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Hay hay my gape and monster pussy lovin’ fans! – Just reporting in as I don’t want to lose too much touch with you all even if my attention has been divided up a silly amount with the patreon account.

So I’m mostly just here saying that over the last few months the Patreon has going just swimmingly and that the new content is all being made at a solid level and the results so far have been great! Honestly I’m really proud of the quality that’s been put out there and my CG skills now I’m using them once again after so many years are coming along pretty nicely.


Now I’m going to expect that some of you will be waiting for that content to trickle down, and it will…. eventually (As it is honestly a reward and I don’t intend to go back on my gratidude anytime soon) . I’ll be a few more months till censored versions / small version are out, and a few more months till the content for some of it will be released outright. But some of it will come for the patient ^^

Naturally I’d love for you to head over and join in the community and get your hands on some rather unique massive pussy material (and monster futanari if that’s your jam too). That and content that just WON’T be released or released free is being made too. In fact, it’s only because people have shown this support that content COULD honestly appear and should you should offer them a big thanks to them for helping it come together and that content may flow down to this point.


However I think soon I maybe at some point able to release some of the doodles I’ve done as they are a bit more simple and hay, I don’t want to abandon and hide content all behind a paywall or anything like that so there is that to look forwards too.

Also, crazy times we are all in, so to you all stay safe and healthy my friends! Let’s get through this virus together ^^

I’ll try and keep in touch when I can, otherwise the patreon will serve you well for more big big pussy artworks ^_^ – till then, be well and see ya soon! – Sius

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