front to our gods, but naturally can start to drive the maiden slightly crazy. Sizes do decrease with less use, and swell and bloom in use. There are plenty of tales to tell and explain, but it would take a time to say.

Interviewer:- Any advice for other gapers you’ve found helps you get through the day or have had to make?

iG Female:- If you lack guidance and need help… the gape shine maidens will be the ones to not only give you solace, but help you grow and thrive while giving your thanks back in faith to the land, people that created you.

Interviewer:- Do you wish you’d formed in a different way or grown larger / smaller?

iG Female:- Yes…. I wish I was as big as a mountain….

Interviewer:- Has any mutations happened with you and your body so far? or have you noticed anything beginning to happen with your flesh? – Do not panic we don’t intend to do anything but use it for research only.

iG Female:- I’ve noticed a lot of changes… but… if you could call them mutations as I am continually changing to meet the needs of my beliefs and actions. But I have seen some VERY strange changes with some girls while been here at the shine. I am unsure if I envy them or pity them…?

Interviewer:- Just before we go, is there anything you want to say or take away from this interview?

iG Female:- Yes…. thank you for helping me once again come to terms with my body and my place in the world! it… really has been fun saying my side of things and say whats on my mind, but I can not but help wonder if my place remains in the shire after thinking about whats been said…. So… did you want to see about … *pullings on leaking nipple*…

Interviewer:- errr…. yes hee hee, but lastly… pirates or ninjas?

iG Female:- I’m sorry… I don’t understand…

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