..:: Interview with an iGAPES – Ella ::..

**** ARTIST’S NOTE ****

(o) [The art work here DOESN’T match some of the description of the character interviewed.]

(o) [Ella is the persona of a contributor to the site with the same name, but she originally designed her character differently to this interview version.

(o) [Created before hand and based off different characteristics (which is all fun but bad planning in hind sight) this image does not align with the interview, but is based on a variation of the same character.]

(o) [Image also includes some FUTA (dickgirl) material in the alternatate images, so be forewarned –

(o) [The art is also just a last minute mofification addition, submited earlier than planned in a form NOT ideally suited design wise- but enjoy the prieview regardless – Sius]


Interviewer: – Good evening, please sit on down here and don’t worry about any messes; please make yourself comfortable. Excellent! Now I’ve a few questions to ask you, don’t worry and please answer the questions as honestly as you can. If you feel a question is too personal, feel free to skip it.

Interviewer: – Firstly, could we ask your name and if you could give your nationality please?

iG Female: – My name is Ella, and I’m American.

Interviewer: – Thanks. And a quick description of yourself personally and any profession you have or skills you’d like to get across.

iG Female: – I’m actually a pretty normal woman overall. I work as an executive at a suburban hospital in northern Virginia, and my career takes a great deal of my time. When I do have time off, I enjoy going to the shore and shopping. Shopping is a big thing for me, especially with my specialized clothing needs!

Interviewer: – Great, and for the record, how would you describe yourself physically? Generally how do you view yourself…? Do you feel unusual about yourself as you see it?

iG Female: – Well as an American I’m a new-comer as an iGAPES in comparison to some other nationalities, so I am still an oddity there. Although most people treat me very normally! I mean some women hide their children when I walk by, and guys occasionally make ‘cat calls’ when they see me. But like I said, most people don’t seem to mind. And that really helps me feel more secure about who and what I am.

When I first began to change, I was really put off by my appearance. I felt betrayed by my body; as if it had somehow figured out how to expose my deepest desires to the world. But now I really like who I am! It really is a fantasy come true for me. So overall I guess I view myself as normal, although physically I realize I’m more of a sex symbol than a normal woman. That stigma is kinda weird yet…

Interviewer: – I see, and yes, for the record I can agree full heartedly with that statement, hee he. So thank you for being honest with us so far – We have a for more questions for you if you’d be willing to answer them please?

iG Female: – I would love to!

Interviewer: – As you are indeed an iGAPES, would you mind telling us what type of design you have? How does it look and feel?

iG Female: – I am a bloomer; a woman with a blooming vagina. My labia hang down to just above my ankles normally, and each lip is almost as thick as my thigh. The lips bloom out in front and behind my legs by nearly a foot in each direction, so they really bulge quite a bit.  It looks a bit like a huge fleshy clamshell with a wide open mouth. Most of the skin is a bright skin-tone; although the actual labia are a dark pink. Although the bloom can swell quite a bit in response to arousal and stimulation.

The feeling is hard to explain… Well, my skin down there is super smooth! The lips are puffy in appearance, and very soft and slippery all of the time. The whole fleshy blossom squishes and flows easily between my thighs as I stand or walk, and that feels about like squeezing a big stress-ball filled with jelly in your hands. I guess it sounds kinda gross when you say it like that…but it feels really good to me! *giggles and blushes*

Interviewer: – How much has the Hybris modified the rest of your body?

iG Female: – This is where I am very unique. I received a double-exposure to the Hybris, so I’ve been changed quite a lot… When I became an iGAPES, my lower abdomen began to stretch out to form the top of my new vagina. My hips also grew wider and my internal organs all shifted about in my abdomen to accommodate…well, um…more and bigger…I mean um, more extreme sexual acts. *smiles nervously*

My clitoris is as big around as a man’s neck, and can stand erect when I am aroused. It grows to almost a foot in length when I’m really excited! *giggles and blushes again* It is usually a large bulb above my vagina, but it really does grow big sometimes…*another nervous smile*

I also have a fully functioning penis that has grown out of my blossom. It hangs down to the floor and extends way out in front of me at all times; even when it is flaccid. It is almost as big around as an adult woman’s waist, and is super heavy. When I walk, it has to drag along the ground behind me because of its sheer size and weight. When I get really turned on it can get rock hard, and it grows much longer than I am tall! *giggles and smiles proudly*

Also my breasts have changed a lot. They used to be on the small side, but now they are very big and heavy. My nipples are super sensitive, and the areola are very dark in color and bumpy. My nipples have become penises, although they function equally as nipples and as penises. When I am turned on they grow hard, and they can even orgasm! *giggles excitedly, and then blushes*

Interviewer: – You received a double-exposure? How did this happen? Was it an accident, or did you intend to become exposed?

iG Female: – Well a little of both actually… I had intended to receive a small dose of the Hybris after I completed school. I wanted to experiment with my body a bit and have some fun! Secretly I have always been a very sexual person, and this seemed like a good way to express that. Less than a week after I was given my dose of the Hybris, my boyfriend returned from Japan. I was excited to see him, and naturally we had some fun… It turned out he had cheated on me with an iGAPES while he was in Japan on business. He was unknowingly carrying Hybris residue on his skin from his ‘encounter.’ As a result, I received almost 3 times the safe dosage.

Shortly after I started to radically change, he left me for another “normal” girl. *remains confident in appearance*

Interviewer: – Do you regret being this way, or are you happy there is no going back?

iG Female: – I can honestly say I am very happy as I am! Being dumped and finding a comfort level with myself was hard at first, but now I like being the way I am.

Interviewer: – Do you have trouble finding clothing to cover all of you up?

iG Female: – Clothing is a major issue for me! The size of most of my ‘parts’ is now so large that I can only order specialty clothes. Most of the iGAPES women about the world are much more open about who and what they are, so many of the clothing lines are very fetishist. As I stated before, I am a very sexual person. However, I’m not yet too comfortable with public sexuality… Most often I buy large clothes; long skirts and baggy blouses or shirts. This covers most of me, but some things are too large to hide!

I do but some of the more ‘revealing’ clothes for home, though. They are super comfortable and take into account my needs as an iGAPES. It’s fun to see a guest’s reaction when I wear some of the things I’ve purchased… *smiles excitedly and shifts in seat*

Interviewer: – How have your friends reacted?

iG Female: – That’s an interesting question! Most of my male friends seem to ogle me a lot more now; really viewing me as a symbol of sexuality. My female friends are much more curious of who I have become. A few of them have expressed interest in becoming an iGAPES, although most find my new form to be an oddity. Surprisingly few have turned me away!

Interviewer: – Are you seeing somebody at the moment? Or are you more the type to ‘entertain’ yourself than to be with another person?

iG Female: – Actually a little of both… Being an iGAPES means that I am in sexual over-drive all of the time. Plus, I have some unique desires, fantasies, and needs in the sex department, so I often handle things myself. I do have a girlfriend, though. We only recently started seeing each other, so things are going slow to start. It’s kinda different for us, being as our relationship will almost certainly infect her. I don’t want to push her in any way; I want our relationship to be mutual. It’s a complicated thing, being as I am a very unique woman. Although overall I think this is a much better fit for me than being with a guy; especially given some of my more prominent features! *giggles, and then smirks at her wit*

Interviewer: – You mentioned unique sexual needs. What are the limits of your body? Have you come across any or set any limits to make sure you are sexually safe?

iG Female: – As a bloomer, I have a very large ‘capacity.’ I can relax my vagina to accommodate very large objects, and I can squeeze with my vagina to feel and enjoy smaller objects too. The larger sizes and many new sexual organs means that I have many more nerve endings to feel and experience sex with. So I try to experiment a bit to enjoy all I can do. I usually use comfort as the primary limit for anything I might try. If it becomes uncomfortable, then I stop. Other than that, I am pretty open to trying whatever seems appealing!

Interviewer: – If you wouldn’t mind answering – from what we have seen, you’re a very capable woman. I am curious as to the opening and general size of your vagina. Would you say that you where expansive before your change?

iG Female: – I really wasn’t that big. My last boyfriend was probably average in size, but he really filled me up. From talking with experts about the normal iGAPES changes, I understand that most women change in part as a result of their sexual desires. I guess that might be part of why I became so much larger…

Interviewer: – Is there any taboo you will not decide to perform with your body?

iG Female: – I know that unbirthing is popular in Japan and some parts of Eastern Europe, but it doesn’t seem too interesting to me. Although I have never tried it, so I can’t say I won’t do it. So nothing really ‘taboo’ as of yet…

Interviewer: – Have you ever decided to get any piercings for your vagina?

iG Female: – I have! Before I evolved, I had a small clitoral piercing that I thought looked cute. So after I stopped changing, I had three similar piercings to accentuate my new size. These three bracelet sized rings are in my clitoris. I also have a number of hoops along the bottom edge of my inner labia, and a ‘Prince Albert” in each nipple.

Interviewer: – Do you yourself see yourself as a playful sexual object now, or do you see something else about yourself?

iG Female: – I honestly view myself as a normal woman. That might be hard to understand, given that we’ve just talked about my strange sexual appearance and choices, but I believe it is true. I keep my professional life focused on my job, and I cut loose at home just like everyone else. The only real difference is in how and what I do to blow off steam at home. Most people watch TV; I have sex like a fiend. Portrayed in that light, I guess I’m kinda like James Bond… *giggles and smiles brightly*

Interviewer: – What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome since changing?

iG Female: – Because I am so overly developed sexually, I ‘leak’ a lot. This was the most difficult thing to get used to for me. It was embarrassing at first, and then just annoying. But now that I’m fully developed I have become used to it. I still have problems at work and in public places, though. The floor around me can be very slippery, which can be hazardous if others aren’t paying attention.

Interviewer: – Some girls alike you try to ‘cork up’ so to speak; to keep from leaking. Some result to towels and others use more conventional methods. Do you do anything to keep the ground dry about you?

iG Female: – When I first began to change, I had tried using anything I could think of to contain my juices. However I stopped once my body settled out. I honestly don’t mind that I leak so much now, especially because of my huge penis. It drags along beneath me, and my juices help keep it from getting hurt as I walk.

Interviewer: – Have you had any complicated moments happen with your body? if so what where they?

iG Female: – I have had a few… My increased sexual drive has caused me a few problems from time to time. As a result of my large features, I had to learn how to dress and move, so as to prevent accidental stimulation. Once I become aroused, it is very hard for me to focus or function until my needs have been satisfied. This has happened a few times at work…and once my sexual organs became engorged or erect, it was impossible to hide my true form. It was very embarrassing. *blushes deeply*

Interviewer: – Since the world’s governments and companies have made strides to be more accepting of your presence in public places, do you feel more publicly accepted or more vulnerable?

iG Female: – As I had stated earlier, I have always been a very sexual person. I’ve never been openly or publicly sexual, but my new form doesn’t permit me to hide too much of who I am. So the actions of the world population to be more accepting is certainly helped me feel more comfortable! I don’t feel as self-conscious or embarrassed anymore when my body reacts publicly to someone or something. It’s just part of who I am! *smiles proudly*

Interviewer: – Any advice for other gapers? Things you’ve found help you get through the day?

iG Female: – Be true to yourself. All iGAPES become radically different physically, and even somewhat different emotionally as well. Just be true to what makes you comfortable, and you will be happier as an iGAPES.

Interviewer: – Thank you so much for your candid answers! Before we go, I have one last question; Pirates or ninjas?

iG Female: – *laughs brightly* Pirates! Ninjas are stealthy and certainly deadly, but there isn’t any fanfare. Pirates are openly visible and intimidating. Nothing like saying “I’m large and powerful, I’m going to win, and you can’t stop me!” I just like their boldness. The flag is cool too…


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