..:: iGAPES Pussy Design Details – Hybris Outbreak + Types iGAPES Mutations ::..

Overview of Findings:

Hybris Outbreak & Types of Infectious iGAPES Manifestations and Mutations

Report and case studies by Kasanagi, Mio

..:: Overview ::..
Recently the United Nations Academy of Pathophysiologists has recently begun to research the infectious nature of a new pathogen from the sexually mutated women commonly known as the iGAPES. What follows are the notes collected thus far.

A new mutational strand has been recently discovered linked to the many evolved females known as the iGAPES.  This new development has only appeared to us recently and this report it to bring the reader up to speed quickly on this alarming situation and the iGAPES as a whole.

Due to the effects caused by the mutation, many of the infected initially remained hidden amongst the population, unaware of the urgency of their condition. Over the past few generations of exposure, the evolutionary effects the iGAPES have become common amongst over 46% of all women globally. This outbreak has become common place and is no longer a stigma in the eyes of the public, adding to the ease of infectious transmission.

It has been popular with a small subset of the uninfected population to intentionally contract or develop an iGAPES mutation since the first cases were discovered. In recent decades voluntary contraction would require physical contact with a Hybris Egg or P.G.V. Current voluntary exposure can be accomplished through contact with the secretions or bodily fluids of an evolved iGAPES. Instances of voluntary exposure is yet limited, but is feared to grow unpredictably in the future. Therefore, given the unknown pathology of the mutations and its increasing popularity amongst fetishist thrill-seekers, thorough research is being conducted into this long-standing pathogen.

..:: Known Effects ::..
Any girl infected by this pathogen may initially retain her individual personality; however it is likely that her vagina is in control of her physical and mental activity. An infected woman’s mutations will take control through subtle impulses and will slowly begin to change a girl’s perception of herself. It has been clearly observed that transformed females also undergo an evolutionary mutation; thereby these women will gradually become proud of her new forms. This induced pride is a strong cognitive affective disorder caused by a dominating hormonal shift in the infected woman. All of the physical and mental changes exhibited are part of the baseline pathology; a way for the evolutionary pathogen to promote itself subconsciously to other humans. This self-promotion is the means by which this pathogen sustains itself, and furthers itself through continued evolution.

Rather than spreading like a normal pathogen, the iGAPES causes girls to demonstrate sexual pride and prowess, encouraging prospective partners to mate with the infected girl. However, the increased sexual attributes are subdued at first, supressed by any normal woman’s humility and remaining sense of self. Voluntary mating is the most common form of transmission between females.

The term given to all related evolutionary mutations has been dubbed as ‘the Hybris Effect’, so named for the source of the initial mutations. This mutational progression makes iGAPES unlike any other known pathogen previously documented, changing the body radically to accommodate the further evolution.

Despite apparent individual uniqueness, there is one known corollary between how a person will look before and after exposure to iGAPES. It has been discovered that women with supressed sexual desires prior to infection experience substantially larger and stronger mutations. Therefore, anyone unintentionally exposed for any reason may not be able to reasonably predict how they will change physically. For those who might begin to mutate after an inadvertent exposure, the following common changes have been identified:

1) Extremely increased sexual desire and stamina

2) Overriding sexual desires and fetishes that override normal inhibition

3) Unpredictable physical transformations that are all sexual in nature

Any iGAPES female will have strong sexual desires, and their mutated forms may be very arousing and appealing to mate with. However, it is important for any prospective mate to understand that there is a risk of contracting an iGAPES mutation.   All surveying for contagions should bare these signs in mind.



Types of Known iGAPES Manifestations


Through this research, several common forms of mutations have been identified. As any Hybris mutation is not currently treatable and is growing in commonality and popularity, a few notes have been compiled to outline the known types.

These notes include information for identifying the type of sexual deformation and its name, and the traits it brings to the female. Also listed are scientific anomalies and general information on what would potentially happen during a sexual encounter with different mutated females.



..:: Case 01: Abdominal Cavity Vagina (naval / body/ torso pussy) ::..

Position and Identifying Features
This vaginal manifestation usually grows to encompass the entire abdominal cavity, stopping at or just below the thoracic border (rib cage). Vaginal formation may envelop the abdominal space, the base protruding out at the rib cage and opening the entire abdomen up as the vaginal cavity.


Size and Control
The position and surrounding musculature provide for a great deal of physical control, and protects against accidental stimulation. Features similar to the Venus Flytrap allow for extreme squeeze and grip.


Visibility and Female Adaptability
This pussy is the simplest to hide, easily covered by clothing. Women with this vaginal form can easily work or play as normal without physical restrictions. The only obvious sign of this pussy form is vertical ‘leakage’ marks on clothing or an obvious sharp jolt and pause if the vaginal form is brushed by accident.

Sexual sensitivity is very high in this form. Using the Jameson Orgasm Scale, it is clear that women with this form of pussy experience the most intense orgasms. Often these orgasms cause women to expel love juices with extreme velocity, and they are usually knocked out by the pleasure. Women with this form usually report that the outer lips of this vagina as heavily numb; most likely to prevent unwanted arousal.

Further Notes
Girls with abdominal cavity vaginas must be aware of their limitations, as their vital organs could be damaged during intercourse. As a further result of its formed location, this form of iGAPES cannot accommodate for larger insertions. Although the abdominal organs have been physically modified and rearranged, they are still very proximal to all sexual activity!


..:: Case 02:  Blooming Vagina (a.k.a swollen / orb pussy) ::..

Position and Identifying Features
Beginning in the abdominopelvic cavity (below the umbilicus), this vagina will begin to form downward and expand outwards. Unlike the Abdominal cavity vagina, this pussy will form a bulbous clamshell-like blossom beginning at the mons (pubic area), and extending gradually outward and down toward the feet.

Its blooming appearance makes this vagina seem as if it is a surgical attachment or unintended growth. However, blooming vaginas are an unaltered evolutionary development, and are often highly functional through intricate connection to the nervous system. Clitoral and labial formation will begin distal to the umbilicus, and therefore the abdominal cavity may become part of the vaginal cavity.


Size and Control
This vagina demonstrates considerable baseline vaginal muscle tone. Many of these new vaginal forms are also able to relax and contract with ease, allowing for considerable sexual experimentation and pleasures. Although an infected woman never has control of how her pussy reacts, blooming girls often present with considerably greater strength and muscle control. Consequently, blossoms can relax as much as is comfortable, or may choose to squeeze their vagina against objects or people for increased sensation. The general size is not static; enlarging or shrinking depending upon the sexual excitement of the female is common. Emotions and even environmental conditions are also variables. Therefore sizes can vary over time.


Visibility and Female Adaptability
A blooming vagina is often a very large growth with few anomalous features. However, this pussy has a pliable, blubbery structure. When the blooming pussy is pressed against, it will comply with the shape of whatever has been pressed against it. This motion is similar to the manner in which a large volume of breast tissue will react when pressed into. Consequently, the fleshy blossom will shift and move in a fluid manner as the girl’s legs move back and forth during ambulation (movement). The vaginal flesh will bob and flow continually without friction allowing for easy mobility. This fluid tissue action has become a very desirable and hypnotic sexual trait, sought after by many potential mates. Dependant on labial length and clitoral protrusion, this form of mutation may also be easily concealed beneath maternity clothing.

Blossoms are prone to having a greatly heightened sexual experience, as even a relaxed blossom’s vagina can feel even the slightest touch. Blossoms have been contested to have the most sensitive pussy of them all time– a statement backed up by numerous public sexual games! This hypersensitivity could be seen as one of the few weaknesses of a blossom, as it’s both a blessing and a curse for the proud owner!

Further Notes
This presentation is highly sought after by potential mates, and has few limitations. Girls with this form of vagina can live their lives with normal mobility and exceptional pleasure.


Case 03: Hanging Vagina (a.k.a. swinging / mound pussy)


Position and Identifying Features
The hanging vagina is often identified by its ‘ball-like’ appearance. Similar to a blooming vagina, the hanging vagina appears to hang from the pelvis and lower abdomen. However, a dangler will form its own fleshy orb that dangles where a normal vagina would normally form. This orb begins at the base of the abdominal cavity, and stretches downward. This form causes limited change to the abdominal arrangement as it forms a separate, purpose specific orb.

Size and Control
As the hanging orb is a separate organ, the associated vagina tends to have limited muscular tone, resulting in a loose or slack vaginal opening. Despite limited muscular rigidity, a hanging vagina is very capable of accommodating insertions of extreme size. Additionally, the size of the orb can swell in size with force or libido, but cannot contract wilfully. Baseline size of the vaginal orb varies between women, and overall size ranges are considerably vast. Smaller orbs may be the size of volleyball, while moderate orbs may hang to the floor. Extreme cases are so large the female is rendered immobile; the orb in these cases being larger than the woman (being dubbed human caves)!

Visibility and Female Adaptability
This vaginal form is very desirable amongst iGAPES women. All danglers are very proud of their evolution, and often enjoy displaying their vaginal size and mass publicly. Few danglers try to clothe or cover their vaginal orb. Often danglers will place large piercings in the orb flesh; both for appearance and function. Women with larger orbs will use these piercings as a means of holding and moving the vaginal orb.

Due to the limited muscular control and overall vaginal tension, sensation is limited somewhat less than that of a blossom. However as with all iGAPES, all sensation is considerably greater than that of any non-evolved woman.

Further Notes
Perceptions of this vaginal mutation are mixed, but certain features are undeniable, that these changes are the most potent and extreme cases found with these gapers. Often many will hold the vagina closed to increase sensation and are often very hands on with their appendage to make up for lack of control. Women with hanging vaginas are also naturally built for performing the most extreme sexual encounters such as the act of un-birthing.


..:: Case 04: Drooping Lipped Vagina (a.k.a. skirt / dragging pussy) ::..


Position and Identifying Features
The dropping lipped vagina is often identified by its flowing appearance. Much like a blooming vagina, this pussy will form a bulbous clamshell-like blossom beginning at the mons (pubic area), and extending gradually outward and down toward the feet. However, the lips of a dropping lipped vagina will be much less fleshy, and therefore the lips are thinner. In contrast to their thickness, dropping lipped vaginas will often be excessively long.

Size and Control
The length of this pussy differs by person, but is often floor length or greater is common place. The drooping lipped vagina begins well within the abdominal cavity, and therefore the overall size of this pussy is often equivocal to the size of the woman. As a result of the significant size of this pussy, drooping lipped gapers are capable of unrealistically large insertions. However, this immense size leaves little room for muscular control.

Visibility and Female Adaptability
Due to the significant size of this pussy, they are almost impossible to conceal. The limitless sexual performance options for this pussy make the women very proud of their physique, and therefore they are rarely interested in covering this beautiful vagina. However, the shear length and weight of this vagina can pose a mobility issue for longer hangers. Generally, dropping lipped gapers move by slipping their pussy along on a trail of its own secretions.

The excessive size and formative nature of the dropping lipped vagina lend toward tremendous sensitivity when rubbed up against any surface, however gravity plays more effect on this then ever a gaper’s muscle control. In intercourse, many girls use it as a blanket, or a skirt they wrap around, smoother or over like a sheet over objects and such to get the maximum sensation over surface area. The orifice leading into the vagina is larger than normal, but it is the length of the lips and the entrance of the vagina that is mostly extended by this deformation.

Further Notes
The name comes from the number of girls who have this and the length it drags. They are often commented as being skirt like, as a trailing vagina can appear like cloth off a skirt and how it can flow. Drooping lipped owners must be careful, as handling the volume is difficult and easily results in orgasm from even simple tasks when in the right mood.



..:: Case 05: Erect Blossom (a.k.a. dick / shaft pussy) ::..


Position and Identifying Features
Beginning in the abdominopelvic cavity (below the umbilicus), this vagina will begin to form downward in a generally round column or shaft. The presence of this shaft lends to the name, as the blossom appears to be erect at all times regardless of carrying or relaxed position. This shaft may appear more as a partially formed very thick penis with a vagina at the tip. Unlike many other iGAPES, the erect blossom does not affect the abdominal arrangement or formation. Instead, this vagina is entirely contained within the blooming shaft. Vaginal formation begins at the tip of the shaft, and grows to the length of the shaft.

Size and Control
The length of the blooming shaft varies between women. Some women also can raise their shaft blossom during arousal, similar to an erection. Others however have limited or no control of their shaft, and therefore it hangs between their legs. As this pussy is smaller in internal length, erect blossoms are limited in the size of insertions they can withstand. Generally, no insertions can be performed of greater length than the blooming shaft, as this is the normal length of the pussy.

Vaginal control of an erect blossom is limited by design. Most erect blossoms have greater control over the shaft than the actual pussy. Therefore, the lips are usually open, or blossomed.


Visibility and Female Adaptability
As a result of the formative nature of this pussy, erect blossoms are easily concealed. The only limiting factor in concealment or mobility is the girth of the shaft, and rarely does this cause noticeable issue in adaptability.

Due to the limited muscular control and overall vaginal tension, sensation is limited somewhat less than some other forms. However as with all iGAPES, all sensation is considerably greater than that of any non-evolved woman.

Further Notes
These types are vaginal design are semi rare, and though enjoyed by the women who have them are not as well embraced by others, however plunging one into another gaping women is a sensation unlike any other many have said.



..:: Case 06: Forward Bloom (a.k.a. slanted pussy) ::..


Position and Identifying Features
The forward bloom appears like a combination of the blooming and hanging vagina, however with smaller features and a more forward displacement. Similar to many other vaginal forms, this pussy causes significant abdominal restructuring as the vagina takes over much of the available space. Additionally, forward blooms will develop wider hips to accommodate for the placement of the pussy.


Size and Control
Forward blooms are much larger than non-evolved pussies, but are much smaller in size than the standard iGAPES. As a result of the formative nature of a forward bloom, the pussy is pushed forward and opened, resulting in continuous exposure and access for a potential mate. This has resulted in much smaller lips and a lack of the plump mass overall; the majority of the forward bloom being a thick plush tissue deposit similar to an extremely large mons (pubic area). This smaller size coupled with abdominal changes results in a moderate internal size. Therefore, forward blooms cannot handle excessive insertions. Further, the forward displacement prevents muscle control, and therefore vaginal tightness is not controlled by the woman.

Visibility and Female Adaptability
Due to the forward displacement of the bloom, these pussies are only partially concealed. Large clothing may make the forward bump hard to notice, but may not fully obscure it’s presence. As this evolution is not large overall, little adaptation is required by the female.

Limited size and muscle control results in limited sensitivity for the forward bloom.

Further Notes
As there is limited sensitivity and sexual adaptability for the forward bloom, this evolution Is considered as mediocre by other iGAPES. Potential mates may find the accessibility of a forward blooming pussy as an advantage; however this form is at best middle of the road.


..:: Case 07: Hyper-Cervix (a.k.a. Inside out pussy) ::..


Position and Identifying Features
Each iGAPES evolutionary form is unique, and all have adapted to the female form individually. As each is unique in form and to the individual, some women will present their cervix or urethra openly (many using their urethra as an accessible hole for fisting or penile insertions, leave the gape to stretch wide), and some may be more protracted. Over the evolutionary period, cervical placement has changed for some women. Some remain unchanged, the cervix still cephalic (above) of the vagina. Others have merged into the distal vaginal walls. Still more have replaced them during the vaginal evolution, integrating the cervix as part of the vagina, and thereby allowing for a larger and more useable pussy.

iGAPES with an un-integrated or yet evolving vagina may find their cervix prolapsed outside the mouth of their vagina. This is the result of swelling during the evolutionary process. The hyper-cervix will push out from between the labia, pushing them open and out to the sides. This action creates a vagina within a vagina, and is therefore part of the continuing iGAPES evolutionary process.


Size and Control
As with all other forms, length is dependent on the individual. General maximum vaginal length is usually no longer than the woman’s thigh; however more extreme cases have been documented. Cervical protrusion is generally minimal; however it can be as much as half the overall vaginal length. The most significant size difference is in gape. Due to the double barrel style of the cervical inversion, the hyper-cervix is most often very wide at the mouth. This allows for extremely broad or wide insertions, and can accommodate insertions of moderate length.

As a result of the dual vaginal structure, extreme muscle control is present with the hyper-cervix. This allows the woman to squeeze or even manipulate things within her fleshy hyper-cervix pussy.


Visibility and Female Adaptability
The hyper-cervix is often large enough that special effort is required to conceal it. Bulky clothing may disguise its presence, but will not completely conceal it. The width of the double barrel hyper-cervix causes women to walk with a wide stance, and can make quick movement difficult. Further, the sensitivity of the exposed cervix makes quick movements potentially painful and therefore most hyper-cervix women are slow and deliberate in their motions.


The readily accessibility of a hyper-cervix most sensitive areas results in immediate acute stimulation during sex, and even during some daily activity. Likewise, any activity may cause pain if the cervix is touched incorrectly. Therefore, sensitivity is extremely high. This allows the hyper-cervix iGAPES to experience great sexual pleasure very often. The direct contractions and movement can get some time to adjust to.


Further Notes
The appearance of a hyper-cervix can be off-putting to other iGAPES and even potential mates. Hygiene is imperative given the level of exposure inherent to the hyper-cervix female. However, women able to overcome these obstacles will be very well rewarded by this form. Open minded individuals will also take advantage of the space between the cervix and the vaginal walls, creating another area which technically is another entrance into the female.


..:: Case 08: Enlarged Groin Slit (a.k.a – Long cunt) ::..


Position and Identifying Features

A similar design to that of the abdominal cavity, however unlike the cavity it has two features of which the cavity does not. The first feature is that length of the vagina. Where the cavity is a gape open from the front of the female, this vaginal grow will be based at the groin, though may extend up the front of the females torso. The second feature is the more ‘closed’ design of the gape.

The gape expands fully to her rear, removing the skin which bridges the anus and the vagina, remade as one long and lengthy vaginal hole as the growth takes over the entire groin.

There are some instances of the vagina proceeding up to the naval and even to just below her rib cage, however unlike the abdominal cavity vagina, the vagina in this region doesn’t tend to permanently remain open wide, and is able to ‘closed’


Size and Control

The length of this growth changes usually from being complete focused only on the groin, taking the length of the vagina and anus as one large orifice while other changes will go from the anus to the rib cage.

Control of her vagina depends on the location, generally at her vagina her opening is agape while closer to her rear or up her abdomen tend to have more control and close with her muscle control.


Visibility and Female Adaptability

The Enlarged Groin Slit is much easier to hide, contain and even remain relatively secret. though her vaginal growth protudues outwards some, it is not in the same caliber or size alike a blooming vagina design. She can ‘wrape’ her lips inside of her gape, and aside from some general leakage from her chest as well as rear, she can be very desecrate.



Based on research of this kind it is found that generally the sensitivity of a vaginal growth like this is ‘average’ compared to the other vaginal changes. Orgasms can and will bring many hours of bliss to a girl with it, but unlike others who can ejaculate with a mere ‘brush’ of her vagina, these girls will have to engage in sexual actions to ejaculate on a orgasmic scale.


Further Notes

the enlarged Groin Slit is highly sort after by women who like to feel they have and are able to enjoy the pleasure of a vagina growth, but who do not want to be dominated by it. Able to enjoy like the others, but able it hide and able to focus on her life without it interfearing. Ideal for women in business, power and control.




..:: Case 09: Internal Vaginal Extrusion (Pregnant Pussy) ::..


Position and Identifying Features

This unusual vaginal change has become more common as to be noted as a whole unique design, though it is a mutation of the mutation of her vagina.

Known in slang as the ‘pregnant pussy’ it mimics pregnancy in the early stages but after several weeks descends to the vagina. The insides of her vagina develop and swell and push against her groin, often distorting her skin causing stretch marks as it can swells out, pushing her original vagina down and away in the common bulging protrusion.

Eventually the female will ‘give birth’ to her new vagina. Her original vagina and a urge to push it out will happen, where her vagina will ‘pop’ outside of her original orifice, which may have been expanded to release such a growth.

The internal vaginal extrusion now released is not alike other vaginas with often smooth skin or evolutions of their lips, but instead is the raw internal vaginal walls flesh which has been shaped as thick hanging bulks (appearing similar to vaginal lips) but is all very defined by its colour and internal vagina flesh, now outside.

Once the vagina has ‘given’ birth, it can not be rest, her ‘double’ vaginas stay as they are and her original will sit at the base of her new vaginal growth


Size and Control

Average sizes are often at knee length or below, seldom becoming larger than that. Control is none, her internal muscles are the ones currently hanging as the new vagina, in the wrong place to work. they gape and flap around loosely.


Visibility and Female Adaptability

A growth of this type screams out with its colour, appearance and constant ‘dribbling’ making it a quite hard to retain and hide.



As this mutation is the part of the vagina that give the sensation, but now exposed and raw it is extreme likely that painful orgasms can happen from very little, even having cloth, like clothes or a towel to reduce the mess can be so sharp to a female like this it can cause her to faint.


Further Notes

this vagina is seen as a mutation of a mutation, not correctly forming and being almost too much for many females to bare. It is a undesirable growth and is quite a hardship to live with. Her original vagina will however still be functioning, meaning her urethra is still inside, and insertions, if able to be opened that far can be done – allowing for some bizarre penetration in two vagina openings, but is technically just one vagina.


..:: Case 0x: Body Mutations ::..


Many iGAPES women experience one or more additional evolutionary changes. Most of these women find these changes to be pleasant or even pleasurable. However, some may feel these mutations are strange, embarrassing, or even unnatural. Listed below are a few of the more commonly known secondary evolutions:

1.) Multiple Canals or Labia:
Often found on swollen vaginal forms. Two or more sets of lips may be present, indicating the presence of two or more vaginal canals.

2.) Multiple Vaginas:
Rather than having one vagina located in the pubic region, some iGAPES may have additional vaginas. These may be present in place of nipples or umbilicus (belly button), and will be fully functional as a vagina.

3.) Body Cavity re-assignment:
During the evolution and mutation of an iGAPES girl, her internal body cavities may be ‘taken over’ by the forming vagina, creating a larger vaginal space for bigger insertions.

4.) Oral Conversion:
The mouth of an iGAPES girl may become more like a vagina, becoming much more sensitive and accommodating to sexual insertions and stimulation. The tongue will become more like a clit, and oral ejaculation is also very common.

5.) Nipple Conversion:
This results in partial conversion of the nipples, unlike other mutations. Rather than becoming a vagina, the nipple ducts will become open enough to allow for insertion. iGAPES with this mutation will often ‘plug’ their nipples with objects for stimulation and pleasure.

6.) Hybris Flood:
All iGAPES are prone to spectacular ejaculations. However, some iGAPES will experience vaginal secretion with even minimal stimulation. Any iGAPES with excessive or frequent secretion is often capable of extreme sustained ejaculation during intercourse, hence the term ‘flood.’ The juices from these iGAPES are often responsible for infecting other women, causing further growth of the iGAPES population. The rapid manner in which these women can produce such a large quantity of sexual secretions is currently of great concern to scientists world-wide.

7.) Anal Domination:
During the evolutionary formation of an iGAPES girl, the rapidly growing vagina may displace or even absorb the anal orifice. Either change in form will result in a vastly larger and more pleasurable opening for the female, and will allow for larger insertions and much greater stimulation.

8.) Hybris Queens:
Still under investigation is a rumour that some iGAPES women are able to produce the original transformation method, known as the ‘Hybris egg.’ These women are also direct carriers of the very potent Hybris chemicals, and are extremely infectious. These women are called Queens as they hold the key to the origin of the Hybris/iGAPES population. No other data is available on these women at this time.




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